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Let people LIVE and let people DIE, in PEACE…..

I realize the above title, is a strange title from someone who’s a mental health activist who concentrates most of her mental health activism on suicide prevention, as well as other serious mental health issues that are stigmatized.

And AGAIN, it bears repeating, I’m an activist and an advocate. I’m NOT a clinically and/or credentialed  trained medical or mental health professional. People in medical and/or mental health crisis need acute professional and immediate interventions and/or supervision by evaluation and hopefully treatment and/or management of their conditions.

However, whether they are celebrities or private individuals, it’s becoming a constant source in our daily news, when people are in medical and/or mental health crises. It’s worse now in the era of social media, where people get tried, speculated and WAY “over mediazed”  online, whether they are celebrities or NOT.

It won’t hurt me, at all, if you gently or rudely point out, that I have A LOT of time on my hands, to be this empathetic. And I’m not trying to come off self righteous, by pointing out that whether you’d want that kind of attention if you or are a loved one was in crisis or you wouldn’t, we don’t have a right, to make that choice for other people. ESPECIALLY when they’ve begged for privacy, in their darkest times for themselves OR their loved ones. And even if they aren’t begging for privacy from the media, that doesn’t mean they don’t need it.

And AGAIN, it bears repeating. NO ONE  gets to tell me how I do my activism, except me. I do, perhaps, have a stronger sense of empathy for people in crisis, but who aren’t intentionally (or even sometimes unintentionally due to serious mental health barriers) trying to hurt others. And again, I don’t think I’m being a hypocrite. I don’t have a huge social media presence. I don’t make any money off my blog. My intention, is to HELP. Sometimes I’ve been able to understand something, that someone close to me, could never get me to understand, but a stranger on the internet, said something and it resonated with me.

That’s all I’m trying to do, here. Is make people understand that we don’t have a right (and it’s horribly wrong) to use people’s crises for entertainment and/or profit. That maybe some strange disabled chick on the internet can make you gently see, that we should either treat people how we’d want to be treated in times of crises or respect what they or their loved ones, need. Not what we may need to get through our own HELLISH times, even though we wouldn’t want or our loved ones, to be treated that way, when they need empathy and privacy, the most.

“Phucking Photoshop/pers”……

(no copyright infringment intended with video)

Okay….  So this “artist” dude (David Lopera) is going viral, as well as his “work”, as he has been using Photoshop to make thin female celebrities, fat. People aren’t apathetic to this. Some people love it, some people hate it, including myself. It doesn’t help the body diversity work that I try to do. It’s a form of thin shaming using heterosexual male fat fetishism and it doesn’t help anyone.

How is this news, though? Not that it matters, because now every news source, is jumping on this story. If you go to what is at the crux of what is most concerning to Size Acceptance advocates, such as myself, it’s accepting the diversity in body types. It’s definitely not shaming people into being thinner or fatter than what they are meant to be. And it’s certainly NOT altering people’s pictures, accordingly to what their particular demand is.

That’s demeaning to all of us. Especially women. Because I don’t see this happening to men. But it also hurts men, because at their request, women can be digitally altered to suit their fancy. And they have certain physical traits that they are conditioned to find attractive, just based upon exterior, alone. Not all men are like this, but enough are. In all fairness, women have physical traits, that they are inherently attracted, to, as well.

I think most female celebrities featured, aren’t going to lose much sleep, over this. Even though if they’d be angry and it would be justified, that someone is doing this and that almost everyone on the internet, finds it interesting (especially if you throw in a pic of a Kardashian). But why is it interesting, the pics themselves? If anything has relevance, to those of us in Size Acceptance, it’s people’s reactions. In my case, if they are positive. Because this is definitely NOT an example of what Size Acceptance and/or Fat Acceptance is supposed to look like.

He ain’t far off the mark, when it comes to things. I know in the past, when dating, for a lot of men, at my current size, I was too fat. However for men who truly adore plus size women, I FUCKING ain’t fat enough. And truthfully in the past, I’ve found that to be a colossal mindfuck.

I’ve written in other blogs, of exactly how harmful I think it is, that we as a society have NEVER been more obsessed about body size. And how that’s adversely effects, everyone.

All I’m trying to say is that, we’d better off paying attention of what people are like on the inside. Versus our obsession and distortion of what they are on the outside and/or on a digital image that’s altered…..

Fuck You, Brian Fitch Sr………………..

I guess if there’s one positive thing to being an activist who doesn’t get paid for her activism, I can say what I want and exactly how I feel, on my blog with little to no consequences. Unlike a lot of others, so this is the reason that I’m writing this. If it’s your religious beliefs, to find in one’s heart to forgive, I absolutely mean NO harm, by what I’m going to say.

I wish Minnesota had the death penalty, for vile, cold hearted criminals with NO remorse, like Brian Fitch. But at least I, and I’m thinking that many others, will agree, will have some satisfaction, that he will hopefully have the LONGEST life possible, now that he’s been sentenced to a life in prison, as he was earlier today.

Unfortunately, the little that I know of prisons (like, next to nothing) there isn’t any many criminals who are hardcore, that feel the need to punish others who are in prison, due to murdering a peace officer. But I guess that’s going to have to be, ok, his own sense of entitlement, to murder police officers and absolutely NO chance of parole, while still not my ideal sense of justice, it works for me. At least there’s no peace of mind, no matter how vile and corrupt a person’s psyche is to be, when they have absolutely NO freedom. But sadly, he’s still alive, unlike Officer Patrick.

Hopefully, it will be enough for the family and friends of Officer Patrick, as they go on with the rest of their lives, without him, that Brian Fitch in prison, for the rest of his miserable life, and that people continue to honor Officer Patrick, not just those who were close to him. That it brings necessary changes, in our justice system, as Brian Fitch should’ve NEVER been out to murder anyone, in the first place, that Minnesota considers reinstating the death penalty.

I hope going forward, people do positive things to honor Officer Scott Patrick’s life. If I NEVER see another picture again, let alone another article or news story of Brian Fitch, it will be too soon. He’s gotten way too much attention, as it is. The fact he saw more value in his own EVIL worthless pathetic life, to shoot an officer, because of fear of being re-incarcerated, speaks volumes about him.

Officer Scott Patrick, will ALWAYS be the better man…….. May he rest in peace…..

Updated 3/24/2015: Unfortunately, I can’t help NOT having an opinion when seeing the below link and being more angered. Seriously, FUCK YOU, Brian Fitch!!! I hope someone in the state legislature writes a bill to bring back the death penalty in Officer Patrick’s honor, if it’s possible to do that. I didn’t know whether or not to add Brian Fitch’s legal record. After reading the below link, he’s the poster child for why Minnesota needs to bring the death penalty, back.

If you care enough to check out his criminal record… UNBELIEVABLE!!! (His D.O.B is 12/5/1974)

(p.s. If you were local and didn’t know about the website, below, the disabled blogger says “you’re welcome”)

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