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An Open Letter to Adam Richman

Dear Adam, 

    I had to stop following you awhile ago. While I’ve probably made an enormous amount of jokes that I hoped you’d end up one day being my kinda famous, really funny, really hot (which I thought you were before your weight loss) future Jewish husband (and I usually can’t say the H word with ease, and while I kinda doubt you’ll ever see this, I’m sure pics of me ain’t gonna float your boat) from Brooklyn (like me but I’m transplanted here in the Miniapple) who can cook, for years now. BUT, once you started losing your weight, you kinda started losing your manners…And it made me sad to see your Facebook page look like the zillion of diet pages that come in my  Facebook newsfeed on a daily basis. 

    I was fat, then thin (I had a gastric bypass a bazillion years ago and I’m also fat again) and I understand the mindfuck that can happen when one loses weight. You get a lot of attention even more than you are used to because you were already in the spotlight and already famous. While you maybe never thought you were attractive to women you may have wanted before you lost weight (I’m sure there was scores, in addition to my lil celebrity crush on ya but that you might not have wanted back) there is an interesting phenomenon when the pounds come off, it’s kind of like we get bared out in multiple ways. 

    It’s your body and it’s your life. No one says you can’t be happy for your weight loss or talk about it. There was no reason to be mean though and as defensive you got. I had already stopped following you (I’m a Medical, Mental Health and Body Diversity advocate and activist and blogger with disabilities) quite awhile ago. Telling a lady though who found your “thinspiration” comments hurtful that “she could go fuck herself…. and draw a bath with a razor” was so uncalled for. And you really didn’t apologize for it, up until now.  And now you are at risk of you losing your show and your career, it’s obvious though you are definitely losing your shit while you’ve you gained an edge.It’s gotten beyond where you aren’t just hurting yourself but other people and it’s a double edge sword and it’s very careless and reckless of you to go on this way without re-evaluating what your priorities are before you hurt more people AND yourself. And it should be more than your career and your weight loss that you should be doing this for. It’s at least what those of us who have stopped following you, would like to see from you and see you have both the career and life you’ve worked so hard for, in addition to that body. 

    You wouldn’t be the first person after an enormous weight loss, especially in your case, male and already a celebrity to go through some negative press as you try to get acclimated to the “new you”. I don’t claim to know you but the little part of me that is grateful for the  entertainment you’ve provided , would love to see ya “mensch up”…. And back on tv again, once that happens. I hope your apology is heartfelt. You can and deserve it all, once that happens…… 

           Respectfully, Lisa 

p.s. Be nice. I’m a cognitively DISABLED blogger (if that isn’t obvious) who makes no money on her blogs and it isn’t your coattails that I’m looking to ride or take advantage of, that delusional of a bad Jewish girl, I’m not…Well Anymore 😉 …Todah Rabah


    Well, I’ve learned that June 30th to July 1st, 2014, was a really BAD day and A REALLY BAD idea to social media binge (that’d be on FACEBOOK) for over 24 hours… So I decided I’d blog. Another BAD idea. But then I decided maybe to take a break and check out a neighborhood activity that was going on. Right on my block.  

   So at the very end, they were giving out  a boxed lunch. The guy picked the absolute FUCKING worst time to say when I thanked him, “you can thank Jesus as he’s the reason”. This was NOT a religious sponsored event. 


   So I quietly respond that I’m Jewish. He’s like “Cool, are you American? Are you from Jerusalem???”. (born in Brooklyn, NY, raised in MN since I was 5. EVEN 3 out of my 4 grandparents were native New Yorkers, so yeah, I be an American but I don’t share that immediately because I’m stunned for once, given all the circumstances)…

   Now if you’ve  read any of my previous blogs, I’m sure people question my command of written English rules. I can assure you I speak perfect English. With no accent of any kind.  Not to mention I look like the love child of a young Danny Bonaduce and Mr.Snuffleupagus. The only time my ethnicity gets questioned is on St. Patrick’s Day because people assume with my red hair, that I’m Irish. 

   If you actually KNOW me. You know I don’t have a very good filter (any? a?) on a FUCKING GOOD DAY. Which TODAY isn’t one of them.  My physical pain levels are high, in addition to lack of sleep. But then I’m feeling guilty of feeling sorry for myself, when I think of those 3 ISRAELI boys who were tragically murdered. Simply because they were Jewish. And I didn’t have the FUCKING GUTS to say that on Facebook. 

   AND I’m not violent. And if I had any predisposition to be violent such as today, which I’m STILL  not, I have a reminder that I’m ONLY 4 blocks away from the Hennepin County Government Center and the Minneapolis Police Department. I’ve managed to stay out of jail in the last 44 1/2 years that I’ve managed to stay and be ALIVE. I’m not about to accumulate anything more to record than what I accumulated in Summer of 2008 (which is in way too much detail in my 1st blog on here). Cause as an American who still managed to lose her freedom, temporarily, I ain’t going through that again. NEVER…..

  I’m also VERY open minded. SO much so, I think people think my FUCKING brains probably fell out.  I don’t take personally when people say their religious stuff. I don’t get offended when people wish me a “Merry Christmas”. I don’t throw a hissy fit if people say “Jesus is the REASON for the Season”. OR if it’s ALLAH. Or if one is an atheist.OR A Hasidic Jew. As most people assume I’ve done my fair share of sinning, no MATTER what religious beliefs they follow.  As it’s supposed to be a FREE country. And all these people in our amazing military have died for what I’m thinking is still the right to express difference in religious belief. AND I STILL BELIEVE THAT THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA IS THE GREATEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD!!!

  Now, while I do get occasionally shocked when people ask me after hearing if I’m Jewish, IF I get asked if I’m an American. IF I celebrate Thanksgiving or Independence day.  I REALLY used to think that people like that were STUPIDFUCKINGMORONS of a SPECIAL KIND. Then I realized something. They aren’t stupid. Depending on how it’s asked is how someone is evaluating , what level of the depths of HELL I’M GOING TO BURN IN FOR ETERNITY!!! (hey, if I mention my attempt to raise funds for kids with cancer, I wonder if that’ll buy me an a/c unit in there??? Have you read my first blog, I’ve ALREADY BEEN IN HELL!!!)  But hey, I’m really not looking to know anymore than what I already know and do NOT appreciate about this man, other than he volunteers and makes an ENORMOUS AMOUNT OF FUCKING STUPID ASSUMPTIONS. NOR am I looking to volunteer anymore information about myself. 

   So…Back to Mr. Jesus Assumption Lover. I quietly respond back that I’m an American, and I gently (cause remember I don’t wanna go to FUCKING jail) say that Jesus was Jewish and he responded ever so lovingly and enthusiastically (GREAT… now I’m gonna choke on my own sarcasm) “That’s EXACTLY why he’s your and I’s MESSIAH AND YOUR SALVATION!!!

   JAIL, LISA! YOU DO NOT WANT TO GO TO JAIL!!! Is my sole thought at this point. And I amazingly able to keep my focus. STAY OUT OF JAIL! DON’T GET ARRESTED! GOOD GIRL!!!  So I quietly thank him and I go home. And I  write this blog. And pray to G-d that if a blog of mine is to go VIRAL, it’s THIS ONE AND IT ENDS UP IN HIS FUCKING NEWSFEED ON FACEBOOK!!! THAT’S NOW MY GREAT AMERICAN DREAM!!! Please, Zuck, PLEASE!!! (and no, I’m still NOT that delusional)

   While I have other more noble prayers, they will be saved for another day. While I wanted to express other thoughts that were intended, they’ll have to wait for other blogs… Not looking for theological debate on here. Or to infringe on ANYONE’S religious beliefs. Just looking to rant why my own have some relevance and should be respected. Just like I respect YOUR BELIEFS… And I am relieved the FUCKING longest 5 minutes of my life is NOW over…..And I didn’t end up in jail…..

    Happy 239th Birthday, United States of America…. 



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