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How many MORE people are going to have to DIE , before we can talk about Opioid addiction and other addictions without STIGMA???

(Extremely important disclaimer: I’m NOT  a clinically trained professional. If you or someone you know is in acute medical or mental health crisis, PLEASE seek immediate/acute professional help, in an acute care facility.

Because this blog is about the fact that clinicians are only human and can be in crisis, too, this is WHY I’m pressing for honest dialogue in our society about the Opiate Epidemic and removing the stigma that exists that presents a barrier for so many people being able to get the help they need that hopefully, save their lives)

Most of my blogs, as of late, have had to do with the opioid epidemic. Some of the blogs, have been out of concern of the war on drugs, having a potential to harm those who use prescription opiates, responsibly, but as a last resort to treating severe chronic pain.

Some of them have included though, the very real crisis that we are in because of opioids both prescription and illegal opiates.

My very last blog (which was extremely wordy, even for me) , had to do with my getting labeled at a an appointment with a pain management specialist, who had labeled me, due to my mental health issues and that I had very temporarily abused opiates, both almost 9 years ago (for 5 days leading up to an intentional overdose with pain meds that had been prescribed for me) and almost 7 years ago for 2 days both situations involved both being in medical AND mental health crisis.

And I’ve discussed those issues ad nauseum, in previous blogs, quite a bit, since I’ve launched this blog, almost 4 years ago.

I also had mentioned in my last blog, that I had done an internet search on that physician, prior to that appointment almost 2 weeks ago and had found that pain management specialist I had seen, in addition to being “pro Butrans”, which I didn’t think was appropriate for me, neither did she, also had nearly had her own medical license suspended due to opioid addiction, less than 2 years ago. And had multiple conditions to be able to continue having her suspsension stayed, by not being able to prescribe controlled substances, let alone be in possession of them.

It was never my intent in my last blog to shame that provider. What I did find offensive, is my history being a barrier in my getting medical care, with bias, because I had been labeled PRIOR to ever being on opiates and as someone who has a very short history that I’m not usually believed by most providers, with temporary drug abuse, just because I have mental health issues and even BEFORE my mental health issues were diagnosed in my late 30’s, just because I was a bariatric surgical patient.

The above link on my blog, that I just came across tonight, was about 2 drug counselors in a addiction facility who overdosed on heroin/fentanyl combination in Pennsylvania on Monday.

I have never not known or acknowledged that the Opioid Epidemic, not only is a VERY real crisis, not just nationally but globally, but that clinically trained medical and mental health professionals, whether they are physicians, drug counselors or any kind of practicing clinician, also can be patients with the propensity to have serious addiction problems that can be fatal, just like to any other human being.

Also, I’ve said as a mental health activist who’s also written multiple blogs about murder/suicide, what I talk about is, NOT the means of how people choose to kill themselves and MURDER others , but the desire to kill to begin with.

It’s not to minimize when I bring up gun control initiatives when talking about that. I say, with being crystal clear, that I’m not a medically or mental health clinically trained professional and/or in public safety or law enforcement professional, that taking away the weapon of choice, isn’t getting to the heart of the matter, when it comes to these tragic deaths.

That if people want to kill, if they can’t get a gun, there are many other ways that they can and WILL find to kill people.

The same applies to drugs, when it comes to addiction. If people even start out honestly because of severe chronic pain or any kind of severe pain, such as surgical or due to an accident  and whether or not,  it becomes their gateway to drug addiction and/or they just go straight to illegal drugs for emotional and or mental health health pain and find a dealer, unfortunately, it’s not always predictable who will find themselves in crisis of life ruining, if not life ending consequences due to that addiction.

Or ANY type of addiction and that’s one of the  the points of this blog. If we can’t talk about the multiple ways and multi-faceted reasons that play into addiction, honestly without stigma, whether it be drugs, alcohol, tobacco, food, social media/internet/phone that present potential for abuse, addiction, the risk to public safety/personal health threats on humans and the fatalities that are occuring , we don’t have a prayer of reducing them.

It’s becoming obvious and it doesn’t take a clinically trained professional to state, that you can’t legistlate away addiction, it can make it only slightly harder to get drug of choice, it doesn’t take away the propensity for addiction, away.

Unfortunately, while it’s a lot easier to identify what barriers we are experiencing as a society when it comes to these threats, it’s a lot harder to find out what it’s going to take to make inroads in reducing addiction and both accidental and intentional overdoses.

But we  can’t just continue to believe it’s the epidemic itself, that’s killing so many people and/or ruining their lives.

Because the truth is, the STIGMA  and reluctance to have an open and honest dialogue is equally to blame.

This can’t continue to be a “don’t do drugs” or “ban all drugs” conversation, as prevention initiatives just aren’t working for so many. I’m in no way discounting them. They have value, it’s just not enough.

It has to become, why we are a globally, humans who can be prone to addictions of different natures that can be life ruining and life ending for almost anyone and everyone, which almost all of us, know someone who’s life has been ended too soon or ruined due to addiction, as well as loved ones who are effected by these crisies.

How many people are going to have to die, until the dialogues start and more initiatives are in place for study of, evaluation and better treatment options of disease of addiction themselves that don’t have the potential to lead to other addictions or other potential serious medical/mental health issues????

Note: I’m hoping this starts an honest dialogue to help. I always appreciate differing opinions if shared respectfully and responsibly.

Any comments that could be potentially triggering or are not constructive, will NOT published.

(Edit Note: Unfortunately, slight edits that were made before publishing didn’t take when blog was posted. It didn’t effect greatly my intention with this blog, just clarifying that I apologize that, it wasn’t as clear as intended it to be, from the start but also with the fact for new readers, I am a disabled blogger who writes about disabilities, in addition to topics like this one, that I feel passionately about)

A very SCARY and unique approach on how to reduce Murder/Suicides…

Note: The nature of this blog requires the disclaimer that IF anyone you know and/or oneself is in medical or mental health crisis and/or is in danger of hurting themselves and/or others, PLEASE  seek treatment IMMEDIATELY from qualified medical/mental health professionals in a crisis facility and/or contact law enforcement, immediately…..

Several days ago, here in Minnesota, a young father when going through a child custody/relationship issue with the mother of his child, shot and killed her, her sister, her father and her mother is still hospitalized, before killing himself. He had an accomplice who had taken the toddler at the time of the shooting, who was found safe, a couple of hours after the murder/suicide on Friday.

As well as the shootings in Coral Gables, Florida, when a recently fired personal trainer, killed 2 former co-workers before killing himself,  on Saturday.

As well as the other domestic murder / suicides that have happened in the last week, that I just don’t have the sanity points to address and for that I’m sorry for multiple reasons, mostly because of the tragic loss of lives.

Today (as when this will be published on WP, the date will be 4-11, when it’s still 4-10 here in the U.S.) a man shot his wife to death and 2 young children (who weren’t thought to be intentionally targeted)  which  as this was in her workplace, AN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL, before shooting himself in San Bernardino, California.

One of the children, an 8 year old, is also now dead (he wasn’t at the time that I started this blog) .

Because this just happened several  of hours ago, as it applies to the California shooting, maybe there will be more details released.

Like motive for the shootings . Which won’t mean much. As far as bringing those who were killed, back. And I’m not being glib, but if human life doesn’t have sanctity to a person, the location where they kill a person, won’t either.

I’m going to try something new, with this blog. I’m going to blog as both as an activist and a person, who continues to be horrified seeing all these murder/suicides.

I’m doing this because this IS NOT the first time I’ve blogged about murder/suicides. And because I lack both the credentialing and the credibility, as someone who has mental health issues but isn’t violent, to do anything else but to bring awareness, in hopes that there will be major initiatives started to try and reduce these tragic deaths, as an activist.

And while I can’t help much more than that, I can say things that other people can’t, with wording that other people can’t, because they have consequences. I don’t make money on my blog(which is on purpose)  and with my not working or having anything resembling a normal life. I have the leeway at times to say things that others don’t.

This is what I have to say to ANYONE who is thinking of killing their kids, their spouse/significant other either current or former , their parents, other family members ,  friends, children in a schools, complete strangers because they feel somehow they were wronged. Or maybe they were wronged somehow but it’s not a case of self defense but revenge:

So,  IF  you’re thinking  of harming or killing others cause someone did you wrong, I’m going to try and appeal to your sense of decency,  before acting in a horrific irrovocable manner.

Thinking about doing  something and doing something (although I can honestly say that I’ve never ever thought about hurting another human being, as my particular batshit crazy will  hopefully never have a body count ) are 2 completely different things.

I come from the philosophy that it’s better to let things and people go and try to get some peace of mind and realize that everyone should have that right.

And maybe for you,  that will require serious acute professional help.

If you’re in crisis and are thinking about hurting another/others and yourself  or just others and don’t have insurance, hospitals are required by law, to help you.

There is NOTHING honorable about revenge. Especially revenge that causes death in ANYONE. Which most of the time, most murder/suicides are about.

I’m not saying I don’t have empathy for those who are hurt emotionally, physically (sometimes an accident, sometimes on purpose) and/ or financially, that you don’t have a right to be upset. I don’t know you or your circumstances.

But channeling your anger or hurt in vengeful deadly retaliation is WRONG. It’s not badass, it’s not cool, it’s not noble. You aren’t going to somehow be redeemed, if you believe in an afterlife. The person/people who’s death/s  you’re planning aren’t the piece of shit, YOU ARE, should you carry this out and kill a person or people.

You can either try to heal by yourself, or  with professional help.

I’m BEGGING you to try the get professional help before you hurt yourself or another human being. Whether you are getting help for the sake of others, if you can’t do it for yourself, as if you’re thinking about killing others and then yourself, the people who you kill will NOT be your ONLY victims.

As the people who love and care about YOU, will also be emotionally harmed for the rest of their lives, who have to survive a loved one killing other/s and then themselves.

As well as the people who are in close  proxomity of these horrific tragedies who have to witness them, whether an attempt on their life was made or not.

Would you want someone who you love, who’s life you find value in, to DIE this way?

BUT if the above doesn’t work. of trying to get you to realize, that you won’t be glorified after your death but vilified should you kill another/others and then yourself or for those who just pick the murder route.

And for GOOD reason.

SO,  if you can’t see because you are in such an irrational place, the horrific tragic consequences of manifesting your deadly ill will that  just is going to fucking heinously end others lives and perhaps your own. And irrepably emotionally devastate those who love you that you’ve left behind, in a murder/suicide.

PLEASE try this instead, if your deadly rage won’t subside. Write a detailed letter to whoever has  done you wrong.  Don’t give it to them.

Leave it in a place that’s NOT ANYWHERE NEAR another human being but that’s somewhat  conspicuous.

Then fucking take your pick of ways to fucking kill yourself that won’t interfere with another’s peaceful right to life or at least with the least amount of impact to others lives that you can at least congratulate yourself for not killing, OK?

Because at least that’s  the least cowardly and cruel of options you could entertain, if you absolutely CANNOT  get over your deadly rage.

YOU WILL NOT  see the consequences, regardless of what you choose to do, because you’ll be DEAD.

But at least you won’t be reviled for the rest of your life, from just about everyone else in society, because you refused to get help.

But at least you didn’t take out other human beings who’s lives that you are ABSOLUTELY  NOT ALLOWED to decide when and how they die,  and if it’s  with you. And that’s something where you can at least be proud of.

And for that, people close to you, that you may care about, you will have broken their hearts. And while they won’t ever totally heal, you won’t have completely ruined their lives because you killed others, in addition to yourself.

And, at least the rest of the world won’t think you’re a rotten piece of crap like those who kill others and either kill themselves or worse, let themselves live.

And again, as it’s worth repeating, while you won’t see regardless of what you choose, if one is entertaining murder/s and then a suicide, it might help, if you just fucking kill yourself,  in bringing out an outcome in the future, to save someone else from making such a tragic choice and that they’ll get help before killing themselves and/or another.

Or it might help to bring about positive change in the future, but  that we so desperately need NOW.

And if you don’t hurt another human being, that’s also something you can find solace in, too.

I’m not mocking suicidality at ALL. In my first 2 blogs, on here, I discuss my personal issue with that, as well as resources for help and healing for those who are JUST suicidal.

But NO ONE can help someone if they can’t find the means to get help, when they want to to commit murder before killing themselves. Or those who just murder.

But I figured at this point, I had nothing to lose by trying for those thinking of murder/suicide to get help. And what to not do, if they can’t get help.

So in the above, you have both alternative options other than murder and resources for when in crisis but not capable of hurting another (it’s on my 2nd blog and I can’t copy and paste, you can find it on here, by looking at my blogs from August of 2013).

And I honestly hope you’ll believe me, when I say, that I really wish you had more options for help with rage and irrationality, then you apparently have right now.

And last but not least. What I wrote above, was pretty FUCKING  crazy, right?

For sure. But it’s a little, um no, a lot fucking LESS crazy and irrational to try and talk someone out of killing another/others than to actually think about killing another and/or to go through it.

How we as a society can help try to reduce murder/suicides:

PLEASE don’t make this a gun control issue. If someone wants to kill in this manner, weapon of choice, isn’t the issue, the desire to cause fatal harm IS.

Make this an issue about murder/suicides also WITHOUT demonizing or stigmatizing mental health issues, further. Not everyone who has mental health issues is capable of either harming either themselves and/or another human being/other human beings.

We need more support services in place for both mentally ill people in crisis whether or not they are endanger of hurting themselves or horrifically hurting or killing other human beings .

There are multiple reasons  we need more supportive services in place, to reduce murder/suicide. is that people who don’t necessarily have a record of violence or mental health are snapping and are committing murder/suicide.

I honestly believe that social media and the new technology cycles ,is feeding into this, it’s NOT helping people, in some of these cases. This is  hurting and harming human beings, sometimes fatally, as they people are losing the ability to differentiate that people are NOT  expendable and that others aren’t meant to exist and/or can be erased for others pleasure and or to punish, due to the ego-centric society we are vastly becoming (actually have already arrived) and it’s getting more harmful, not better, with so many people living most of their lives on a digital device.

I, truthfully will probably NOT attempt another blog quite like this. I realize how bizarre it was for me to say not only what I said, but in how I said it. While the nature of my “normal” activism, does put me in situations where people in both medical and mental health crisis do contact me, they do so, with my warning them to get IMMEDIATE professional help and I’ve never been contacted by someone who’s been in crisis but was at risk of harming another.

But I figured there was nothing to lose at this point, with writing this. It will be read by those who think similarly to me, but can’t say what I’ve said to potential murderers (which I’ve struggled in writing this, as well as debating on whether or not to pull this blog) , in the manner I thought it and thought that I had nothing to lose by expressing what I thought above, in writing.

For the whole fucking internet, to see. For hopefully a potential murderer to see. For people to think maybe I went to far or was being irrational myself, in what I’ve tried to do, that others will start a dialogue on what we initiatives we need to have in place, to try to reduce murder/suicide.

And if someone thinks they can do better, than letting a disabled blogger try this, HOPEFULLY YOU  WILL.

My thoughts and prayers, as always are with the victims, their families and friends left behind in these tragic deaths.

Note: I welcome all respectful differences of opinions. Especially professional insight. Anything not constructive will NOT be published. Anything that could potentially be a danger to another, including myself, will be forwared to appropriate parties.

One last thing, I do want to add and I couldn’t in good conscience put in the body of my blog. I used to volunteer at a battered woman’s shelter. On a crisis hotline, a long time ago.

And while the warnings are in place, should this be an issue/motive for the CA murder/suicide where if there is a past history of domestic violence and one partner leaves another (as this is not gender/sexuality specific issue) when a domestic violence victim leaves their abuser, can be the most dangerous if not DEADLY time, for the victim, in domestic situations, with past history of domestic violence.

Update: In San Bernardino murder/suicide there was a past history of domestic violence, in the history of the murderer, that information, which had NOT  been stated in the news articles I saw, at the time this blog was originally published.

Additional note/update/clarification: I had technical difficulties both with internet and WP as the time I wrote this blog. Edits I thought that took place, didn’t and unfortunately for my subscribers, where intent was definitely even harder to gauge, because of missing words, or such as in the case of the St. Paul murders, I had thought I updated the right day but it didn’t show when I published and I apologize for that.

There’s NO social media in Heaven

Nor is there any social media in HELL.

Because this is a serious blog, as I’m heartsick, like most of the world, due to the horrific Germanwings tragedy, where 150 people died on Tuesday. It’s compounded in the last 72 hours of 2 police officers, who were murdered in the line of duty. SJPD Officer Michael was murdered in San Jose when responding to a suicide call. The other peace officer, Wisconsin State trooper, Trooper Trevor Casper at the age of 21, was murdered when trying to stop a robbery suspect.

I’m not looking for a theological debate whether or not there is an afterlife. The point of this blog is to start a dialogue to prevent more of these senseless tragedies from happening over and over again. And what part, if any, social media has to play in it.

It don’t think it will help to debate what to call what happened with the Germanwings tragedy. I look at it, from my perspective, as a mass murder/suicide, though. Again, I’m not a clinically trained professional of any kind.

I can only hope that, globally, we start initiatives to find out the WHY in past tragedies, which will vary, on how to prevent future tragedies and loss of life.

Meaning that the motivation in each of these murders, may be different. And require a different approach in getting people who need help, to seek it, before they commit these horrific acts of violence.

Where I think social media plays a part in people who need the most serious of interventions, is the fact that the perpetrators of these crimes, gain a lot of attention. Even in death. But in their terribly irrational and/or erratic states or when they snap, they think there is some payoff, because they will get attention for the worst reasons, possible.

Again….Even IF they are DEAD. And if there isn’t a suicide component and/or they aren’t killed upon being captured, they still get horrifically, an additional payoff of being considered newsworthy, all over social media, tv and in print.

I think at best, other than major initiatives for help, is to start with NOT giving violent dead criminals or violent criminals who kill , ANY attention on social media.  It’s feeding into an irrational need for those who have the propensity to be violent, it hurts all of society and it’s disrespectful to their victims.

There’s not much more I can say. I’ve talked about murder/suicides, murder of police officers, as well of how many people are killed either by strangers or loved ones in their daily lives.

I can only hope that government and the best of medical and psychiatric professionals, as well as others who can help given insight, into comprehensive initiatives for prevention of these tragedies and help for those who are capable of killing people and violent harm.

But again, it bears repeating. The fastest way to help, until initiatives are in place is to STOP giving criminals all this media attention.

Note: Again, if someone is in medical or mental health crisis, of any kind or someone you know, PLEASE seek immediate professional attention from an acute care facility.

How can we can PREVENT murder/suicides???…………

Note/Disclaimer: Nothing I say should be taken in lieu of medical/mental health evaluation and treatment. If in crisis, PLEASE seek treatment immediately, from a professional or go to your closest hospital. If someone you love, care about or just know casually,  is in crisis, please seek support and or intervention services from a professional, immediately.

There’s been been a recurring theme in my blogs. Some of them are personal and are regarding my own medical, neurological and  mental health issues. However, there’s also been a recurring theme in my blogs as far as public safety and the subject of murder/suicides. That we need initiatives and services to be in place for this to get attention and need for services for intervention and prevention.

And in a society where there is so many activists who like myself who are trying to trying to reduce the amount of suicides by removing stigma, but not a lot is written by activists in the prevention of murder/suicides and what little is written by psychiatric professionals is depressing on how much we can do for prevention. My fear in dedicating a blog about this topic is numerous. While I’ve never been violent and I’m not prone to rage, the education I got in dealing with severely mentally ill people who are prone to being violent was as a PATIENT in the mental health system. And seeing in both those who had a propensity to be violent and those who didn’t, of  just how difficult it is to try and rationalize with someone whether they can help it or not, lives in such a distorted reality because of distortion in their thought processes. Whether it has a medical or mental health foundation or combination, there of.

So, my attempt in trying to raise awareness, while I’m fully aware of my own barriers, it’s still scary to do this. I am just at the point where if NO ONE else is going to say something, I can’t just can’t remain silent, any longer. In the articles that I did research on the topic of murder/suicide largely was written about patients who suffer from paranoia, hallucinations and delusions. Regardless of socio-economic factors in the patients. As people who are capable of violent crime come from all socio-economic, religious, race, sexual preference and gender backrounds.

And my “education” taught me that if anything, you can’t ration with irrational people. While the last thing I want to do as a mental health activist  is stigmatize mental illness, further, than it already is. While not all mentally ill people are capable of violence, those who are violent ARE mentally ill. Well adjusted and/or mentally balanced  people just don’t go around killing others and themselves. What’s even more scarier and why I’m specific to murder/suicides is that, it’s not unlike dealing with terrorists. You are dealing with violent and irrational people who are NOT afraid to die for their horrific irrational cause. So they to an extent, have less to lose, then someone who at least values their own lives, but not others, but just think there will be no consequences to their crimes. Whether they are delusional or NOT.

Given my activism/advocacy as a long term weight loss surgery patient and size acceptance advocate, there’s not much about Obesity that doesn’t make it on my radar. But I think that even if I didn’t have an interest in weight matters, it’s still a topic as a nation we are obsessed with finding treatment and cures for.If one is so inclined, there’s at least 100 times the amount of awareness for the prevention and treatment of Obesity vs. prevention and treatment of victims of violent crimes/murders and those who commit suicide after the fact.

But meanwhile innocent people get killed on a daily basis now just by going to work, going to school, going shopping or in cases of domestic violence that escalates and as well as many other factors,  all to the point of NO return and a body count.

This is not the blog where I choose to debate gun control. But I’ll admit that my opinion on gun control has changed. Guns don’t kill people, PEOPLE KILL PEOPLE. People kill people with their bare hands. If they can’t access a gun, they can use the internet and figure out how to build a bomb. Gun control only gives people a false sense of security, at best, because if there is a will to do fatal harm in someone, someone who’s capable of murder, will figure out a way. Whether they have access easily to a gun or not. It’s not realistic to think we can eradicate guns. And if someone isn’t afraid to kill with a gun, they certainly aren’t afraid of to illegally obtain one.

Not everyone who kills someone is paranoid, delusional and suffering from hallucinations, even though that has been the case in some  murder/suicides, as of late. While it’s a tragedy when it happens to anyone who’s murdered, it’s more horrifying, in such as the case of the police officers who’ve been murdered in the last week and half. Who lose their lives when trying to protect innocent others (please don’t get me wrong, I think all murders are horrific, as well as the many ways people die. But this is a blog that’s addressing deaths due to murder/suicide) and I do think that police officers who risk their lives every day, to protect ours, definitely are due, specific and special mentioning.

The biggest thing that we as a society need to acknowledge what kills other people is RAGE. Whether someone is prone to being enraged as their “normal” or a set of bad circumstances leads someone to snap and even though they have no prior history of violence or mental illness, they end up killing others and sometimes themselves. I care about all these senseless murders, just like most people with a conscience who aren’t capable of violent harm, do.  Whether it’s a police officer who loses his life in the line of duty. Whether it’s a child who’s murdered by a parent during an ugly custody battle.Or a significant other who kills an ex, due a loss of a relationship. Or a person loses their life to a disgruntled ex-employee who shoots up their workplace. Or someone shoots kids and teachers in a school.

This CANNOT continue to be our norm. Nor can anyone of us, wait to care about this happening on a daily basis until it’s home, either literally or figuratively speaking. And we have to stop giving attention to those who do kill. In the mind of someone who has the propensity to be kill others, they have an irrational belief due to the attention we give murderers, that they are doing something outstanding and amazing because they’ve lost touch with all reality and can’t distinguish that life isn’t a movie or a video game. Or whatever reward they are seeking for their horrific violent and tragic acts. We ONLY should be giving attention to victims of these horrible crimes, not the murderers. Whether the murderers are alive OR dead.

What’s the solution then? Maybe, it would help by developing a consortium of top  medical, mental health professionals and non clinical professionals who are activists in working together to come up with multiple individual  patient tailored approaches to dealing with those who have the propensity to be violent. To have services in place for awareness for  starting when kids are young in schools, to dealing with this in workplaces and in society for children to adults, on how to deal constructively with feelings of anger and rage. And having specially trained people who can deal with the many people who are prone to rage but their own barriers prevent them in seeing that in themselves. To have available services and treatment options that are available that  will not penalize someone who finally recognizes that they are a threat to others and themselves of getting treatment for this, IF they get help before they harm someone. Of redirecting the negative energy it takes to execute acts of violence and creating programs that generate that effort into something positive and rewarding it, if it takes that to save lives. Which could be giving positive attention we give to those who have violent tendencies and are successfully rehabilitated. Without any stigmatization, if no one is harmed.

While this is something I’m passionate about at this point, my own barriers prevent me from doing something on my own in a major way, other than bringing attention that we need to do something NOW about this. But I am open to hearing ideas from others on what’s needed to get a major initiative in preventing murder/suicides from happening. And being part of a solution.Or if you know of major initiatives already in place,please let me know in the comment section of the blog.

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