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need 2 find a____ ??? …… reflecting on the 1st anniversary of Prince’s death….


It bears repeating my normal disclaimer with this blog, that anyone in medical and/or mental health crisies need to seek immediate help from emergency services such as calling emergency services and/or immediately getting to an  acute care facility i.e. hospital ….

Okay, with that being said, the last thing I want to do, even though my blog regarding Prince is drug related, it’s with trying to be crystal clear, that I don’t think that Prince’s legacy should ever be him being the poster child as a warning for accidental overdoses and that should hopefully never taint his legacy, as I go further along, I’ll make it clearer that in this blog, I’m only highlighting certain issues, in respect. I go in more detail about medication issues in past blogs and will continue to do so, in future blogs.

The irony is in my case, personally , is that I haven’t left my house in almost a week due to running out of pain meds a day after a refill was due. Which confines me to home and not capable of much and my life circumstances allow for that. Even though I’m not going through withdrawal, I’m more vulnerable than usual, not being able to get a handle on severe chronic pain.

Where I tie in my personal medical complexities, such as a unique body physiology that drugs of all different therapy classes, in all different delivery systems (IV, oral and patch) I metabolize bizarrely or have awful side effects, or I have a good outcome but potency and longevity of a medication is compromised.

I did have an issue when put on a trial of the Fentany patch at a low dosage that I’ve discussed that with perfect compliance that 24 hours on that patch knocked me in a horrific opiate withdrawal for 5 days, almost 6 years ago.

My blogging about Prince’s cause of death and my own issues with opiates,  isn’t to talk about removing stigma, in this case. I don’t think that in his particular case, it would’ve helped him much and that’s not the reason for this blog.

To make sense though maybe for me and others would be discussing the absolutely appalling lack of options in 2017 that patients with severe chronic pain issues have for treatment options that unfortunately can play into addiction and abuse and sadly, what we are now in, Opioid Epidemic with tens of thousands of people dying every year due to opiate overdoses.

Even drugs like buprenorphine, which was being brought to Prince, when his body was discovered, in hopes he’d go to California for rehab, people struggle with addiction to that medication as well, and people have died from accidental overdoses and a few from perfect compliance with buprenorphine and Suboxone.

How is it that we have 100 different ways and options to send a pic of a lunch we can take and send via a cell phone, to someone halfway around the world , if not in Space, but we have such AWFUL options, when it comes to so many major medical issues, that go beyond just medication, in this day and age???

I do have a few more things to say and I said some of it, in a blog that I wrote about Prince, 6 months ago. As horrified as I am, in how he died, I’m slightly only less horrified in what’s happened after his death. I don’t think the public needed to know every minute detail surrounding his death, when he couldn’t have made it clearer, how much he valued his privacy, when he was alive.

I, for once, don’t have much more to say than this. That’s due to respect and the sadness I have surrounding his death, that words are failing me, out of emotion, in this case.

Other than he and his music will reign supreme for so many,  for  many more generations………

Note: Same rules apply. Respectful dialogue is encouraged even if it’s with a differing opinion. Triggering or disrespectful comments will not be published…..

When our musical “Dove” died/Reflecting on Prince’s death, 6 months later…


(above photo credit: Me, which I didn’t realize I could actually prove, until I found the pic and put in this blog, taken 6 weeks prior to Prince’s death @ Electric Fetus in Minneapolis)

And many thanks to Target. As their corporate headquarter’s LED light show reminded me, that I need to do this, as it was purple last night, I’m thinking given that today, it’s been exactly 6 months since Prince died.

And I finally need to say something via my blog.

I wanted to write a blog when Prince died. I, like millions of others were greatly saddened and felt a great loss.

It’s actually a good thing I didn’t write anything. Because I would’ve bet ANYTHING, that his death could’ve   NOT been drug related. And I was so angry regarding the global phenomenon that became of his death, because not unlike Robin Williams’s death which I’ve blogged about, because of the constant speculation and constant global chatter about it, online and off.

There’s something that Prince, Robin Williams and I have/had in common.

We all are/were extraordinarily PRIVATE people.

But I have the benefit and luxury of anonymity in having privacy in all aspects of my life, not being a celebrity or a genius in the performing arts.

As far as Prince is concerned, I loved quite a bit of his music. I thought it was awesome that he considered Minnesota home.

I honestly don’t mean to offend anyone with what I’m about to say. As I have people in my life who knew of Prince, personally. I have people in my life who’ve done what many thousands of others have done, to connect in mourning his death. Going to Paisley Park, posting tributes online and offline for him.

But on the off chance, others who might feel like I do, I’m going to say what I have been feeling.


But I guess as a lawyer said in a local paper, no one is entitled to privacy, after their death.

You want to honor the extraordinary gift that he was to us as a man or musician?

Great… Don’t infringe on how felt about  his copyrighted work. Try to get behind one of many of  causes that he felt passionately about. Refuse to endorse in any way, anything that does not respect for what you know of what he believed in. Especially when it comes to his privacy which he treasured almost as much as the music that he gave us. Don’t act in a manner, as far as he was concerned, that you couldn’t defend to him, if he was still alive.

It’s NOT anything honoring him, as the exploitation of Prince, in principle and for profit,that has happened of Prince, in his death and after it. It’s AWFUL and it needs to STOP…….


Note: As a reminder I’m a disabled blogger. My blog while not a dictatorship is not a democracy. I do encourage dialogue or respectful disagreements of opinions. I will not post any comments that are triggering to me, or another. I respect and don’t cause hurt on other people’s spaces in the internet, when I disagree, and I hope you’ll show me the same courtesy. Thanks!!!!

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