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The Biggest Train Wreck???

   I haven’t blogged lately. I’ve been out of sorts and so has my laptop.

   It happened to be also, I’ve felt overexposed on social media. While I believe in the activism and advocacy I do, not everyone closest to me agrees with it. It took me though 3 years to get up the courage to launch it, and I’ve gotten A LOT of feedback that’s positive from people of going public with things that are stigmatized and carry a lot of shame. 

  It also happens to be that lately, I’ve been getting messages, Facebook friend requests and messages in my private email regarding my gastric bypass complications and my gastric bypass reversal (which I’m probably going to do another blog, specific to that, soon).  I decided to use a search engine with my Word Press name, to find out if that was the origin of all these new inquiries. Earlier this afternoon.

 You can only imagine my horror, when I found my blog that I wrote in 10-2013, called “Haunted/You’ve Got Time”, copied on a blog site called biggesttrainwrecks dot com. I’m not giving them any hits, although I’ll link my blog that was reposted there without my permission, below. 

 Actually, no one really can imagine our own individual nightmares. So you really can’t imagine my horror.  I don’t have the worst life. I’m not the sickest person on the planet, nor am I the worst mother in the world. I say what I say in that blogs and in others, in hopes to help people when it comes to medical, mental health and cognitive disabilities and what I do as far as the weight loss surgery community and size acceptance is to give topics a voice, that no one wants to talk about. While I’ve been through extraordinary painful and humiliating things, my hopes is if I talk about them, others will, too. 

  And they have entrusted their most painful secrets to me and gotten help. It won’t change the past for myself or my children, however it can help others, going forward. 

  Whoever thought it would be funny though to expose a really badly written blog that was horribly painful to write, by a disabled blogger, I hope you got a good laugh. You may think I’m one of the internet’s “biggest trainwrecks”, but anyone who gets pleasure out of people’s pain, is the biggest bully. That should carry more shame then anything I ever did or wrote about. As I never intentionally did anything to cause anyone any pain. Let alone try to profit from others pain…. That still isn’t going to deter me of telling my truths and make it easier for others to share theirs.

   Shame on you, though…..

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