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Oh no, SHE didn’t!!!

Unfortunately, OH YES SHE DID!!!

I’m talking about celebrity Miley Cyrus, who I normally like and respect  as an artist and activist, went on an androphobic rant that could have potential setbacks for the LGBTQIA community, which that I won’t even address that, in this blog.

SO, I’ll just stick to the misandry and potential androphobic comments she made on social media this last weekend, on Instagram.

Actually, those comments weren’t potentially androphobic they were full of her own misandry issues and  ANDROPHOBIC!!!

It’s not my place to analyze  of WHY she would say what she did about men, on such a broad damning spectrum.

However, it IS my place, to call it out, when someone has that amount of influence, although it would be wrong even if someone had NO influence, when it  can be so harmful and wrong to any population of people, with what they say.

And it’s even worse, in our society today, where in case of  bias against men, it’s still repulsively so acceptable to do that to a man, just because they’re a man.

I’ve said in past blogs, that it’s not okay to hold all men accountable, for the repugnant behavior of some of them.

As women rape and assault  other women, as well as men, kill and emotionally and physically abuse, too.

I learned this a long time ago, when learning fully to accept LGTBQIA issues and rights, in my very  early 20’s, even though I never hated gay people or gay issues, I just had trouble understanding them.

I used to do volunteer work in a battered women’s shelter as a crisis phone line operator, which gave some time, to talk to some of the residents.

I remember one time there was a resident there, who was explaining her history, that she had been raped multiple times  from the time she was a young child to her late teens by her biological father and she got pregnant.

She wasn’t in that shelter though because of the rapist dad, she was in there because her female partner battered her.

My initial thought, being so naive at 20, was sadness that in that case, thinking how she could possibly trust anyone, with so much trauma, going forward for her.

Then I realized , hopefully she could find someone eventually, male or female to trust.

Trauma can be caused by anyone of any gender, race, religion, weight, political affiliation and of any age to anyone, depending on who they are dealing with.

It’s NOT being misogynist by point that out, that it should be completely unacceptable, to demonize any population of people.


I can’t believe in late 2019, that I, a disabled reclusive activist, has to point out that if it’s NOT okay to gender bash women (which it definitely isn’t ), it’s most certainly NOT okay, to gender bash, perpetuate dangerous myths and hate on men, just because they are men!!!

Note: Comments that aren’t constructive, will NOT be posted…


Trigger Warnings/Disclaimers: I’m an activist not a clinically trained medical or mental health professional nor am I, in any way, a credentialed law enforcement or public safety expert.

If someone is in crisis and in danger of hurting themselves or others, please seek immediate professional help or call 911.

File this blog under the 1,653,219th thing I’d rather not be talking about.

Problem is, no one else is, and the issue at hand, NEEDS stigma removed and to be discussed publicly with no stigma.

I’m in NO WAY discounting the progress that the #MeToo movement.

But it’s missing a a segment and/or population of people.

There’s what, over 3 billion women on the planet, right?

Where are the stories of men who been assaulted, abused and harassed by women?

Or women who’ve been assaulted, abused and harassed by another woman?

While it may cause a blip in the news of a female teacher assaulting (cause it’s assault if someone’s not the age of consent and if that standard applies to a male teacher with a female victim) other than Mary Kay Letourneau, who can name another female who’s been all over the news for what they did and the consequences they faced?

And if you pardon the REALLY bad pun, if Mary Kay was actually a “Mark”,  he would be vilified and there would be NO story post prison time or shock and horror that a male assailant married his female victim.

Again, I’m in no way saying that momentum that #MeToo has made,  is hindering anything, but there’s a hypocrisy and stigma that’s still in place for some bizarre reason that we aren’t talking about male and female victims of female predators, more.

If at all.

And there is a hypocrisy in place, for example, with certain female celebrities, where they say stuff about men, that if that came out of a famous man’s mouth, they would be tried and convicted in the court of social media, with major damage to their reputations at a bare minimum or their careers would be over and it isn’t the same for females who do the equivalent of that.

It doesn’t hinder in any way, of just saying, all victims have a right to have their stories told, regardless of the gender and/or sexual identification of the assailant.

We can’t have a certain set of standards for young boys and men, that aren’t the same for young girls and women, to follow.

Because it’s not fair and it’s horribly hurtful to discount, if not diminish a person’s story because we don’t want to think that women in some cases are not the victims in these cases, but they actually are the  perpetrators.

#MeToo has to be inclusive of every victim of sexual assault, abuse and harassment, for it to maximize its potential to prevent assault, abuse and harassment, and for those who are victims, to be able to heal.

Note: I’m open to constructive criticism or dialogue, I’m not open for nasty comments. I get that I’m a “unique” kind of advocate, as well as a mother. I make no apologies as far as my being a mother, of saying and believing , if I’m going to have a certain standard for how you treat my daughter, that same standard also better be applied to how you treat my son.

So if you don’t have anything kind or constructive to say, please don’t say anything at all…

Enough with the male bashing, already!!!!

I’ve been wanting to write a blog about the misandry if not the androphobic sentiments that I see on a daily basis, on the internet.

What I try to do when it comes to size acceptance is to make it clear, that you don’t have to put down one body type, to help gain acceptance for another.

I don’t know why doing something to bring up reverse sexism , as it applies to men, people accuse me of not only of not being a feminist but actually  being misogynist.

Here’s the pic that’s gone viral, apparently it was a picture shared on Dr. Laura Schlessinger’s Facebook page, awhile ago, but I’ve seen the same picture, in my newsfeed on Facebook, no less than a dozen times in the last 24 hours, which is finally getting me to write this blog. Because I’ve had enough of the misandry, if not androphobia that I see on a daily basis.


Can you imagine the media shitstorm, if this was in reverse and said  “A man can’t change a woman, because he loves her, a woman changes herself for a man because she loves him”???

Or how about this lil gem that keeps going viral???


Can you imagine the backlash against men, if they posted a version of a stereotype that led to violence toward a woman???

I understand that there’s still a glass ceiling when it comes to pay. I understand the horrific statistics of male perpetuated violence against women.

However men can be victimized violently by a woman. You can’t hold every male on the planet, responsible, for the horrible things that only SOME men do. We can’t keep talking about reducing violence, without acknowledging that we don’t have a safe society for a male, young and old, or even a female, who’s been victimized by another female to get support and/or taken seriously.

I was having a conversation with my son (he’s almost 23), about a month ago about dating. He’s finding that it’s REALLY confusing to date. And I can’t blame him, for having that confusion, that other men have told me about, as well. One young lady he was talking to, got mad at him because he didn’t say anything complimentary about her looks, enough. Well that’s because the last young lady he had been chatting with, he gave her compliment and she went ballistic in saying she wasn’t just a piece of ass.

I honestly couldn’t tell him what to do or even what to say. I said, some, if not most  women want the compliments about their appearance, with acknowledgement and/or compliments about their personality and or intelligence. But it varies drastically depending with women, even if he’s dealing with ONLY one female.That it’s possible one day she’ll get pissed if he doesn’t compliment her enough, the next day, she’ll be pissed if he compliments her at all.

Unfortunately, that’s not a misogynist comment that I made to him. It’s a fact. As much as we can see, in the digital era when people are blogging about bad dates with men who are jerks, most men who are considered nice guys,  can’t say anything about a bad date, that’s if they can get one,  because they will look like a sexist pig. Even if they don’t or wouldn’t  say anything negative about a woman due to appearance and/or weight, they are in a no win situation.

As bad of crap I’ve had to hear about myself, as far as looks and my weight from men, I’ve had 10 times more appearance hating on me, from a female. I see female bashing other females, ALL THE TIME on social media.

The stereotyping and reverse sexism, needs to stop. And we need to acknowledge that we are living in a society that continues to send mixed messages to everyone. And we finally need to have a dialogue about the misandry and androphobia, that’s out there.

Bringing this up doesn’t make any less of a feminist.

What it does make me, is a concerned human rights activist/advocate. Who believes in true gender equality.

Note: Again…. Any comments that are respectful, will be posted. Any comments that are triggering to any population of people, will not be posted.


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