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Amazing ob/gyn vlogger takes down #TI …


Important Disclaimers: While I thought about as a medical/mental health activist for the last day, trying to address this issue,  an amazing OB/GYN  vlogger who I follow on You Tube addresses the horrific behavior of this rapper.

I had to think about my part, in what’s already making my skin crawl, of putting more of this out there about this young woman.

But then I think about how grotesque of what’s already been done to her.

And other women now coming out and admitting that  they were subjected just even just private exams for purity.

I think of young women who might have been raped by a family member, stranger and/or friend  and stayed silent, not willing to risk telling anyone and the shame that they feel that really isn’t theirs to bear.

I think of that trauma possibly leading to possibly future abusive relationships, addictions, if not suicidal thoughts or if not, a suicide.

And I can’t stand the thought of that.

It’s unacceptable.

This has to be part of a bigger discussion on where we go from here.

It’s horrible for anyone to not feel safe anywhere.

Especially for children in their own homes and this goes to show, socio-economics, race,religious and political beliefs aren’t a factor in this form of abuse and emotional assault, as it’s more widespread and women are finally coming out talking about it, since the TI story, broke.

For haters, you wanna come after me, for the mistakes I’ve made as a parent, that I don’t profit from in any way and talk about humiliatingly,  to remove stigma, so other parents don’t make the same mistakes I did and so what I put my children and family though, so unintentionally hurtful, so that others don’t make the same mistakes as I did, well knock yourself out with the hate and death threats.

To me!!!

However leave physicians, like the amazing physician in above vlog who delivers babies and is also an amazing educator, just like leave anyone else alone, who’s also called this out and definitely don’t revictimize the victims who have and will come forward!!!

For those who’ve been through this kind of trauma, I want you to know I’m so sorry you went through that, it should’ve never happened and I sincerely hope that if it doesn’t mean anything coming from me, I hope it comes from others where it’s more meaningful to you, if you haven’t either come forward, due to fear or because you said something and no one believed you.

I believe you and others will believe you, as well, if you ever feel comfortable coming forward and that’s something if you choose, needs to be done on YOUR timetable and if you never feel comfortable, that’s okay.

Note: Just because you have my opinion to expressly hate on me, if one is a predatory psychopath and thinks what TI did is okay, doesn’t mean I’m going to NOT report any death threats to the proper authorities !!!

“The Wrong And The Feckless”….

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Trigger Warning/Disclaimers: This particular blog could possibly upset those who lean both more liberally and conservatively, alike.

Do me a favor, as I’m NOT wrong in what I’m about to say, save any hate and if you could wait til sending me a death threat (I usually get them with political posts, especially when defending people who affiliate on both sides ) or having a desire to kill me, wait till I get my DNR notarized tomorrow, in case ya fail, as what I’m trying to say, could not only help oneself, but someone you love or care about.



In this week’s episodes of the celebrity edition of  “The Wrong And The Feckless” (something I made up, but kinda already exists unnamed on the various and vast media platforms aren’t I clever??), that should’ve NEVER starred  Valerie Jarret, Ivanka Trump OR Kim Kardashian West, all three who didn’t ask and DID NOT deserve being in what’s becoming the world’s worst REALITY media show/reality soap opera/REALITY, like EVER, we’ve got somethings that have to be discussed about this week’s “episodes” , obviously.

As well as going forward, OK?

It’s NOT okay, it’s horrible and repugnant to say, if not think racist and xenophobic remarks and in this instance, I’m talking about Roseanne Barr, but this isn’t the first time she’s hurled hateful racist stuff to another woman, among the hateful stuff she’s hurled for years to many others, which I find baffling, as her politics really are way more Bernie Sanders, than they ever been like 45.

It’s not okay, to say vulgar hateful misogynist remarks, as well as the entire quote because “putting on a tight dress and go see you’re father”(I know that’s not verbatim even though I saw the show this morning) is NOT okay, Samantha Bee, it is just disgusting to have done that to Ivanka.

And for the New York Post, Kim Kardashian West did NOT deserve the slut shaming sexist repugnant crap on your cover of your paper today (it’s still 5-31-18 in the U.S).

It doesn’t matter where you lean politically, if there’s any hope we’re going to have any chance as a society of being okay, we have to learn how to NOT be hateful to one another, regardless of race, religion, political preference, gender and socio-economics, and weight (whether it’s fat bashing or thin/skinny shaming) leanings/preferences, just because you don’t agree with them or who they are.

And with the above being said, it’s still  difficult to think and not be somewhat horrified, that 2 strong and smart women and a popular publication, didn’t think about what they said before they went on Twitter, on their television show and a publication, (as that cover had to at least go by one woman, before it was published), respectively which all involved not only all kinds of hateful rhetoric but again, that pesky sexist, if not misogynist hateful crap from one woman to another woman.

It’s even more perversely pathetic, when a multi-complex disabled activist has to call women out, who are not only way more successful in all areas of their lives, that I could NEVER be.

And it’s sad for me, for someone where I admired Roseanne Barr prior to 2008, as a comic, activist, entrepreneur and actress.

I LOVE Samantha Bee, her show is “liberal cognitive crack” for people like me, but I don’t know how I can watch her show anymore, because I don’t have to be a fan of Ivanka Trump, to know what was NOT only said, but now, DONE to her was AWFUL and I don’t know something like that could be even written, if not aired, by anyone, but especially a mostly female writing staff, but whether or not she wrote it, Sam was the one who said it on national television.

I also do read New York Post online on occasion, bye bye, to that, too, as KKW was honestly trying to help someone, even if she was sunbathing nude on a beach, she didn’t deserve that cover.

Now, ONLY if I could find a way, given that I’m not social media much but still can’t manage to find a way without going off the internet completely, on how to avoid anymore “The Wrong And The Feckless” episodes that air almost minute by minute basis.

And stay tuned, as if you thought you hated me or this blog before, wait til in a near future blog, I address acts of misandry and androphobia, yet again, by famous people and also perpetuated by the media,  regardless of gender of those who are committing it and/ or political preference.

Note: I won’t publish (unless, they’re like moronically hilarious directed at me, personally and that’s only a maybe) hateful comments.




Trigger Warnings/Disclaimers: I’m an activist not a clinically trained medical or mental health professional nor am I, in any way, a credentialed law enforcement or public safety expert.

If someone is in crisis and in danger of hurting themselves or others, please seek immediate professional help or call 911.

File this blog under the 1,653,219th thing I’d rather not be talking about.

Problem is, no one else is, and the issue at hand, NEEDS stigma removed and to be discussed publicly with no stigma.

I’m in NO WAY discounting the progress that the #MeToo movement.

But it’s missing a a segment and/or population of people.

There’s what, over 3 billion women on the planet, right?

Where are the stories of men who been assaulted, abused and harassed by women?

Or women who’ve been assaulted, abused and harassed by another woman?

While it may cause a blip in the news of a female teacher assaulting (cause it’s assault if someone’s not the age of consent and if that standard applies to a male teacher with a female victim) other than Mary Kay Letourneau, who can name another female who’s been all over the news for what they did and the consequences they faced?

And if you pardon the REALLY bad pun, if Mary Kay was actually a “Mark”,  he would be vilified and there would be NO story post prison time or shock and horror that a male assailant married his female victim.

Again, I’m in no way saying that momentum that #MeToo has made,  is hindering anything, but there’s a hypocrisy and stigma that’s still in place for some bizarre reason that we aren’t talking about male and female victims of female predators, more.

If at all.

And there is a hypocrisy in place, for example, with certain female celebrities, where they say stuff about men, that if that came out of a famous man’s mouth, they would be tried and convicted in the court of social media, with major damage to their reputations at a bare minimum or their careers would be over and it isn’t the same for females who do the equivalent of that.

It doesn’t hinder in any way, of just saying, all victims have a right to have their stories told, regardless of the gender and/or sexual identification of the assailant.

We can’t have a certain set of standards for young boys and men, that aren’t the same for young girls and women, to follow.

Because it’s not fair and it’s horribly hurtful to discount, if not diminish a person’s story because we don’t want to think that women in some cases are not the victims in these cases, but they actually are the  perpetrators.

#MeToo has to be inclusive of every victim of sexual assault, abuse and harassment, for it to maximize its potential to prevent assault, abuse and harassment, and for those who are victims, to be able to heal.

Note: I’m open to constructive criticism or dialogue, I’m not open for nasty comments. I get that I’m a “unique” kind of advocate, as well as a mother. I make no apologies as far as my being a mother, of saying and believing , if I’m going to have a certain standard for how you treat my daughter, that same standard also better be applied to how you treat my son.

So if you don’t have anything kind or constructive to say, please don’t say anything at all…

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