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I just came home from running errands. Meaning in my case, I live in a large city (Downtown Minneapolis) and that means I walk or take public transportation to go places, as I no longer can drive a car.

From what I experience,I am beginning to see that there is a lot of people who forget that driving IS a privilege. Not just a right but a huge responsibility. And a car or any other motor vehicle can be a DEADLY weapon, even unintentionally because people are so busy multi-tasking (Please SAVE the comments to the disabled blogger about how busy you are, it doesn’t absolve you of your responsibility behind the wheel, I own my issues, K? That’s why I do the activism I do) instead of paying attention when behind the wheel.

I had just left my apartment building, and within a half block of where I live and literally within a 30 second period of time, a person driving a car was making a left out of a parking ramp and a tour bus was making a left into it and both nearly simultaneously ran me over, within 2 minutes of my leaving my building. While nearly hitting each other. They were literally 5 seconds away from accomplishing that. Only for the fact, I stopped suddenly because this happens all the time, meaning I realize, I don’t have the right of way, anywhere I go, unless I’m given it. And lots of times, like this, I’m NOT given it. And these 2 drivers didn’t even BOTHER looking both ways when they turned. They both looked to the right. NEITHER looked to the left. And they missed each other by a foot.

For those who are Facebook friends of mine, they see that I try to make sense and live what I can of what’s a small life, again, owning all my disabilities. This blog is not about that, though. It’s about everything I have to face and HAVE to FEAR when I walk out the door. While maybe my residence, in a busy city, will not be relevant to all readers, distracted driving is a threat to all of us and those we love.

You would not believe what I see when I’m walking or on public transportation. I observe people when I’m on the bus for example, driving cars while texting, playing a game on Ipad and on Facebook in traffic or at a stoplight.

I, nearly, every time I leave my apartment get ran over due to NO fault of my own. It’s a fact and a way of life for me. That’s why on days I’m physically and/or emotionally impaired by pain, I just don’t leave my home.

While some of you can consider that a “luxury”. It’s not a luxury that everyone has. And it shouldn’t have to literally hit home or someone one loves, for them to pay attention. Please don’t wait until it effects someone you love, to do something about your distracted driving or someone you love’s distracted driving.

Here are the statistics on injuries and deaths from the NHTSA:

I’d rather serve as an unpleasant reminder that I don’t want anyone to have to live with killing someone this way or dying this way. No one should think they are too talented or too smart to cause such an unnecessary tragedy like this.

Because, you are NOT that talented. Drive like your life and someone else’s depends on the quality of your driving. And if someone is a jerk, either as a pedestrian or another driver, let it go.

I’m going to look more into doing both local and nationwide activist efforts to start a campaign, but will need help due to the magnitude of it. But until I can, this serves as a reminder that no one should discount because of my disabilities. I’m not brain dead. I can still think, reason and react with intelligent thought.

I’m just saying what others who are no longer around to say or are too injured, ┬áthat DISTRACTED DRIVING poses a credible threat to each and everyone’s safety, if not, their lives. And that I give, I may have more time than most people to pay attention to that, given my circumstances.

Thanks in advance, for reading and/or sharing this….

Note: If anyone wants to share stories about losing a loved one due to distracted driving, being injured, please feel free to do so. The same if you have any ideas for starting or getting help of executing an initiative of this magnitude. All comments will be published unless they have the potential to trigger someone or are disrespectful.

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