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“White (CR)ISIS” #TheyAreUs


Important Disclaimers: I am NOT a clinically trained medical or mental health professional, nor am I trained in any forms of law enforcement or public safety.

If you or someone you know is in danger of hurting themselves or others, please contact emergency services, immediately.

Oh, here we go.

Call this the sanctity of human life manifesto of someone who dabbles in human rights, but to add a touch of fun for my haters, I’ll add I’m white, female, old, fat, Jewish and ugly.

Well, on the outside, which is obviously what only matters to people who hate.

And where we differ religiously, politically, culturally, gender, socioeconomics and race, for those who are intellectually, mentally and spiritually impotent who will hate aggressively and sometimes their rage will be deadly.

This the my take on the massacre yesterday at 2 mosques in New Zealand, that horrifically killed 49 people.

Anyone who is capable of that kind of evil horrific devastation in a place of worship, ANY place of worship, is an evil coward.

I’d like to use profane words, but I’m trying to make this blog a safe space for people who might find that language offensive, because I honestly think in the end, an evil coward is the worst thing anyone could be.

For someone who leans liberal but does have a conservative streak, like I do,  I’m not trying to cause pain when I say, I don’t think a huge concentrated effort in gun control will help prevent some of  these massacres.

We are in a different era, a sensational one spawned from what’s bad about the internet and social media.

Anyone who could kill innocent people praying, in a place of worship, if they can’t shoot at them, will try to kill people they hate in a different way, even we could come up with supersmart technology that could render guns ineffective, people will still continue to die from numerous ways that can be used to commit mass murder.

Because, these massacres that keep happening over and over again, aren’t rooted in the HOW or even in the WHERE, they are rooted in the WHY.

I get that as a reclusive activist, maybe people aren’t ready to accept that you cannot legislate hate and addiction, away.

I came up with the title of this blog when trying to figure out privately, why these particular hateful  racist, islamophobic and antisemitic mass murders committed by white supremacists keep happening over and over again.

And I thought, that it’s pathetic  they are “White ISIS/White “(CR)ISIS”, but worse, because there is usually some organic privilege, that whether or not these people where sometimes they grow up in an environment of hatred,  become enraged at an older age at a population for a multitude of reasons, if they weren’t nurtured in it, when they were young and will still commit or at least try to,  these atrocities.

I’ve been trying as an activist/blogger to figure out if it’s possible, if empathy and trying to instill in people the fundamental right all humans should have of a peaceful life with without risk of physical  mental harm and/or death, can be taught, in hopes of preventing all and any kind of murders and other horrific acts of violence, in the digital era.

I don’t know, I can only hope that more initiatives are introduced that teach the importance of how we can all peacefully coexist with people who look, think and have beliefs differently then we do, is actually possible.

Starting from the time when people are very young to lifelong and hopefully this will happen sooner than later.

And then maybe, just maybe,  we might have a shot of preventing some of these horrific tragedies.

My thoughts and prayers are with the victims, the families and friends of the victims who were murdered at the New Zealand mosques and the entire Muslim community.

Note: Any comments that aren’t constructive to peace and people, will not be posted. Because this isn’t my first time calling out a group of haters (i.e. Project Harpoon) any death threats that I should receive because of this blog, will be forward to law enforcement.

Because, while there isn’t much that’s enviable about me, I still know how to help people and when I don’t like someone who’s operating on the offensive in their transactions with me or others, am still intelligent enough to use words, because one thing I’m not,nor should anyone be, is an ignorant, stupid, hateful and  violent coward.

What requires the most urgency at this point in time: Falsely reported hate crimes or INITIATIVES to try to prevent planned hate massacres???


Important Disclaimers: I am NOT a clinically trained medical or mental health professional. Nor am I trained in matters of public safety or law enforcement.
IF you or someone you know is in danger of hurting themselves or others, please contact emergency services, immediately.

The above quote I posted, unfortunately is outdated.

We’re past the point of being at risk of “will collapse” and we’ve arrived that it is collapsing, others disregard or hatred of humans that’s leading to senseless murders and massacres that are almost happening on a daily basis.

In no way am I trying to dismiss the importance of a need to have a deterrence for falsely reported hate crimes, as in the case of what happened with Jussie Smollet who’s facing potential felony charges for allegedly doing that.

I’m also not discounting of the harm and hurt he did to more conservative people.

And not only that, going forward, just like in the past with attacks on both white people and black people in the LGBTQ community, there’s also the chance of increasing disbelief of victims, when crimes of this nature due ACTUALLY occur.

The thing though is, I do believe that making it a felony will deter in the future, attempts to gain public attention/sympathy, waste public resources for those who could be capable of making a false claim of a hate crime, going forward.

What cannot be legislated away, is something else that was reported in the news yesterday, that a Coast Guard employee, Lt. Christopher Hasson was apprehended and in that investigation, the little that’s been released he planned on murdering as many innocent civilians, democratic politicians and cable news anchors that he had on a list.

Six days ago, 5 people were murdered by an ex-coworker who was enraged at losing his job in Aurora, Illinois.

Which was the 39th mass shooting in 2019.

And you have to say Aurora, Illinois, not to confuse the massacre in Aurora, Colorado in 2012 where 12 people were murdered, 70 injured which was the 3rd largest gun massacre in U.S. modern history.

When the news broke last night of the extent that Christopher Hasson planned on killing as many people as he could, I happened to see it on CNN and something that now I can’t shake  and propelling me to write this.

One of the contributors said, “It was good thing that this person made a mistake”.

If I thought that he was a potential lone isolated incident, I’d still be scared for how many senseless tragedies that are happening but not to the extent where it’s been quoted he wanted to kill “almost everybody”, but what’s scaring me, is what if he IS NOT an isolated situation?

What if now, though, there are others who are diabolically planning massacres will try harder to prevent any detection, so they can actually execute these heinous massacres of innocent people?

You can’t prevent with legislation that’s going to have a chance in reducing these tragedies, mass murderers do not fear consequences, quite a few of them in the past were willing to die for what ever evil cause they are thinking they have to avenge, or as in this case hating almost everybody that goes beyond just being a White Supremacist, as there was more than anti-semitism, Islamophobia, anti-gay and left leaning political hatred in his desire to do try and plan an atrocity to the extent such as what he was planning.

I get a lot of crap for NOT totally blaming guns in situations like this from people who do lean more to the left.

I get the occasional death threat or comment that I should kill myself  from people who lean more to the right, for making the comment that I don’t know why the NRA can’t denounce these kind of horrific crimes.

I have no problem with them defending their members who use guns responsibly and rationally.

I have people who I adore who are members of the NRA and they are good people.

How hard is it though to take a stance that they don’t want mass murderers as their members (even if they aren’t members of the NRA, they don’t care about responsible gun ownership like many members of the NRA do)  not condemning potentially endorses dangerous and deadly behaviors (I’m not saying the NRA is responsible for those murders) for those who are so misguided in thinking that they are right to something so heinous, that they may be under the misguided belief that the NRA thinks it’s ok, if not commendable.

But it needs to be said, guns in these tragedies are weapon of choice, unfortunately there are enough massacres that have occurred in people who did obtain guns legally or had no legal or mental history that would be cause for alarm to suspect some of these murderers of  wanting to commit these massacres.

As well as deadly massacres that weren’t executed with guns.

IF we can’t come together in our society to try to find solutions to try and prevent these tragedies happening over and over again, we will go from active shooter situations, to active bombers and mass murderers planning to kill as many people as possibly with something other than a gun, in the future.

I only hope I’m so wrong about this.

But there are too many mass murders that have occurred in the last 10 years alone that show hate and rage  is NOT only increasing, intensifying and more divisive than ever, it’s becoming way more deadly.

We have to do something on a major scale in hopes for prevention and reduction of these horrific tragedies and we have to do it, NOW.

Note: I’m amenable to constructive criticism. Save the hate, though. I think the best way to look at what I’m trying to get across, is coming up with national and global initiatives on prevention of massacres, will hopefully save lives and the lives it could save, could be yours or someone you love.

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