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#ViolentCrimePrevention initiatives HAVE to be strengthened NOW #COVID19

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Emotional Wellbeing During the COVID-19 Outbreak

Important Disclaimers: I am NOT a clinically trained medical or mental health professional or in matters of public safety.

If you or anyone you know, poses a threat to oneself or others, please contact emergency services (again, half my readers aren’t in the U.S. and aren’t even in North America).


When I saw above linked articles, I was really sad.

What made me even more sad, was that I wasn’t surprised.

I’m not trying to come off like  I’m this uncredentialed, unrealized and unappreciated genius, cause I’m not.

I’m saying though as an activist/blogger who writes about medical, mental health and violent crime prevention awareness, that I’ve been worried that  it was possible people could/would weaponize the virus itself, a vehicle or actual weapons intending to wound, if not possibly cause fatal harm either online and/or offline, psychologically and/or medically consequentially, in and around homes, places of businesses and in acute care facilities, including, if not especially in and/or around a  hospital.

And I’m also saying that it’s very possible that violent actions are going to still escalate and while I cannot be the person, nor do I think only one person can help solve this, we all must try as hard to be  vigilantly working  on our mental health, tenacity, level of patience and preparedness, as we move through this unprecedented crisis.

As tragic as so many people dying from COVID-19 due to the actuality of the virus, deaths are just as tragic because of it.

#badjew …


Important Disclaimers: I am not a clinically trained a medical or mental health professional, nor do I have any training in law enforcement or public safety.

This blog WILL be offensive to most decent people, however.

BUT,  you’re NOT my target audience.

Potential homicidal anti-semitic and police hating cowards ARE.

I’m willing though for once to USE mocking hateful cowards to try and fight hate, if I can’t appeal to any sense of decency,   especially if it has a chance to save someone’s life.

As well as as use of some profanity…

I do not want to hurt though anyone who’s hurting from any kind of hate or might find my way of trying to combat hate with an unconventional approach, so if that’s possible, please don’t read. Thanks.


I’ve been OBSESSED with above trailer for the new Wonder Woman trailer.

Not that I am into movies that much, cause of my stupid fucking disabilities.

I’m more like Wonder “What The Fuck She Is” Woman.

I only have ONE thing in common with the amazing Gal Gadot, who stars in it.

We both can read that picture above the link for the trailer.

That’s what happens when you learn Hebrew.

Which is usually happens to us Jews, whether born in Israel (like her) or me (Brooklyn) .

One of the reasons I’ve been obsessed with trailer is the distraction, is from the latest massacre that happened in Jersey City.

Where people were ambushed and executed  for being Jewish and  in law enforcement.

I don’t have really have any redeeming qualities, as a Jew or a human being for the matter.

As my title of my blog isn’t referring to Jews being bad, it’s my being a bad Jew, very unintentionally.

Well, with exception of my fucking pesky belief  that EVERYONE has the right to a safe and peaceful life, regardless of religion, race, gender/sexual identification, political beliefs, profession, weight and looks, etc.

That belief is not extended though to homicidal haters, though.

But that doesn’t mean I’m not going to try and see if there’s anyway if they can’t be talked out of their hatred, and if I can’t, that it at least doesn’t have a body count.

If I had a superpower though, it would be that everyone would believe that everyone has a right to a safe and peaceful life.

Well the good side of me, would want that.

Less ethically, I’d also wish that haters would not have access to any kind of valuable contribution from a group that people hate on.

Whether it’s to the extent that people who hate on Jews or anyone due to bigotry, for example would lose the ability to see Wonder Woman or any movie, music, television show or any kind of media, that came to be by someone who fell in the category of that bigotry.

Or more seriously, a potential homicidal hater has a medical emergency and/or is a victim of a crime  and loses the ability to contact ANY first responders or seek medical attention or law enforcement protection, as well as judicial due process and protection from people who fall into the category of their bigotry.

That would be the most fucking coolest superpowers, IMNSHO.

Like,  EVER….

Sadly for me, the only things I have resembling superpowers, is that I’m really good as suicide prevention and public safety activist.

And I’m probably 1 of 3 non clinically trained people in the entire fucking world who can comprehensively help a patient in a bariatric surgical crisis medically and mentally get through that kind of unique clusterfuck of a medical event.

IF,  I can’t appeal to any sense of decency for potential homicidal haters to not physically or mentally harm people and have a prayer of redirecting that hate to do good, just think if someone you end up killing, had the power to change your life or that of someone you love’s life for the better, if not save it?

You won’t ever know though, if your hate becomes deadly and it kills others and possibly yourself.

You won’t ever know the damage that you will cause the people who love you, who aren’t aware of your deadly rage and bigotry, when the chances are high, if you aren’t suicidal yourself, you’re going to probably be killed, justifiably so, when trying to carry out a massacre.

And it won’t matter anything good you’ve ever done, if you end another’s life or cause undue and unjustified physical or emotional harm due to hatred.

It’s not possible for everyone to love each other.

But it’s never worth it to hate someone, let alone try to cause emotional and physical harm and/or death, that’s a waste of energy that if redirected to do good or at least not harm, that is so much cooler.

And a lot less cowardly and reprehensible.

Important Note: Anything that isn’t constructive will NOT be published. Any kind of threat, as death threats aren’t new to me, will reported to law enforcement. As while I’m not the world’s greatest person, I have actually saved people’s lives and some would feel a loss, if I wasn’t around to try and keep doing that…

What should come first, people or the planet? #ClimateChange initiatives should NOT come with #publicshaming …

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Important Disclaimers: I’m not a trained medical, mental health, law enforcement or public safety specialist. I do believe that action and behavior modifications are needed to save our planet now and for future generations.

I do believe though that actions can be taken too far where it could be to the detriment of public safety and peace of mind, that’s why I feel the need to say something about the global protests yesterday regarding Black Friday and Amazon.

File this under the 9,125, 479th thing I’d rather not be talking about.

I’m all for peaceful protests.

The problem is there is so many protests for so many causes it’s at risk of people becoming apathetic to causes.

I NEVER go shopping on Black Friday online or offline, usually because I’m too poor, to be able to do that.

On the off chance I have money, I don’t like crowds at retailers and I get annoyed by all the Black Friday emails I get.

The thing is that people already have enough to worry about with their online and offline lives.

Going shopping where I live in a big city, already there’s some risk of safety issues as criminals know people will be out at the stores on Black Friday and when there are major events in the city I currently reside in, which is Downtown Minneapolis.

As well as the risk of being hacked, viruses and identity theft online, all of which I’ve been a victim in the past.

I also get that if it’s my mission as an activist to save people and for people to have a place to live in, they have to have a functioning planet to exist in.

Which other people do Climate Change activism way better than I could ever, so that’s why I leave it to them.

The problem though in this day and age, is that groups of people who are shaming others for being a consumer, online and offline, itdoesn’t help anyone both in the short term or long term.

I know from advocacy I do for affordable housing, it isn’t poor people who fund that, it’s people of means and wealthy people who do.

Shaming really has never been an effective tool in people to change their basic nature.

Most people have a habit that could have a long lasting adverse impression or consequence on someone directly or indirectly, intentional or not due to human nature.

If you’re the rare person who built their home out of recycle goods, grow your own food, don’t smoke, drink, eat too much, take any drugs, shop, drive distracted or use technology, well more power to you.

But your right in public, does have consequences on others, even well intentioned, such as going too far to try and save Earth at great expense to human psyches and possibly human safety.

Some people are going to fall in the category of choosing the lesser of two evils, whether it be smoking to not doing illegal drugs, shopping instead of overating and being on the internet too much to quit drinking or not gamble.

I think Amazon is too big and unregulated and that’s why, even with my poor person’s monthly discount, I quit it, several months ago, even though they have great customer service.

I did that and similar things quietly, not everyone needs to know everything I do and why I do it.

The people I try to help, I take shame out of the equation, as that doesn’t help anyone.

I’m not saying be like me.

Most people are probably better off NOT being like me.

I am saying though take into consideration, people having the right to as much peace of mind and safety when in their homes and out of it and that should be taken in consideration when trying to save absolutely anything, including human beings, themselves.



What MUST happen so that the deaths from the massive fire at #CedarHighApartments can be at least reduced in the future or NEVER happen again in any other multiple dwelling units…


First Look Inside The Cedar High Apartments Since Deadly Fire

MPHA Statement on Today’s Fire at 630 Cedar Avenue

Important Disclaimers: I am NOT trained in medical, mental health, law enforcement or public safety matters.

However, that doesn’t mean I don’t have opinions that could save people’s lives.

On Wednesday, November 27th. 2019, a fire broke out on the 14th floor of Cedar High Apartments, which is a mile away from me.

I’m not trying to make this about me, but because I’ve been very ill, the last 2 days, I’m ONLY addressing this now.

The 25 story apartment building was old enough that while there were sprinklers on the first floor, the building wasn’t required to have sprinklers on the other 24 stories.

WHY, though???

Any apartment building, which I’ve lived in apartments all of my adult life, have had sprinklers on every floor.

To err on the side of safety, if I haven’t been certified in CPR, I’ve at least kept up my emergency first aid training via You Tube, my entire adult life.

In my past life, prior to 2008, I lived in a large apartment complex in Plymouth, MN and there was 2 fires. The first one, I just evacuated myself and my children, however the 2nd one in 2006, I had an elderly neighbor across the hall from me, who was hard of hearing, so I evacuated my children out of the building where I left the my screaming terrified toddler of a daughter in her brother’s hands and ended up going back for my neighbor and her dog, which she tripped on when outside of the building and required that I perform first aid for major multiple bleeds, that I still to this day can’t understand why, as first responders by then were already on the scene, let me perform, but hey I”m digressing now.

There has been at least a fire every year, where I currently have resided for almost 7 years.

While I’ve never had fire damage from the fires in other units, or a fire in my apartment, one of the fires have resulted in major water damage, waking up on my 48th birthday at 1 a.m. to the fire alarms going off, on the 5th floor, when a neighbor of mine got in a fight with her boyfriend and set his hoodie on fire, which caused the sprinklers on my floor to malfunction (the 3rd floor) and caused my unit to be flooded.

I’ve also had 2 other floods, one in 2013 and one last year, a week before Thanksgiving due to tenant barriers, as they were intentional floods.

We’ve had several other fires in my building, but none of the other fires resulted in any damage to my unit, just to my psyche.

The one thing that people who live in affordable housing and do activism for affordable housing and homelessness, CANNOT say, is that it does cost money to house people with any kind of barriers, even if poverty is just the only barrier, let alone those with medical and/or mental health disabilities.

Things I’m NOT normally allowed to say, is that it is quite terrifying when other people have barriers that could present a serious  safety threat to other tenants and cause property damage.

This is NOT an issue that’s exclusive to people of disability or limited means.

An accidental fire can happen at any time, for multiple reasons by any person.

It’s just that it’s more likely to happen when you throw in money issues and disability and the opiate epidemic, also doesn’t help.

The fire that happened at Cedar High, the cause has not been disclosed yet.

Sadly,  I don’t have any money to help the victims, where a link to donate, in the top link that shows some of the footage by our local Minnesota CBS affiliate.

I can tell you though, as someone with disabilities both medical and anxiety, it’s terrifying everytime a fire alarm goes off, in just a 5 story building, to have to evacuate when you have disabilities, even from only the 3rd floor.

And there are several people in my building, as I’m betting possibly in that building who were motorized scooter or wheelchair bound.

It just completely  goes beyond the scope of my comprehension of what those residents faced, where some of them were older and/or disabled of trying to evacuate a 25 story building with a fire on the 14th floor.

As what happened was terrifying to everyone involved, whether or not they had any disabilities.

It also completely further goes beyond the scope of my comprehension.  to the first responders experienced when trying to evacuate residents and fight the fire,  who had to climb many stairs with heavy fire equipment and it’s nothing short of a miracle, that no first responders/fire department members were gravely or fatally injured, when they could’ve been.

Thoughts and prayers in this case, aren’t enough.

Unfortunately, neither is money, but I am asking in honor of my 50th birthday on Monday, that people donate to the fund for the victims, that again, is on the bottom of the top link posted in blog.

But I’m also asking, actually demanding that the City of Minneapolis and the State of Minnesota takes action.

That it becomes law that  any and ALL  rental properties whether they are two stories  or FIFTY stories, has working fire alarms, sprinklers and fire extinguishers on every floor  for all high rises and/or buildings 2 stories ot higher.

Take my word for it, as much as it sucked to have to throw a bunch of stuff out in the garbage,  multiple times due to water damage, that’s much better than dying or becoming disabled or more disabled due to smoke inhalation or dying a horrible death because of trauma due to severe burns.

The fire victims and their families, fire department and first responders are still in my thoughts and prayers.

Here’s the link below, if you can donate to the emergency fund:

And many thanks to those who decide to donate money to the victims for my 50th birthday on Monday or for any reason or share the donation link.

Note: Any comment that isn’t constructive or kind, will NOT be posted…. Please don’t waste my time and yours….

Why private businesses should NOT opt-in to providing restrooms to the general public in #DowntownMinneapolis…

Well, the city isn’t just asking Downtown Minneapolis businesses but all Minneapolis based businesses to let the public and/or non paying customers to use their bathrooms.

And it’s a TERRIBLE idea…

Having a place to doing bathroom business and it being scarce isn’t something new.

I remember this being an issue 35 years ago, when as a teen I’d take the bus and come to Downtown Minneapolis to go to Dayton’s, the Skyway, City Center being in awe of the city, growing up in the northwestern suburbs. But knowing then, of what very few places you could go to the bathroom, once you got to downtown.

As a poor disabled person who wasn’t always that way, as someone who currently does activism for the disabled and homeless, I can’t be on board with businesses such as restaurants or any private business, that I frequent in Minneapolis, letting the public access restrooms, at this point.

The reason why is it’s a public safety hazard potentially to customers and the businesses  who put money in the city’s economy.

Customers don’t need that as a hassle when they arrive to their final destination whether it be a shop, restaurant, or any kind of business.

And businesses don’t need that as a potential deterrent and additional expense.

As others have chimed in, the City of Minneapolis and/or the DID can provide port-a -potties (which mark my words, won’t be just used for the reasons, provided) like they are now planning and see how much that improves reduction of frequency of public excrement.

It’s easier to just to try and stop this from even starting, then to to start it and stop this initiative, as far as trying to guilt businesses, where a majority of them do something to help people who are less fortunate.

I get that quite a few may not care or worry about getting asked for money, (or it doesn’t happen often, to some) if not sex and drugs on site, at your destination in Minneapolis.

I though, CARE a lot. I don’t like being harassed for all that stuff, either by myself or on  occasion when with another, when going somewhere Downtown or anywhere else in Minneapolis, and it happens all the time.

I’d especially hate it and  thinking others might too, if you make an effort to go somewhere, whether or not you pay for parking and arrive at that destination, of having to worry about at a place, of potentially being harassed there, too.

And the chances of you getting harassed for money, sex or drugs is a lot higher than you witnessing a public excrement by someone, although I’ve seen evidence, multiple times and multiple places, since I’ve moved to Downtown Minneapolis, even where there was close access to a public bathroom.

So, if you feel the way I do, this blog is for YOU…

And if you can’t relate to any of this, more power to ya.

Note: Anything that isn’t constructive will NOT be published…

Everything I did RIGHT and the one thing I did WRONG, when calling #911 to report a #DowntownMinneapolisSafetyHazard, 2 months ago….

(picture of Thrivent Smith Lot at 7th St and 5th Avenue in DT East, the relevance of picture will be clearer in body of blog, picture taken by me, a few months ago)

Important Disclaimers: I am NOT a clinically trained or credentialed medical or mental health professional, nor am I trained in law enforcement or public safety. I do though deal with less than ideal situations as a private citizen and as an activist, and in this instance, when calling for help from emergency responders, it did fail me. I still will always recommend when someone is or if someone they witness is in crisis, they get help immediately by calling 911 or emergency services in your country of residence.

May 26th, 2019, around 7:30 p.m. :
“911, What’s your emergency?”
“My name is Alissa Kasen, I live at 72- 5th Avenue, a man who’s under the influence of illegal drugs, just walked by me, stopped suddenly and started screaming that he wanted wanted to blow up my apartment building, which he’s still sitting in front of”
“Can you please repeat your name and your building address?”
“Alissa Kasen, address is 72- 5th Avenue South, I created a diversion, and am a 1/2 a block away from him, at the Thrivent parking lot at 5th and 7th and I’m telling people not to walk in front of my apartment building, after trying trying to deescalate his anger, by acknowledging the hate he’s been subjected to, being Somali and he was angry that his race has caused him issues getting jobs, a place to live and women to date and I lied and said that I, Mayor Frey, Representative Omar and Police Chief Arrodondo is working against all the the Somali hate that exists. I don’t think he has an IED on him, he’s just enraged and looking for a fight”.
“Okay, we will send a squad, right away”.

Now what I repeated above, is almost verbatim of what I told that man, as well as what I told 911. That he was enraged, I didn’t think though he had an IED on his person, I described what he looked like, 5’6, approximately 120 lbs, Somali, tan pants, blue top and he was carrying a grey  hoodie.

The issue that still haunts me, 2 months later, is that while I described him perfectly, I did NOT describe myself, which I was a a heavyset female, with slightly messy red hair and unfortunately for me,  I didn’t describe what I wore or what I looked like.

And while I knew better to go back into my building, before I cleared my block, as we have handicapped door entrances that open and close slowly and that’s why I didn’t feel safe for me to go into my apartment building because he could’ve followed me in and also presented a safety threat to the residents in my building  and as well as I texted my boyfriend who  I was waiting outside for, as he was going to pick me up for dinner and I told him NOT to go in front of my building, as there was a safety emergency in front of it,  I made that one bad mistake, that really no one could blame me for, as I described the perpetrator, I didn’t think that I’d have to describe what I looked like, at all, especially not knowing at the time I called 911, that he’d confront me again.

From where I was facing, when I was in the parking lot next to my building, there’s no way that a squad could’ve come by to address the situation without me seeing it.

And unfortunately while they never showed in the 8-10 minutes I was waiting before my boyfriend picked me up at the end of my block, that man resurfaced again, after I concluded my 911 call,  angry that I lied to him, as I got away the first time from him, lying about a friend who had a medical emergency that I had to attend to.

Also admitting while he appreciated my kindness initially with having empathy for him and the prejudices he faced, he also admitted that his first thought when he saw me, was that he wanted to kill me, when approaching me that 2nd time. And he went from being maniacally like that, to asking me to have sex, give him drugs and money and asking if he could he hang out with me.

While I eventually as fear stricken as I was, able to kindly explain, I didn’t have anything to give him, that I did feel bad for him though and he let me be, he eventually started bothering a driver waiting at the light at 5th Avenue and 7th Street next to the parking lot next to my apartment building that 2nd time he found me and by the time my boyfriend picked me up, he had moved a block a way, where he was arguing with someone else.

I didn’t call 911 back right away, once my boyfriend picked me up. I did though a few hours later, called the non emergency number for the City of Minneapolis who did say they dispatched a squad .

I’m not accusing them of lying, what I am saying, 2 months later, is maybe because I wasn’t arguing or confrontational with the  erratic illegal unstable drug addict,  the 2nd time that when he approached me again,  the police who I never saw during that time period, at least, if they actually showed, didn’t bother to get involved, with me horrifically thinking my contact with a drug enraged stranger, was consensual, just based upon what I looked like, as I couldn’t have been clearer on what that man looked like.

It still haunts me, that happened, even though I get harassed a lot, even as as unkempt female, as I look like in public frequently, that others may think I have no standards, when I’m out and about, as it’s not my idea of a good time, hanging around dealers, erratic illegal drug abusers, people prone to criminal activity and people asking me for money, sex and cigarettes all the time.

But the difference is, 2 months ago, I did call 911 for help.

So, I guess going forward, should that happen again, not only will I have to explain of what a violent drug and sex seeking perpetrator looks like, I guess I’ll have to describe myself, so a mistake isn’t made, just because I’m NOT attractive that I would want attention like that.

I love our Minneapolis First Responders, whether they be police, fire or HCMC staff.

But, I should’ve never been put in that situation. Had that man been any farther foregone, it’s not a stretch that he could’ve killed me or someone else, given how irrational and enraged he was.

An open letter to Minneapolis Police Chief Medaria Arradondo , Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey and Rep. Ilhan Omar: What happened at MOA in April, WILL happen again in Minneapolis and Hennepin County, without some new major safety initiatives in place!!!!


(above photo credit, me. the relevance of it, will be apparent in blog)

Important Disclaimers: I’m NOT a clinically trained medical or mental health professional, or in matters of law enforcement and public safety, if you, someone you know or observe is in medical or mental health distress, please contact 911, immediately.

While I believe in above disclaimers wholeheartedly , it kind of failed on Sunday night.

I’ll explain…


So this last Sunday night, I’m waiting outside in front of my apartment building at 5th Avenue and 8th street, for my boyfriend to pick me up, as we had a dinner date planned at Outback in Roseville and he was on his way back after going up north for the holiday weekend.

I live 2 blocks away from HCMC and 4 blocks away from U.S. Bank Stadium.

I’d been waiting awhile, my boyfriend had hit traffic as he was coming back from a trip up north and so I made some conversation with my neighbors until they went back into our apartment building.

About 7:25 pm , I notice across the street at the Centre Village building, a man yelling, he crosses 5th Avenue between the stoplights at 8th and 7th approaches me, screaming as he slams his jacket that he’s holding in his hand on the sidewalk, a foot away and says “I’m going to fucking blow up this building.”

Then he proceeds to continue screaming  at me how he hates white people and ever since 9/11, Somalis like him can’t get a job, can’t get a date and that it’s all my fault.

I’m smoking a cigarette and quietly am listening to him, I told him that I do understand him, that the City of Minneapolis between the Chief of Police, our Mayor and Representative Ilhan Omar and myself even, as I’m a writer are working on preventing anti-Islamic hate and bigotry that negatively effects the Muslim community.

So he calms down and is not yelling at me anymore. He goes from screaming to wanting to find out more about me, and while he’s doing that, I’m worried about people walking by him, that could set him off, especially when I’m looking to get away from him, as he was not only enraged, but clearly on illegal substances.

So I lie to him and say that I have to go, I’m waiting for a ride to visit a friend in ICU at North Memorial, he asks if he can stay with me and come along, I tell him it’s not possible. Then he quizzes me while demanding I sit next to him of the color of my friends, I tell him that my friend in ICU is white, as well as my friend who I’m waiting for is white.

I tell him I must go and head down 5th towards 7th street (pic above is where I was hiding behind a bus station) first I text my boyfriend NOT to come near the front of my building that there’s an emergency and then I called 911, after warning people who were standing there talking at that street corner, as well as as woman with a baby in a stroller headed in the direction of the guy, who was still sitting in front of building that the man sitting front of that building is dangerous and they need to leave the area.

Unfortunately for me, he didn’t remain in front of my building for long, I was about 100 feet away from the Sexton Building and after spotting me, he ran across the parking lot between that  building and my apartment shouting my name (well, the name I gave him, which was Ali) then starts screaming at me for lying to him and he admits, that he originally was going to kill me, but thought I was different that I cared and that I wasn’t a normal white female anti-Islamic male  hater.

I calmly admitted to him that I do care, that he was scaring me when he was screaming at me (and his admission that he thought about killing me, didn’t help but didn’t tell him that), and when he started repeatedly and very loudly telling me he loved me, that he wanted to know if I’d share my money, crack and ganja (the last 2 out of 3 I didn’t have) that  if I wasn’t going to have sex with him, as he asked saying that would make him feel better and explained to him I didn’t have any of the other 3 things he wanted, as well as lying to him that I was on probation for drug possession and abuse and that the county repeatedly drug tested me.

Unless this has happened to someone else, I can’t explain how surreal and scary it is, to have someone who admits they wanted to kill you at first, then asks you to marry them and that fights with you about being a liar who won’t share your money, crack and weed with them, but admits that they still love you anyways and that person is a violent unstable stranger, who’s not in his right mind that fueled further by illegal substances .

This is the deal though, if he had to confront any white woman with the intention of killing them, I’m GLAD he picked me. I’ve lived in Downtown Minneapolis long enough, I get harassed for sex, drugs and money all the time.

I know better than to get an attitude.

Which no one should ever do, especially in my case, I didn’t have a weapon, nor would I ever even try to get a permit and a gun.

And I wasn’t even in the wrong place at the wrong time, I was in front of my apartment building where going back in it, I wasn’t going to risk, because he would’ve forced his way into it, making him also a threat to my building and my neighbors.

After his second confrontation when I kindly said there was NOTHING I could do to help him but that I wish him well, he FINALLY decided to leave me in peace because he understood at least that I was  scared by him and I was sincere in acknowledging that I was sorry about his experience with hate.

That 2nd confrontation lasted about 8 minutes, by then my boyfriend pulled up at 5th and 7th, I quickly hopped in his SUV, made him roll up the windows, briefly pointed out as that guy was fighting by then with some guy in front of the construction build for the new Thrivent HQ, a block away from my apartment building further on 5th when we drove by them  and I was absolutely shaking.

I had thought about calling 911, a 2nd time to tell them he moved a block further down 5th but felt I had given such a good description, that they would find him and didn’t want to be nuisance, now in the last 36 hours, I feel horrible that I never called 911 back to tell them he moved a block further down.

So I come home several hours later after going to dinner which I couldn’t eat, I mention my experience on Facebook, I call the non emergency phone number for the police, where the lady who answered said officers responded at the time, but that he wasn’t there.

I love our Minneapolis first responders, whether it be police, fire and HCMC EMS and 911.

But they didn’t respond to my call right away and I had told the 911 operator the location was of my apartment building, outside a man was making a terroristic threat and that I was calling from the corner of  5th Avenue and 7th Street, as I was trying to get away from him and prevent anyone else from walking by him, as well.

And this is what haunts me, personally, as I’m a larger not attractive woman who smokes cigarettes, that while I described him, I never described myself, what if they did see him, the 2nd time he approached me, where I was a half a block away from the address I gave the 911 operator and thought it was a non violent domestic discussion  of sorts.

It also haunts me, what if he ended up hurting if not killing someone else.

But what I realized is, that we as a city and county (actually this needs to be done on a national and global level)  if we want to have a prayer of reducing the chances of another violent incident by someone who feels like they’ve been a target of hate for so long, that feeling of rejection and rage escalates to someone wanting deadly revenge that we have to figure out how to reach out to those individuals to break the cycle.

I’ve been trying to achieve this as an activist and blogger for violent crime prevention for YEARS.

So maybe what I said, but was lying about city and state  initiatives that involve our MPD, Mayor, Minneapolis City Council and with help from Rep. Ilhan Omar regarding anti-Islamic hate , as well as I’m willing to help and help from top psychological and chemical dependency specialists could and actually should be created, to help those who are at risk due to constant  rejection, of helping reducing the escalation of rage that leads to potentially deadly harm as a form of revenge.

AS, I came this close, 2 days ago, to becoming a news story, myself and having an obituary written about my death, if it wasn’t for the fact that I have a skill set that’s good when working with people who ARE violent and/or severely mentally ill and in crisis and I don’t discount that  in this case, I also was very lucky.

While I  can only hope that his confrontation with me, was enough to spare someone else from potential violence, if not deadly harm.

But hoping isn’t enough, what happened to that little boy at Mall of America will happen again, what happened to me, will happen again but escalate to a tragedy and maybe we won’t be able to prevent all of these  tragedies, it will be worth it, if we can prevent at least some of them.

Note: Anything that’s not constructive will not published. I find any kind of anti-Islamic and anti-semetic hate actually any kind of hate based upon appearances, religion, political affiliation, socioeconomics, weight and ideologies, revolting.

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