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An Open Letter to #DonaldTrumpJr


Dear Mr. Trump,

I’ve been sick the last couple of days, so as a disabled chick, I missed in the news your promotion of your book giveaway with a signed MAGA hat, if people show on video, of fighting with their liberal loved ones.

In the past in this blog, I’ve defended both your older sister and your stepmother, for how unfair they’ve been treated in the media.

I also saw when you went on The View with your girlfriend Kimberly and I thought she was a classy well read smart and kind woman.

I don’t necessarily think exactly alike with anyone.

While I didn’t vote for your father, I voted for Hillary Clinton,and honestly I did think a little less of her, calling Trump voters “a basket of deplorables”.

As I know that’s not the case. Some of the people I love and admire the most voted for your Dad.

There are so certain things I agree with your Dad, such as there’s only one cola to drink and that’s cold Diet Coke and  fast food (if i agrees with me, long ass story) is delicious.

I’m not though a big fan of ice cream and burnt steak, though.

I just for the life of me, and I turn 50 on Monday, can’t understand  why you would use hate and fighting to sell your book.

I’ll defend to the day I die, your right to believe what you believe and to express it, in any manner you wish.

But, in our country that’s so divided, that trickles down to families that are also so divided due to political differences , as far as trickling down to families who are fighting or aren’t on speaking terms because of political divide, I think there would’ve been a better way than to sell your book, without having to widen that divide.

It bothers me that some Trump supporters have to feel like that that they have to be that way in secret.

It bothers me that people who work or have worked in your father’s adminstration can’t go out in public, such as a restaurant and not be ridiculed.

And while again, I believe in free speech, I don’t understand why it’s necessary for your father or any member of your family to get booed wherever you all may go and that the good things that your father has done, doesn’t get any positive attention, like ever.

While I differ in believing that it isn’t necessarily fake news driving that, it is WAY unfairly biased not ever giving your Dad or stepmother or even your youngest brother (who shouldn’t be in the news, like at all) ever the benefit of the doubt.

And I’m absolutely horrified that Representative Steve Scalise was shot and others were shot at at, when just trying to do something fun, such as practice for a baseball game, just because they are Republicans.

You are a smart and very wealthy businessman who’s conventionally attractive and well, I’m not.

I just think that if you wanted to have promoted your book, there could’ve been a better way than causing more divide in this world.

Maybe using  money donated to charity to the  highest bidder for a free book and signed MAGA hat or winning a free night at a Trump hotel or resort, would’ve been a better idea for a giveaway and would’ve gotten the same result in more book sales without creating more divisiveness.

That’s all I’m trying to get across to you.

Wishing you and yours a Merry Christmas and  s very Happy New Year.

Respectfully, a reclusive non monetized blogger in Minneapolis,  Lisa

Note: To any other reader than intended, who I don’t expect to read it, please save the death threats until after Monday, which is my 50th birthday, which is nothing short of a miracle that I’ve lived this long to potentially see it. Thanks!!!!

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