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Being GRATEFUL that there is a John McCain in this world, is NOT a partisan issue…

I’m not trying to digress or gain sympathy, just establish context.

This has not been an easy year for me, as a poor complex disabled person, let alone as an activist.

And I know that times have been way tougher  for a lot of people, regardless of socio-economics.

I do come though from a conservative Republican family, even though I’m more of a “centralist democrat”.

I also do manage to catch the show “The View”, when it gets posted on You Tube.

December 13th, 2017’s episode with Joe Biden, is NO exception, I saw that yesterday morning.

Including the segment with Joe Biden and Meghan McCain (who in her own right, I think is AWESOME)  that made me cry, when discussing glioblastoma  and I’m sure I’m NOT  the only person, to see that exchange, as well as other things that they both talked about, who was extremely moved by it.

And truthfully, I didn’t realize the longstanding relationship between Joe Biden and John McCain, until yesterday morning, which I’m kind of embarrassed to admit.

And truthfully, I’ve wanted to, but didn’t have the right words, for awhile, this year, to write a blog about the gratitude that a man like John McCain exists.

While I talk about extremely serious topics in my blog, that the type of activism I do, puts me in the middle of stigmatized topics or topics regarding issues that put people in crisis, this kind of blog, is so way out of my comfort zone.

I seriously doubt that any McCain or anyone in public office, a celebrity of any kind, will read my blog.

I don’t have that kind of reach or social media influence, nor would I ever want to.

But if I had a chance to thank John McCain (and the McCain family for sharing him with America for so long I would) for his selfless sacrifice, devotion and  public service, for his decency, kindness, intelligence, sense of humor and grace, that’s not just lacking in a lot of politicians regardless of party affiliation, but in human beings, in general, I would, so I’m doing it, in the only way I know how, as a blogger.

That he’s proved in politics, people don’t have to agree on anything, to be decent about it, that doesn’t mean they aren’t going to fight for what they truly believe in, in fighting a good fight.

I do this, again, extremely uncomfortable, knowing this is not something that I’m looking for attention in what I’m writing.

As well as I don’t think John McCain does what he does for adulation. He does what he does for great good, for his constituents and the United States of America.

But because of that and his life being dedicated to serving and protecting our country, with such grace, is what makes him, such a lifelong HERO, to me.

And I couldn’t NOT say it, any longer.

Again, I’m only putting this out there for others, who might feel the same way as me, but don’t have the means to express it, to know they aren’t alone.

The only thing I’m not totally sorry for, in writing this, other than, that I wanted to say to this earlier this year, is that I didn’t want, once John McCain’s diagnosis of terminal glioblastoma was made known, to write this after his death, which I hope is not for a long time.

But he’s in the hospital right now (this blog is being written and published early Thursday morning 12/14/2017)  and I feel for his family and friends and others, whether it be constituents or anyone, where they’re like me, and they’ve been so moved and inspired by John McCain and his family (and while I think the Bidens are an amazing inspiration, too, they will be a positive subject of another blog) and need a safe place to talk about it, is catalyst for this blog.

And I’m praying, based upon that inspirational exchange between Joe Biden and Meghan McCain, this will only lead at this point to a hopeful conversation or a conversation about inspiration and honor, as it applies to John McCain, his family and Joe Biden and his family, too, if you want to include, which while I don’t think they want some blogger talking about this, so many other people are doing so, but with some kind of bias.

To honor them all, should there be a discussion, lets take the bias and politics, out of the discussion and concentrate on all of them being such a good, decent and inspirational people.

Because honestly, because of people like John McCain and the exchange I saw between Joe Biden and Meghan McCain, I, for the first time, since 11-8-2016, saw some kind of potential small glimmer hope of that the country can find common ground, even though I voted for 44 in 2008 and last year, it was for HRC.

Thank you.

Note: Any comments that are NOT constructive, will NOT be posted.

Also note: While my intentions are to start a dialogue without partisan politics being discussed, if it can be helpful, who I voted for, is somewhat relevant.

I can have an enormous amount of respect and reverence for John McCain, as exhibited above, want to show gratitude, but it would be disingenuous, in some manner for me to give the impression I voted for him, when I didn’t.

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