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Learn how to save a life!!!

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Emotional Wellbeing During the COVID-19 Outbreak

(note: I’ve found above channel that produced above video, to have a library of instructional videos for important life saving techniques, there are others though that if you want to share in comments, feel free, thanks).

Important Disclaimers: Nothing I say should replace clinically trained professional medical and/or mental health, emergency first response or public safety as I have NO training.

However, I do believe that almost everyone can and should learn emergency first aid.

Especially in a time where resources are being taxed and we are all feeling vulnerable, if you have internet access and free time, there are free resources that teach important life saving techniques until help arrives that buys precious time for loved ones or one’s self (i.e. such as recognizes signs of CVA/Stroke in self or other).

I couldn’t find recommendations as far as performing first aid in public during COVID-19, as while technique for hands free CPR has been around regarding other communicable diseases but may not protect a good samaritan who touches anyone with a lot of first aid techniques in the COVID-19 era.

And  first aid protocols recommend NOT putting oneself in danger, so it might help to evaluate before a crisis of being okay just calling 911 (or emergency services in your country), should a stranger need lifesaving first aid while COVID-19 is still such a threat.

For those who have disabilities like I do with long and short term memory loss, I revisit trusted first aid sites online for free at least 2x a year, and/or for those limited income but prior to becoming disabled, I was certified in Infant, Child and Adult CPR and first aid sometimes getting a discount on courses from American Red Cross most of my adult life, as it gave me peace of mind as a parent and then later it was necessary for professional reasons before disabilities hit, so that’s why I don’t get certified any longer.

Also something important to think about but not dwell too much on as far as citizen first aid response to a stranger.

In my case, where I already have a DNR/DNI AHD, knowing my strengths and weaknesses, in my case I’d probably assume the risk as a non professional to do full CPR, try to stop a major bleed, et cetera, where there would be a health risk to myself.

Given my disability sets, though for example, can’t swim very good any longer,  breathe great, etc, so I would just call 911 and try to get someone else to help if someone is drowning in a large body of water, as I’d probably drown first before I could save someone and that wouldn’t help anyone.

I am honestly not trying to be preachy, just saying that in the digital era it helps alleviate some worry knowing that in some medical emergency you can save a life, whether it be oneself, a loved one or a stranger.

Important Note: Clinical constructive feedback and/or suggestions welcome, as well as resource recommendations.

#SuicideAwareness and sensitivity to #suicide is still needed now, more than ever…

Everyone-is-fighting-a-battle-you-know-nothing-abo (crisis resources globally)

Emotional Wellbeing During the COVID-19 Outbreak

Important Disclaimers: I am not a clinically trained medical or mental health provider or am I trained in matters of public safety.

If you or someone you know is in danger by circumstances, themselves or others, please contact emergency services and/or a medical or mental health professional, immediately.


The catalyst for this blog is due to the caveat I have as an activist who does activism not just for medical crisis but for mental health ones.

My normal disclaimer would be in addition to contacting emergency services, would be get to an acute care facility, if someone is in potential mortal danger.

We’re in a global pandemic though with COVID-19 that is taxing resources, in multiple ways and ways no one has quite seen before.

And as I tried to get across in my last blog, someone for many reasons and of many kinds, is in crisis and has been since humankind has been on Earth.

As someone who does activism for “fighting to stay alive” and that also means different things to different people for multiple reasons, as well.

For those though who deal with depression and other mental health issues that could be fatal to themselves or others, where it’s still so stigmatized, this is a gentle reminder not to be rushing or harsh with judgement.

The most read blog of mine, ever is a blog I wrote almost 2 years ago titled “How to help those who are suicidal when they don’t want anyone to know that they are”.

It’s not my only blog regarding suicide awareness, prevention and ideation but it’s read 5 times as much as any of my other blogs about suicide combined  on a global scale (half my readers aren’t just not in the U.S. but also not just in North America) and twice as much as my most read blog on gastric bypass reversals, which while I really don’t want to be known well online or offline, like at all or like ever,  is probably a more unique thing I blog about.

I wanted to wait before writing this, being a little more clearheaded, having my own personal issues to deal with but the hits to that above mentioned blog and other blogs about suicide are being read more since COVID-19 became a global pandemic.

The thing I learned with my complex disabilities, is that it’s not just I who cannot help everyone, or even myself at times.

Which everyone can relate to, at some time in their life for multiple reasons.

But to remind that there is help without shame or stigma in multiple forms for those who are fighting a battle with severe depression, and/or other adverse medical, mental, environmental or circumstances tangible or not, to themselves or others,  to stay alive that if you’re in mortal danger, you need to contact immediately appropriate support services.

It helps to remind oneself of that.

It helps to remind oneself of a good thing they are capable of, I know this from being aesthetically unpleasing to most humans, for so long and my unique disabilities, sometimes you can’t see the good but it’s identifiable, even though in some of us, it’s intangible.

It helps to take breaks from constant stressors and while it may take work for those who have a tendency and it’s hard to separate from distressing thoughts, especially in trying times, it’s possible and it helps.

In my case reading a book or magazine or watching a travel video or listening to my favorite music helps.

I hope you can find a positive distraction that will work for you and it may take acute professional help to get to that place.

I can only hope that like any other serious blogs I write about life and death situations find it’s way to those who need help but can’t see why they and their life is worth fighting for, which is hard to see in a crisis of many kinds and that those in need, get that help so that they can give live the best possible life, given their circumstances and what that looks like in us is different and sometimes more evolving that we can cope with at times and there is no shame in needing help to see that.

Just know help is out there, others can relate to the most unique and or bizarre circumstances and you aren’t alone and others do care.


Important Note: Any feedback that is not constructive will not be posted. Thanks!!!

Conversations and actions that shouldn’t have needed the crisis that #COVID19 has presented, to occur…

Important Disclaimers: I am NOT a clinically trained medical or mental health professional nor trained in matters of public safety.

IF you or someone you know is at risk of hurting themselves or others, please contact emergency services, immediately.


Unfortunately, with the last half of above disclaimer, which as a medical and mental health activist, where I’d include getting medical evaluation and treatment, it’s tricky given the crisis that novel coronavirus has caused in so many ways and on so many levels.

As someone who identifies as a medical and mental health activist, I’ve addressed issues of adversity on all populations of people, whether it’s the homeless or a neurosurgeon.

It’s with the hope to try and provide some kind of comfort as a blogger/activist, with my particular life experience of living life with an unwanted and undesirable “new normal” for over a 1/3 of my life when the last 16 years have been fraught with a lot of medical, mental and financial uncertainty and insecurity.

This way of living is something NO ONE ever wants to be an expert on, especially for as many of us who like most people where they could count on with their life being on some level of good and them being in control for the most part of how good it is for them and those they love.

Until some of us can’t, anymore.

In my case with my circumstances, I didn’t thrive after adversity which is the happy ending which people somehow think they need some kind of inspiration that after the storm passes there will be some big huge rainbow or happy ending and there isn’t one.

It shouldn’t have taken COVID-19 to highlight in such an awful spectacular way of how vulnerable we all are.

There’s been yucky “C” words for a long time that have killed people or changed their lives for the worse, for a long time now that have needed more research for prevention, better management or a cure, such as cancer, cardiovascular disease, cognitive disability/disease,chronic pain, complication, crisis and catastrophe.

Trying to help those when the yucky “c” words and all other bad things happen regardless of what what letter of the alphabet it begins with is something anyone can help with and it’s been heartwarming to see that happening, now on such a grand scale.

However…..Community, constructive communication, camaraderie, comfort, charity and compassion is something we needed long before novel coronavirus and it’s what will help sustain us and be better, after it’s long gone.

I can’t and don’t make a lot of promises, but I can tell you that one of the best things about the digital era, is the ability to find support that will help to get through any crisis.

I’m not promising it will make it easier, it will though help to know that you aren’t alone and others do care.

Important Notes: I cannot stress enough that clinically trained professional help is required for evaluation and treatment of anyone who’s in crisis which those professionals should be consulted and relied upon.

Given though the acute danger that COVID-19 is presenting to humans, as far as getting help in an acute care facility, while others cannot replace that essential necessary guidance, others still can provide valuable support in some form that can help.

Any feedback that is NOT constructive will NOT be published.

An open letter of much gratitude that I have, regarding #MeghanMcCain…


Important Disclaimers: I do not write blogs about famous people with the expectation they will ever read them, as I’m not that delusional (actually not delusional, like at all).

I also as a disabled  non monetized blogger who values privacy, it’s never my intention to capitalize or try to become famous based upon famous people I admire that I blog about, as I’ve written blogs about John McCain prior to and after his tragic passing, as well as blogs about Meghan, who is a strong, brilliant, beautiful inside and out activist and much needed conservative voice, who can and should be admired for her intelligence, strength, passion, bravery and her desire and being fair as well as insight to political candidates on the left that her insight could help them, to say things that if people pay careful attention is valuable to them, and is willing to put herself out there in ways that she shouldn’t be so harshly judged by both those who to  left and right and those who are haters who are probably intimidated by her intelligence, passion and willingness to do what she feels is the right thing that can help others, even if it’s not popular or people aren’t brave enough to say it or support it.


Dear Meghan, (or anyone who feels the same way about her, as far as admiration, even though they may be afraid to say so, given how unfairly she’s treated by a lot of people in society and in the media, to the point where it’s heart wrenching and terrifying to see the hate she she’s been subjected to, even though there’s a lot of people but not as many as there should be, who admire and respect her like I do and I’m sure many others and while some speak up, as well as as the support she gets from loved ones,friends and peers, I wish more people would speak out in support and if they can’t find anything good to say, keep their mouths shut for once ),

I just want to thank you for your strength and bravery and being a great voice not only for conservatives, even though my politics, I tend to be more of a centralist democrat.

I want to thank you for that strength that allows you to passionately hold on to your convictions knowing again while you have had a lot of support, you’ve had a lot of unjustifiable hate that’s repugnant.

I want you to know that beyond politics, you’ve been a tremendous sense of support about being open about your grief about your father’s illness and passing and being an amazing activist regarding the need for more resources and research to help those who get diagnosed with Glioblastoma, in addition to being a safe person to help and support those grieving who lose their loved ones.

As well as being a safe person and a source of support and comfort for women who’ve experienced miscarriages.

You’ve in addition been an amazing support and ally to the LGBTQ+ comunities, as well as well to veterans.

You’ve also done an amazing job in trying ot get across to not only millenials about the importance of people doing their part to take COVID-19 seriously about how necessary social distancing is to help save people’s lives  and you being a great example of how supportive you are of the medical profession and first responders of showing your gratitude to them.

I happen to love what you bring to The View and truthfully it’s hard for me to watch it when you’re not on it.

I also respect you being so vocal in pointing out how quick people blow out of proportion the differences you may have with the other hosts and the fact that without androphobia that you keep reminding people, that this doesn’t happen to men on television who have differences of opinion and it’s not blown up at all, let alone to the degree of everytime you differ in opinion with the other hosts of how much it’s blown up on social media.

I’m sorry circumstances being what they are, that you had to announce your pregnancy perhaps earlier than you would’ve wanted to,  given the circumstances with COVID-19.

Congratulations though on your pregnancy!!!

While I’m glad you’ll be able to be on The View from the safety and it being best foryour wellbeing from your home via satellite, also know that if for some reason it stops working being in your best interest, those of us will understand, caring about your wellbeing.

While it feels yucky, as again, I’m sure you have better avenues of support, again I’m saying this, not thinking you’ll ever read this, but on the off chance you might or again others who feel like me but don’t feel safe expressing what I’ve said in a public fashion, this is why I did this.

Wishing you continued good health, success and much happiness and a safe pregnancy and delivery, and the blessings that motherhood brings with confidence that you’ll be just as wonderful mother, as you are personally with your loved ones and what you are as writer, activist, television contributor to the public.

Regards and much gratitude  from a disabled activist in Minnesota, Lisa

Important Note: Anything not constructive will not be posted, depending on the stupidity of a hateful comment if there is an absent of a threat to myself or anyone else, it may be posted, if it is threatening, as death threats on a small scale aren’t new to me, they will be reported to the proper authorities.

What this #mhealthfairview expert interview on #CNN is missing about #coronavirus preparedness that can help physicians, other healthcare providers and responders, to prepare better for themselves, patients and the public…

Important Disclaimers: I am NOT a clinically trained medical or mental health professional, nor do I have any training in public safety.

I will always encourage any person in medical or mental health crisis to be evaluated and treated by clinically trained professionals in appropriate care facility.

Full Disclosure: I am a long term patient in the M Health Fairview system, who has been less than thrilled with my care by some physicians both recently and long term where I’ve blogged about it.

I’m also an Obese, cigarette smoking, non violent (but not wonderfully tempered when met with a lot of judgement) mentally and medically disabled patient with intractable widespread and localized physical pain, who gets a fair amount of a trinity of prescription medications known for abuse or addiction from one long term reluctantly prescribing physician.

I also have neuro deficits that also make it difficult to be concise, this blog isn’t being written to talk about myself, although it will come off like that at first.

It’s meant to help and I’m not honestly being flippant when I say like the novel COVID-19, it will get worse, before it gets better/helpful to not myself, but to anyone who commits to reading it in its entirety.



Actually NOT okay, on multiple accounts not just personally but concerned as a serious medical and mental health blogger.

So about several weeks ago my lower back pain and sciatica got much worse.

About several months ago my long term physician went on medical leave and I even loathe to talk about it, as to protect their identity, even though I’ve made mentioned of that physician in the past.

In that amount of time which I’ve written about, I had more ER visits in the last 4 1/2 months than I have had in the last 5 years.

First it was Gastroparesis related nearly choking and dying in my bathroom due to uncontrollable vomiting 2 days after Thanksgiving 2019 but being really sick with Gastroparesis stuff the entire holiday weekend and being sick as a fat person still, who had trouble eating and getting fluids in, most of 2019.

Well, Gastric Bypass REVERSAL related Gastroparesis, which for those of us who get it vary symptomatically within that population, as well as those who get Gastoparesis, as they vary, too.

Then I got non diabetic Cellulitis infection that required a ton of oral, IV and intramuscular antibiotics and guess what I got from that?

Clostridum difficile.

This blog isn’t about the state of my digestive system where I’ve already addressed as an activist/blogger the need for longer term followup in Gastric Bypass reversal patients whether or not they end up with Gastroparesis or not.

It’s not even about how stupid but worth mentioning that with my regular PCP who does all my medication management out, that I am being made to go next week in clinic, just to get an renewal of my script for an opiate, as I haven’t had an issue with online requesting meds in any other category even though I’m pretty sure even after a course of heavy duty antibiotics (Vanco) that I still have c-diff.

And here’s where my very unique complex medical and mental health history should help hopefully physicians and other clinical professionals, as well as my history as a blogger/activist who has a 6 continent (the good people in Antarctica apparently know better than to attempt to read my blogs, apparently)  reach about Suicidology and the medical and psychological trauma prior to and after serious bariatric surgical complications can hopefully help physicians and other responders, as well as patients and the public when dealing with novel COVID-19, as far as potential medical and mental health ramifications due to the pandemic, especially in this social media era, as it applies to some of the things that was discussed in above linked video/article.

Yeah, almost 700 words in, and I’m about to make my points, now.

Some of the misguided psychological response to COVID19, is it can’t/won’t happen to me and at least that is being discussed to an extent.

Then there is the issues of bringing up the Obese, as far as novel COVID19 hitting the United States.

Okay, does that mean for all people with a higher BMI over 30, or people who have the co-morbidities that are associated?

What about thin never been of excess weight people who have family history and have diabetes, pulmonary hypertension and high cholesterol and are on medication for it, not just because of their medications but their risk?

How to address that a mandatory quarantine in an acute care facility for those who become sick, also present a potential medical and mental health chaotic danger to physicians, other health providers and responders, in addition to patients and the public themselves, some of it we are starting to see, others you won’t know adverse human response to those circumstance experiencing it, such as suggested in above article?

I’m not, no one in that article is suggesting mass or personal hysteria as a response to novel COVID-19.

But topic fatigue and whole encompassing relentless fear isn’t a good response to the pandemic, either.

I can only hope people need to know, that if there was ever a time, if it’s possible to try in unknowns to tap into what’s good and helpful to ourselves and others, even for those of us who don’t have an “A” game, now is that time.

I may not be the right person to be talking about novel COVID-19, but I think I bring up topics that should warrant further exploration, both immediately and the long term about medical and psychological response to and by and for with good intentions.

A few last things people should be thinking about, whether or not  this pandemic will put them in mortal jeopardy, is end of life wishes, something I’ve discussed in the past, hoping to remove stigma, as blogger.

Such as having Advanced Health Directives prior to potentially becoming catastrophically ill.

Because you shouldn’t wait till a medical crisis to decide important life and death decisions, let alone a matter of life and death decisions.

I have a filed and  updated a very specific AHD, DNR/DNI of not wanting any life saving or life extending measures should I experience any kind of medical crisis (they are void if mental health causes a person to be a threat to their own lives or any other)  over 18 months ago and while truthfully, I think I get treated with more bias than I should by University of MN physicians and the very few physicians I’ve seen outside that hospital system, the U of MN is getting my body, for medical education purposes, as my organs aren’t of any use to any other, when I die.

Other day to day life decisions are impacted for me by disability, and that has to be taken in consideration, if one’s own personal barriers when it comes to having to experience adverse circumstances in life, that are beyond their realm of control.

Again, this blog is being written with the best of intentions to help others.

And I understand that my life circumstances and perspectives are unique, if not a little bizarre.

But, as someone who writes and cares about sanctity of life issues, in and outside of crisis situations, in hopes to conduct myself and help others with dignity and constructively, and it’s my hope it helps others figure out a way that helps themselves and others deal with this, in the most medically and mentally safe way as possible and further discussion on how to help those who are going to be so adversely impacted.

Important Note: Anything that is not constructive to any other or myself will not be posted, I can handle a respectful difference in opinion and welcome that but hateful rhetoric or responses will be handled appropriately and responsibly, so please don’t waste my time or yours by even trying, as no one is forcing you to read anything I write.

And yes, I realize what a weirdly wordy specific title this blog is…


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