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How many MORE people are going to have to DIE , before we can talk about Opioid addiction and other addictions without STIGMA???

(Extremely important disclaimer: I’m NOT  a clinically trained professional. If you or someone you know is in acute medical or mental health crisis, PLEASE seek immediate/acute professional help, in an acute care facility.

Because this blog is about the fact that clinicians are only human and can be in crisis, too, this is WHY I’m pressing for honest dialogue in our society about the Opiate Epidemic and removing the stigma that exists that presents a barrier for so many people being able to get the help they need that hopefully, save their lives)

Most of my blogs, as of late, have had to do with the opioid epidemic. Some of the blogs, have been out of concern of the war on drugs, having a potential to harm those who use prescription opiates, responsibly, but as a last resort to treating severe chronic pain.

Some of them have included though, the very real crisis that we are in because of opioids both prescription and illegal opiates.

My very last blog (which was extremely wordy, even for me) , had to do with my getting labeled at a an appointment with a pain management specialist, who had labeled me, due to my mental health issues and that I had very temporarily abused opiates, both almost 9 years ago (for 5 days leading up to an intentional overdose with pain meds that had been prescribed for me) and almost 7 years ago for 2 days both situations involved both being in medical AND mental health crisis.

And I’ve discussed those issues ad nauseum, in previous blogs, quite a bit, since I’ve launched this blog, almost 4 years ago.

I also had mentioned in my last blog, that I had done an internet search on that physician, prior to that appointment almost 2 weeks ago and had found that pain management specialist I had seen, in addition to being “pro Butrans”, which I didn’t think was appropriate for me, neither did she, also had nearly had her own medical license suspended due to opioid addiction, less than 2 years ago. And had multiple conditions to be able to continue having her suspsension stayed, by not being able to prescribe controlled substances, let alone be in possession of them.

It was never my intent in my last blog to shame that provider. What I did find offensive, is my history being a barrier in my getting medical care, with bias, because I had been labeled PRIOR to ever being on opiates and as someone who has a very short history that I’m not usually believed by most providers, with temporary drug abuse, just because I have mental health issues and even BEFORE my mental health issues were diagnosed in my late 30’s, just because I was a bariatric surgical patient.

The above link on my blog, that I just came across tonight, was about 2 drug counselors in a addiction facility who overdosed on heroin/fentanyl combination in Pennsylvania on Monday.

I have never not known or acknowledged that the Opioid Epidemic, not only is a VERY real crisis, not just nationally but globally, but that clinically trained medical and mental health professionals, whether they are physicians, drug counselors or any kind of practicing clinician, also can be patients with the propensity to have serious addiction problems that can be fatal, just like to any other human being.

Also, I’ve said as a mental health activist who’s also written multiple blogs about murder/suicide, what I talk about is, NOT the means of how people choose to kill themselves and MURDER others , but the desire to kill to begin with.

It’s not to minimize when I bring up gun control initiatives when talking about that. I say, with being crystal clear, that I’m not a medically or mental health clinically trained professional and/or in public safety or law enforcement professional, that taking away the weapon of choice, isn’t getting to the heart of the matter, when it comes to these tragic deaths.

That if people want to kill, if they can’t get a gun, there are many other ways that they can and WILL find to kill people.

The same applies to drugs, when it comes to addiction. If people even start out honestly because of severe chronic pain or any kind of severe pain, such as surgical or due to an accident  and whether or not,  it becomes their gateway to drug addiction and/or they just go straight to illegal drugs for emotional and or mental health health pain and find a dealer, unfortunately, it’s not always predictable who will find themselves in crisis of life ruining, if not life ending consequences due to that addiction.

Or ANY type of addiction and that’s one of the  the points of this blog. If we can’t talk about the multiple ways and multi-faceted reasons that play into addiction, honestly without stigma, whether it be drugs, alcohol, tobacco, food, social media/internet/phone that present potential for abuse, addiction, the risk to public safety/personal health threats on humans and the fatalities that are occuring , we don’t have a prayer of reducing them.

It’s becoming obvious and it doesn’t take a clinically trained professional to state, that you can’t legistlate away addiction, it can make it only slightly harder to get drug of choice, it doesn’t take away the propensity for addiction, away.

Unfortunately, while it’s a lot easier to identify what barriers we are experiencing as a society when it comes to these threats, it’s a lot harder to find out what it’s going to take to make inroads in reducing addiction and both accidental and intentional overdoses.

But we  can’t just continue to believe it’s the epidemic itself, that’s killing so many people and/or ruining their lives.

Because the truth is, the STIGMA  and reluctance to have an open and honest dialogue is equally to blame.

This can’t continue to be a “don’t do drugs” or “ban all drugs” conversation, as prevention initiatives just aren’t working for so many. I’m in no way discounting them. They have value, it’s just not enough.

It has to become, why we are a globally, humans who can be prone to addictions of different natures that can be life ruining and life ending for almost anyone and everyone, which almost all of us, know someone who’s life has been ended too soon or ruined due to addiction, as well as loved ones who are effected by these crisies.

How many people are going to have to die, until the dialogues start and more initiatives are in place for study of, evaluation and better treatment options of disease of addiction themselves that don’t have the potential to lead to other addictions or other potential serious medical/mental health issues????

Note: I’m hoping this starts an honest dialogue to help. I always appreciate differing opinions if shared respectfully and responsibly.

Any comments that could be potentially triggering or are not constructive, will NOT published.

(Edit Note: Unfortunately, slight edits that were made before publishing didn’t take when blog was posted. It didn’t effect greatly my intention with this blog, just clarifying that I apologize that, it wasn’t as clear as intended it to be, from the start but also with the fact for new readers, I am a disabled blogger who writes about disabilities, in addition to topics like this one, that I feel passionately about)

A gentle reminder about the multiple hazards that fireworks pose, going into the 4th of July weekend…


Fireworks, Triggers, PTSD, and Veterans

For those who shoot off fireworks near their cabin, that doesn’t have any neighbors within a 100 acre radius,  this blog isn’t for you….Although it still might help due to the safety issues consumer fireworks, pose on people,pets and property.

As Independence Day approaches, this needs to be said. I LOVE elaborate  firework displays, as far as municipal/professional firework displays, executed by pyrotechnic professionals , just like most people.

While I don’t have PTSD triggers from fireworks ( I do from other life issues), lots of people and pets, DO have PTSD from fireworks.

Although the noise from fireworks, does cause physical and emotional distress for me personally, as I get older and more sensitive to noise and light,  but can’t be classified as a PTSD trigger, as it for so many people.

And that’s one of the  the reasons for this blog. The safety issues that consumer fireworks can pose, is the other reason for this blog.

The above links do explain the PTSD triggers and physical and emotional distress that fireworks can cause in our military people with PTSD, babies and toddlers and pets.

Consumer fireworks can also cause PTSD triggers in people who have survived shootings and/or have lost a loved one, who either died or survived a being shot by a gun.

Going into this holiday weekend and going forward, this is a gentle reminder, that if one loves to shoot off consumer fireworks, please understand you could be cause psychological if not physical harm to both people and pets.

So please keep in mind, that while even if it may be legal for you to shoot off consumer fireworks, it’s not a good idea for multiple reasons.

In addition to the PTSD trigger  issues that it may trigger in what I said in above and in links, 8 people died  and 11,400 people were injured due to consumer fireworks in 2013. That’s an increase from years prior, as more states have made them legal.

Just because they are legal, doesn’t mean they aren’t a safety hazard both physically and mentally, is the point I’m trying to get across.

And if you’re going to do so, do so on the 4th of July, around dusk, when people expect to have to deal with the noise from them. Any other day, makes it harder on those with PTSD triggers and is still a safety threat.

So if you wouldn’t drive a car or operate a boat, intoxicated, don’t think that you’re any better off personally or to the public , if you’re randomly shooting fireworks, to either celebrate the 4th of July or any other holiday or personal celebration, day or night.

There are better ways to show that you’re patriotic, that doesn’t have an adverse effect on others, like consumer fireworks DO.

Don’t even bother trying to argue with me, that this  a free country and you can do what you like, just because it may be legal, where you live.

People who fought for your freedoms, are being adversely effected by consumer fireworks being launched on any other day or time, so you’re not honoring them.

What you’re actually doing is showing that your a jerk, with a total disregard for people, pets and the general public, by launching fireworks at any other time, than dusk on the 4th of July.

Note: Respectful difference of opinions will be published. Feedback as far as those who suffer from PTSD due to consumer fireworks are also welcomed.

Disrespectful comments are not welcomed, NOR  will they be published.

My blog, while NOT a dictatorship, ain’t a democracy, either. So please don’t waste your time or mine, with anything hateful.  Thanks!!!!


I just came home from running errands. Meaning in my case, I live in a large city (Downtown Minneapolis) and that means I walk or take public transportation to go places, as I no longer can drive a car.

From what I experience,I am beginning to see that there is a lot of people who forget that driving IS a privilege. Not just a right but a huge responsibility. And a car or any other motor vehicle can be a DEADLY weapon, even unintentionally because people are so busy multi-tasking (Please SAVE the comments to the disabled blogger about how busy you are, it doesn’t absolve you of your responsibility behind the wheel, I own my issues, K? That’s why I do the activism I do) instead of paying attention when behind the wheel.

I had just left my apartment building, and within a half block of where I live and literally within a 30 second period of time, a person driving a car was making a left out of a parking ramp and a tour bus was making a left into it and both nearly simultaneously ran me over, within 2 minutes of my leaving my building. While nearly hitting each other. They were literally 5 seconds away from accomplishing that. Only for the fact, I stopped suddenly because this happens all the time, meaning I realize, I don’t have the right of way, anywhere I go, unless I’m given it. And lots of times, like this, I’m NOT given it. And these 2 drivers didn’t even BOTHER looking both ways when they turned. They both looked to the right. NEITHER looked to the left. And they missed each other by a foot.

For those who are Facebook friends of mine, they see that I try to make sense and live what I can of what’s a small life, again, owning all my disabilities. This blog is not about that, though. It’s about everything I have to face and HAVE to FEAR when I walk out the door. While maybe my residence, in a busy city, will not be relevant to all readers, distracted driving is a threat to all of us and those we love.

You would not believe what I see when I’m walking or on public transportation. I observe people when I’m on the bus for example, driving cars while texting, playing a game on Ipad and on Facebook in traffic or at a stoplight.

I, nearly, every time I leave my apartment get ran over due to NO fault of my own. It’s a fact and a way of life for me. That’s why on days I’m physically and/or emotionally impaired by pain, I just don’t leave my home.

While some of you can consider that a “luxury”. It’s not a luxury that everyone has. And it shouldn’t have to literally hit home or someone one loves, for them to pay attention. Please don’t wait until it effects someone you love, to do something about your distracted driving or someone you love’s distracted driving.

Here are the statistics on injuries and deaths from the NHTSA:

I’d rather serve as an unpleasant reminder that I don’t want anyone to have to live with killing someone this way or dying this way. No one should think they are too talented or too smart to cause such an unnecessary tragedy like this.

Because, you are NOT that talented. Drive like your life and someone else’s depends on the quality of your driving. And if someone is a jerk, either as a pedestrian or another driver, let it go.

I’m going to look more into doing both local and nationwide activist efforts to start a campaign, but will need help due to the magnitude of it. But until I can, this serves as a reminder that no one should discount because of my disabilities. I’m not brain dead. I can still think, reason and react with intelligent thought.

I’m just saying what others who are no longer around to say or are too injured,  that DISTRACTED DRIVING poses a credible threat to each and everyone’s safety, if not, their lives. And that I give, I may have more time than most people to pay attention to that, given my circumstances.

Thanks in advance, for reading and/or sharing this….

Note: If anyone wants to share stories about losing a loved one due to distracted driving, being injured, please feel free to do so. The same if you have any ideas for starting or getting help of executing an initiative of this magnitude. All comments will be published unless they have the potential to trigger someone or are disrespectful.

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