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Mappy Hannumas? Herry Chrismanukkah? OH NO!!!

So I don’t know what’s more disconcerting….

That I’m blogging when bored out of my mind….

OR that boredom led me to find out that the 1st night of Hanukkah falls on Christmas Eve this year (thanks Google!!!)…

Now if you think my cognitive disabilities did a number on my English, it really did a number on my Hebrew and the little that I recall about Judiasm, period.

But I still remember a few years ago, writing about the whole Thanksgivikah situation on social media. So I thought I’d get a head start on blogging about any potential issues that this could (like really NEVER) present this December.

And I’m not really worried about this, to tell you the truth. I’m kinda REALLY worried about the 2016 Presidential election. And that’s really too scary for my lil feeble mind to have to keep worrying about, so I’ll make whole potential Chrismanukkah situation an issue for me, and if you’d like to borrow it, as an issue, you’re welcome.

So here’s the SIX  potential problems that we/you could be facing this Hanumas/Chrismanukkah:

6. Making sure you don’t mix up the Hanukkah/Christmas wrapping when wrapping presents this year.

5. Same with the holiday cards, unless you already send just “Happy Holidays” cards.

4. The time constraints if you’re a multi-cultural family of having to go to a BAZILLION Hanukkah/Christmas/New Year’s Eve celebrations, it’s not like you aren’t busy enough, right?

3. Trying to explain to your spouse’s 88 year old great aunt from Watertown, SD who Adam Sandler is, when you have 2 Hanukkah based songs (basically there’s that and the dreidel song, us Jews don’t have a lot to choose from) and if one of them is Adam Sandler’s Hanukkah Song is one of them, that it’s kind of in jest, on your playlist, compared to the other 92,361 CHRISTMAS songs on your play list, this Christmas Eve.

2. Of trying to be creative in the kitchen in coming up with something that merges both holidays together. A bouche de noel made out of potato latkes? I don’t think so. That would be right behind fruitcake, as a detestable holiday food.

1. Last but not least in multi-cultural celebrated holidays homes. While you’ll have to decide how you want to separate presents, etc. One thing that doesn’t belong under a Christmas tree? A lighted menorah. Don’t need to include the fire department on your list of people visiting your house this Christmas Eve.

Last but not least, don’t forget Kwanzaa on December 26th.

And if someone comes up with a Yarmistletoe (something I just invented), I wanna cut of the profits, if you actually sell one.

So someone tell Veronica, it will soon be Chrismanukkah…..

Note: There are a few things to be mad, sad and afraid of, in the next few months… This blog not be one of them. Any 88 year old great aunts from Watertown, SD who are Adam Sandler fans and love the Hanukkah Song, I DO  apologize for potentially insulting you or hurting your feelings.

When our musical “Dove” died/Reflecting on Prince’s death, 6 months later…


(above photo credit: Me, which I didn’t realize I could actually prove, until I found the pic and put in this blog, taken 6 weeks prior to Prince’s death @ Electric Fetus in Minneapolis)

And many thanks to Target. As their corporate headquarter’s LED light show reminded me, that I need to do this, as it was purple last night, I’m thinking given that today, it’s been exactly 6 months since Prince died.

And I finally need to say something via my blog.

I wanted to write a blog when Prince died. I, like millions of others were greatly saddened and felt a great loss.

It’s actually a good thing I didn’t write anything. Because I would’ve bet ANYTHING, that his death could’ve   NOT been drug related. And I was so angry regarding the global phenomenon that became of his death, because not unlike Robin Williams’s death which I’ve blogged about, because of the constant speculation and constant global chatter about it, online and off.

There’s something that Prince, Robin Williams and I have/had in common.

We all are/were extraordinarily PRIVATE people.

But I have the benefit and luxury of anonymity in having privacy in all aspects of my life, not being a celebrity or a genius in the performing arts.

As far as Prince is concerned, I loved quite a bit of his music. I thought it was awesome that he considered Minnesota home.

I honestly don’t mean to offend anyone with what I’m about to say. As I have people in my life who knew of Prince, personally. I have people in my life who’ve done what many thousands of others have done, to connect in mourning his death. Going to Paisley Park, posting tributes online and offline for him.

But on the off chance, others who might feel like I do, I’m going to say what I have been feeling.


But I guess as a lawyer said in a local paper, no one is entitled to privacy, after their death.

You want to honor the extraordinary gift that he was to us as a man or musician?

Great… Don’t infringe on how felt about  his copyrighted work. Try to get behind one of many of  causes that he felt passionately about. Refuse to endorse in any way, anything that does not respect for what you know of what he believed in. Especially when it comes to his privacy which he treasured almost as much as the music that he gave us. Don’t act in a manner, as far as he was concerned, that you couldn’t defend to him, if he was still alive.

It’s NOT anything honoring him, as the exploitation of Prince, in principle and for profit,that has happened of Prince, in his death and after it. It’s AWFUL and it needs to STOP…….


Note: As a reminder I’m a disabled blogger. My blog while not a dictatorship is not a democracy. I do encourage dialogue or respectful disagreements of opinions. I will not post any comments that are triggering to me, or another. I respect and don’t cause hurt on other people’s spaces in the internet, when I disagree, and I hope you’ll show me the same courtesy. Thanks!!!!

What happened to Kim Kardashian West in Paris and the fallout is NOT OKAY!!!

I really did not want to have to write another Kardashian blog. I’ve made no bones in the past while I’m so NOT KarJenner/Kanye West fan, I’ve admired their business saavy and and as it applies to Kim, I’ve thought she’s an amazing business woman, where  I didn’t love the slut shaming and fat shaming she’s been subjected to in the past.

I’m nothing less than horrified about all the hate that’s been thrown Kim Kardashian West’s way, since she was robbed at GUNPOINT in Paris, a few days ago.

That’s not okay. It’s re-victimizing a victim, so shortly after something that was a horribly traumatic event, that could’ve ended in a true tragedy. She shouldn’t be blaming herself and NO ONE else should be blaming her, either.

I couldn’t care less, if she was walking around in nothing but diamonds, half naked with  a skimpy dress made out of $100 bills, Snapchatting everything she does, she DID NOT deserve what happened to her. And being a brilliant businesswoman that she is (um, cause like no one who didn’t inherit a 150 million dollars becomes WORTH that, by being stupid) it’s her perogative to make money how she sees fit and spend it that way.

IF there wasn’t a demand to know of every move she makes and everything she does, as well as the rest of the family, there wouldn’t be a supply.

And my answer would be ABSOLUTELY NOT, I don’t think that the actual crime was anything perpetuated with her knowledge or consent or anyone who’s she’s affiliated with or cares about. I don’t think she’d stoop that low. I think it was a calculated move on professional criminals, to make a lot of money on her diamonds, which is DISGUSTING.

And at this point in time, if she’d leave social media, completely, she still would have paparazzi AND haters following every move she makes.

In this social media era we live in and some of the psychopathic and/or sociopathic behavior that it’s created, it’s bad enough that a gang of potentially violent criminals thought it was okay to rob her.

It’s another thing to have to see such a hateful society horrifically thinking that she deserved it.

Which I find equally horrifying and despicable.

My firstborn happens to be a HUGE Kanye West fan (see how that works, even if his mother is NOT (although truth be told, I did have a small crush on Kanye, in 2005/2006 right after Gold Digger which I do actually like the song, I know, I know, I suck as an activist and I’m digressing)  BUT, I don’t tell him who he should listen to and not listen to and he doesn’t tell me what to like  and what and WHO  not to blog about!!!

My son has spent a lot of  his own hard worked for money on Yeezy stuff, including a ticket to Kanye’s concert next week in St. Paul, as a birthday present to himself. My son’s perogative.  He enjoys Kanye’s music, Kanye as an artist and his shoes and how he spends the money he works for, is his OWN damn business.

I can only do and say what I feel is right. I don’t feel bad about my previous blogs, which even at my most strongest worded blogs about not having a great love for the KarJenners, I never wished them bad or harm. I, at best, just really hoped that we could live in a society that didn’t have to hear about them every second of every day, which I do resent.

And as I’ve said in past blogs, they don’t deserve to have to be worried about being harmed in any way.

While I seriously doubt that any KarJenner will see this, if I could have the means to tell Kim Kardashian West, I’d tell her I’m really sorry she was so violently victimized like this. That it wasn’t her fault. That she shouldn’t have to change who she is or what she does, to not have to worry about such a horrific thing happening to her or any member of her family.  That I do only hope she and her family increases security, which they are doing, because what happened to her in Paris, could happen to her ANYWHERE or ANYTIME, given the awful for the most part society we live in, nowadays. She’s certainly NOT the first wealthy celebrity to show off her expensive possessions.

Unfortunately, what happened to Kim Kardashian West,  could also happen to ANY ONE OF US, even a poor person like me. I could check in at Taco Bell on Facebook, with my recent purchase of a $7.99 Betsy Johnson purse I got at Goodwill on my person. And some low life could think it’s okay to assault me or rob me of that purse. Whether they are hater who follows me on social media. Or they just saw me and felt the need to victimize me.

Or someone else not in the public eye could post a cute picture of their baby on social media and someone kidnap it. Neither this scenario or the one I posted above would be OK. It would be horrible and worthy of compassion and understanding. NOT HATE

And what terrifyingly happened to Kim Kardashian West, is worthy of compassion, too.

Note: I will NOT post any comments that support a victim shaming mentality. Whether it’s about Kim Kardashian West, her husband and/or the rest of her family or you want to call me out on my past blogs, mocking them, but reiterating that it’s not okay to hate, victim shame or harm them.

Also, if you’re a social media bud that I like, but don’t agree with me, please have enough respect to respectfully agree to disagree and not comment. Thanks!!!

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