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The local disabled chick’s pick for helping the homeless/ the DT MPLS/ #SBLII edition …

(Image above property of St.Stephen’s )

It’s -2 below, with a -24 below windchill here in Downtown Minneapolis, which I’m sure anyone down here, is already fully aware of.

While I’m grateful that a benefit to having a Superbowl in your neighborhood, is that various charities have benefited  from that.

However,  I’m going to just concentrate on St. Stephen’s and Aeon, as far is in my desire to help the homeless today and until “52” is over.

I’m also going to reiterate, I’m always going to encourage supporting initiatives versus giving money directly to homeless people , which will result in doing the greatest amount of good for them.

The top above link, is the best link to get information on, if you see homeless people who need attention, when it’s this cold out, when you’re out and about,  note though depending on if someone’s medical and mental health is in question, please call 911.

The link below for Aeon, provides a wider base of  longer term housing solutions for people  all over in the Twin Cities, including the homeless,  people with disabilities, low to moderate  income working  people ,as well other populations, in addition to providing support resources so that residents who need it, have the optimal chance of remaining  stable in their housing.

If you follow me on here or Facebook and Twitter, I’ve been an active but crabby and whiny activist and human being as of late.

But, I’m always a  grateful human and realize many people locally,  for many reasons, there are less fortunate people who , don’t have a choice to not only go outside today, but have to stay there, because they don’t have anywhere else to go.

Disclaimer: I do activism  as a disabled activist and/or donate time and money to several charitable organizations. Because,   I can be controversial in both my being and opinions, which on any matter and in any circumstances are strictly my own and are not a representation of opinions and/or philosophy of ANY organization that I do activism for.  Thanks.

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