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What #BillMaher last night’s #RealTime got right, but was so terribly wrong initially and it needs to be addressed #election2020

Important Disclaimers: I am not a clinically trained medical or mental health professional nor do I have any training in public safety.

My normal disclaimers are, if you or someone you know is in danger of hurting oneself or others, please contact emergency services, immediately.

As it applies to this blog and as someone who’s taken issue with Bill Maher’s fat bigotry in other blogs, while I don’t think anything I say will make it on his radar, I should disclose in addition to not being a clinically trained professional, if somehow this blog would reach him somehow, I’m sure he’d have a field day of pointing out my flaws as a poor, fat, ugly and old disabled writer.

Which I give ZERO fucks about what anyone thinks of me, truthfully about anyone who fat or appearance shames anyone or myself, as it says more about a bully than who they choose to pick on.

But, given the one thing we have in common as far a concerns of violence increasing after the election, a hope for a country that can learn how to agree to disagree with no more violence and the hypocrisy shown on both sides as it applies to law breaking, maybe he or others of like mind, can give me a pass on my syntax and my not being aesthetically pleasing , as again just trying to save lives, prevent unnecessary totally preventable human physical and emotional trauma and tremendous burdens on essential resources on here when I can, so I can’t really be bothered if you don’t like what I look like.

Even though I guess I could try harder to limit paragraphs to no more than 100 sentences.


I needed a break early this morning as I’ve been working on a blog for weeks and while when still trying work on it earlier this morning, decided to go on You Tube, for a break, where when seeing seeing suggested videos, topics that I have been working on, ended up being addressed on Bill Maher’s show late last night.

Should one choose to view the the clip, I’m going to work backwards in addressing what I agree with him and the one thing he said that was so horribly not funny on a topic that for years couldn’t be funny given how violent society has become.

Lastly, (again I’m working backwards as topics were addressed) should we as a country try to find a way to agree to disagree, peacefully?

Of course, absolutely.

I keep saying that as an activist blogger, why isn’t anyone listening to me????

Oh, maybe due to that pesky fact I’m a recluse who looks like the love child of Bride of Chucky and Jabba the Hutt and nor do I have a t.v. show on HBO.

Keeping going…. Is there a ton of hypocrisy in life and death matters, as well as crime as it applies to people who lean politically on the left?

As well on the right?

Yep, Bill be right again.

Which, sadly if there’s any kind of shared personal traits that are inherently bad and hypocritical , that is of both liberals and conservatives being so quick to call out criminal behavior of the other party and not owning when one party is so quick to embrace criminal behavior of their own peers, which Bill called out perfectly.

However, his opening lines to this segment were HORRIBLE.

New Rule: Bill Maher is probably not a good person to do any kind of activism when it comes to brining people together given how dismissive he is of certain populations of people.

Trying to make a joke of opposites sides uniting by using hating one’s family when there’s been such an increase in domestic murder and suicides which are always tragic but in a lot of instances in the last week alone, there has been several domestic murder/suicides, as well as the many years I’ve been blogging about domestic murder/suicides they’ve involved tragically, the murdering of children by a parent or guardian.

I don’t believe in cancel culture, when it comes to shock comedians and I don’t think Bill Maher as hurtful as he can be, should be censored, but that doesn’t mean he shouldn’t be criticized.

Such as when he’s been in the past with his fat bigotry to quote James Corden, I just think “instead of worrying about what others put in their mouth, he should be more careful on what comes out of his mouth” is all I’m trying to say.

It’s just too bad that he had to somehow fuck up a plea for peace at the expense that had to involve joking about something that leads to domestic violence which he wasn’t per se advocating domestic violence, but that’s usually the outcome in many cases when families hate on each other and that has just increased and intensified in 2020 between the election and the pandemic.

Perhaps, he’d be better served as well as his audiences, if he picked up a paper once in awhile , instead of just rolling them.

Important Note: Again, as horrified as I was about his initial comments, I still was able to admit where he and I do agree and that is about our country needing to learn how to respectfully disagree without death threats, assaults, actual death and damage to property.

So, any kind of death comments directed to me will be reported and any hateful comments about Bill Maher will be NOT tolerated on here, either .

A factor that may be playing into domestic murder/suicides that we aren’t talking about but maybe we should be…


IMPORTANT DISCLAIMERS: I am NOT a clinically trained medical or mental health professional, nor am I trained in matters of law enforcement or public safety.

IF you or someone you know is in danger of hurting themselves or others, please get professional help in appropriate facility or contact emergency services, right away.

Important Trigger Warnings: While past blogs of mine, as a non clinically trained professional have talked about what can play into murder/suicides or mass killings with rejection, rage and the need for revenge to be a factor.

While all of these are tragedies, sometimes the catalyst for these tragedies, make no sense when the murderer has NO prior history of being violent or violent mental health issues, addiction, etc.

If discussion of this topic, especially that might be an unusual one take on what could be a factor that has not been discussed yet, could possibly be a trigger to someone, please don’t read. Thanks!!!…


I haven’t been blogging lately, well I’ve just started, but haven’t published anything and while those blogs could help this particular issue, in my case of wanting as a an activist to talk about what can be done to prevent domestic murder/suicides but being limited on what I can do, other than write about it, I saw this article in People that’s linked above.

I have a great obligation, that while NO ONE asked me to take on, to be super sensitive that I do no additional psychic harm when talking these topics both to the survivors and the public and  I don’t have the training or qualifications that anything I should say should be of influence, maybe it’s worth saying though, on the off chance I could actually be right in thinking what the catalyst of some of these tragedies had foundation in, and what if, anything, that could’ve been done that might have been able to prevent them.

While, there’s so much in the news everyday of domestic murder suicide that I’ve talked about that DO have foundation in rejection, rage and the need of revenge, as terrifying as that is to talk about when they may be a factors when a family member murders their loved ones, there is other factors that need to be discussed.

Like LOVE.

BUT,  of and in the most wrong and misguided sense of the word, love.

If you read the above link about a father, who seemed like a LOVING father and husband, where the surviving family had no idea there wasn’t any trouble, maybe the only trouble that was tragically brewing was an unrecognized dangerous dysfunctional mindset of that father, thinking in some way  as tragically misguided as this could be and was, that maybe that him thinking it was an act of love and protection, as we do live in a scary world and in a world of 24/7 constant bombardment in all forms of media of how scary and cold this world can appear at times to some of us, if not all of us, at one time or another.

Which obviously doesn’t mean, a feeling of being unsafe is going to be a mortal threat to everyone, but we have to at least think about the fact it could very well be to some.

The blogs that I made mention that I’m still working on and would’ve wished to have finished them, before starting this one have foundations in hope, pain and future and what it’s like personally if one is devoid of hope for themselves but not necessarily for their loved ones or the entire world.

And where it bears mentioning in a blog of this nature, is the difference between someone dying of suicide and/or acting in a self destructive way not realizing they are hurting the ones they love the most, especially when they die but of those other than themselves they have left behind.

We have to at least think, talk and figure out without stigma, how as a society the intentions behind these tragic murder/suicides what their catalyst was and if we don’t take into consideration that some of them are not rooted in rejection, rage and the need of revenge, but out of a tragically misguided sense of love or what someone who’s capable of these tragedies thinks is love, we might have chance in possibly preventing future tragedies of this nature.

Important final notes: I did not omit suicide prevention resources, as an oversight, as vitally important and life saving as they are both when murder/suicides have a foundation in rage or the instances I brought up. I do believe, if you read top above link, that bringing up what I said in response to the link and talk socially among peers without stigma to educate that love doesn’t bring fatal harm and those who are in crisis to themselves, their loved ones and they are not being able to see that and are in danger of killing themselves and others, might help, including expanded existing initiatives and new ones.

Constructive feedback ONLY, please. Thanks!!!

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