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What the #NRA , #PresidentTrump and #MitchMcConnell can to do to help make America safer without backing down on anything regarding their personal beliefs on gun control…

Important Disclaimers: I am not a clinically trained medical or mental health professional, nor do I have any training in law enforcement and/or public safety.

If you or someone you know is at risk of hurting, if not killing themselves or others, please contact emergency services, immediately.

As scared as I am to write this blog, I’m more scared NOT to say anything or do anything.

This last holiday weekend was awful in tragedies that might have been preventable, in this case I’m talking about the shootings in Texas, Alabama and on Monday in Texas when a group of older teens pulled a gun on Popeye employees because they were out of chicken sandwiches.

I’m all for universal backround checks.

I also believe there should be a law requiring backround checks at private gun shows, and not only that, but  when it comes to any private gun sale.

I can’t though believe that will stop all gun violence and a lot of these massacres.

I also don’t believe in demonizing non violent mentally ill people as a scapegoat as that’s not going to make people safer, either.

Just like demonizing 2nd amendment advocates and NRA members who are responsible gun owners doesn’t make us any safer.

As an activist/blogger for violent crime prevention, on a local, national and global scale, what I’ve noticed at least in my local research is an escalation of violence, where it could’ve been predicted some of the domestic homicide/suicides and law enforcement murders.

While I think our President, the senate Majority leader and the NRA could do immediately is not only denounce the horrific gun massacres and gun related injuries and murders by at least denouncing the murderers themselves and instead of putting the emphasis on mental illness, put it on the past violent evil coward’s criminal history that quite a few of these people had.

What’s not being talked about and it’s shocking, as while any murder from a massacre is a tragedy, in case what happened in the 2 massacres in Texas last month, people who were Trump supporters and 2nd amendment defenders were also brutally murdered.

The vile evil cowards, even in the case of El Paso, didn’t take into consideration that they shot at and had killed Trump voters and 2nd amendment believers and the Dayton shooter, just shot as many people as possible, with no regard of race, gender, politically affiliation, 2nd amendment beliefs or age of the victims.

At at a bare minimum, we owe it to the victims and their families to stigmatize without giving attention to those who commit these atrocities and to make it clear with initiatives for prevention by bringing up not only will they cause horrific irrevocable harm not just on the family and friends of the victims which clearly they don’t care about  but of their own loved ones who do love them and would never think for a second to hurt another human being.

If something like that could at least be looked into with initiatives, for prevention, evaluation, treatment and a database that observes and flags recent factors of people with a past violent criminal history that haven’t shown signs of being rehabilitated when they have multiple violent criminal histories, could maybe do something to reduce these massacres.

Again, I’m not trying to hurt those who’ve lost loved ones due to gun violence, but I honestly can’t believe that if someone can’t obtain a gun legally, they won’t steal guns or weaponize something else to commit mass murder.

And while thoughts and prayers don’t do anything to try and reduce these tragedies, neither is all the fighting about gun control which only at best could potentially reduce the primary weapon of choice in some  of these massacres, but tragically it doesn’t reduce the desire to kill in violent mentally deranged evil cowards who will most likely kill regardless of being able to access firearms.

Note: I’m all for differences of opinions when shared respectfully. Anything not shared respectfully or any type of threat made against me , someone who’s a passionate non monetized violent crime blogger and activist will be reported immediately to the proper law enforcement agency/agencies.

An Open Letter To The #NRA


Dear Heads of the NRA,


I kinda get your position to an extent, your responsibility as you think, is to protect the 2nd amendment.

I, as an activist and human, would  personally would never own a gun.

I have many people I love who do own guns and are responsible gun owners and I trust them, not only with my life, but lives of those I love the most.

This is what I’m failing to get about the NRA…

You can protect the 2nd amendment and still condemn those who commit evil acts of violence used with guns, by at least condemning the murderers.

2 days ago, when a shooter entered an Oklahoma City restaurant, he was taken down by 2 people who were armed and the NRA responded this way :

“Just another example of how the best way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun”.

That would be great and applicable if we were still in the 1940’s.

Unfortunately, being in the 2010s and so many tragedies that involved multiple fatalities, with bad guys with guns, that doesn’t hold true, any longer.

And while no one died last Thursday, those good guys with a gun, while maybe preventing fatalities, didn’t prevent people getting shot.

I’m not taking away the good they may/or actually have done, by killing the shooter before he could shoot more victims.

Most people have to have driver’s education to legally drive a car.

If a wealthy person who decided to drive, even sober, got behind the wheel with no education whatsoever about driving, got into a vehicle, killed one of your loved ones, you wouldn’t sue the driver, civilly as well as expect criminal charges?

There are warning items on things that could be abused or that could accidentally kill someone, even in the most innocent circumstances, such as alcohol or medications.

If you can’t get behind sensible gun laws, you can at least condemn evil usage of guns, at a bare minimum.

And NOT attack those who are afraid of their loved ones dying from gun violence and ESPECIALLY  not attack those who lost loved ones in the gun massacres, such as the Parkland students or other newly minted gun control activists who’ve had to witness or lose loved ones and friends from a gun massacre.

Defending the 2nd amendment and denouncing horrific violence that is used by evil people with a gun, doesn’t have to be an either/or situation.

Not only that, it could save lives with no financial or loss to your organizations credibility, by at least condemning these horrific atrocities.

And for those who believe similar to what I’m asking of you, I do mention as an activist about massacres that involve other weapons or non weapons, weaponized (i.e. cars and planes) to kill as many people as possible and that discussion which is badly needed, would be easier to have, if the NRA would at least DO or SAY something denouncing those who massacre with a gun.

Respectfully, Lisa

p.s. If I’m missing something about seeing absolutely NO need for civilians to have automatic weapons and you aren’t willing to do anything about that, how much is the NRA giving up or giving in, if they educate on the right way (if there is one) to use a bump stock for their users and if they can’t, then at least give consideration on supporting the ban of them?

p.s.s. And if it’s not too much to ask, in addition to condemning gun violence by evil people, how about education and highlighting what you hope for with your members, that they use guns safe and in a responsible manner, whether it be to keep themselves and loved ones safe or for recreation, whether it be target practice and/or hunting (don’t even start with me PETA peeps, K? You do animals, I do humans, thanks).

Editorial Note: I apologize and edit that I did prior to publication in my 12th paragraph, didn’t take place and while updated completely skewed in the original published form of this blog , as my intent, which was that those patrons who did kill that shooter at the OKC restaurant, probably did prevent more people being shot and/or possibly killed.

What the NRA can do IMMEDIATELY to make people SAFER…


Disclaimers: I’m not a clinically trained professional in any matters. I’m an activist who just puts her opinions into the digital universe, in hopes that it possibly helps save lives. I’m NOT looking to debate the 2nd amendment nor antagonize grieving communities due to loss of innocent lives due to horrific gun violence.

I’m just trying to wrack my feeble brain, for a solution where people can meet in the middle, to try to find solutions to end all these horrific tragedies that are becoming a horrifying daily reality in our American lives, that’s all.

IF I could ask the head of the CEO of the NRA, a few questions about a few scenarios, this is what I’d ask:

You have a young loved one who dies from anaphylactic shock, because they have a peanut allergy and a product that was cross contaminated accidentally, without warning and that loved one, dies.


You have a loved one who is killed in a car accident because a bar overserves a person too much alcohol, who gets behind the wheel, super drunk and ends up killing your loved one and/or multiple people and innocent people die.

Would you (i.e. the head of the NRA or any of its members) NOT take any action, whatsoever, in those circumstances???

I highly doubt it.

All I’m saying, is that when people sell and/or endorse strongly  a service or manfacture a product they should have an ethical commitment to making sure that product is being used as safe as possible.

ESPECIALLY when it comes to selling weapons and the general public.

I would NEVER own a gun, but I know and respect a lot of people who are proud card carrying members of the NRA.

Who’s judgement I trust enormously, without question or concern.

Instead of being defensive towards grieving communities who’ve lost their loved ones, maybe the NRA could educate more effectively the right way to be a responsible gun owner.

BECAUSE, when a product is being used to kill innocent people EVERYDAY, when innocent others are just going about their daily lives by people who are NOT in control of their lives or their mental fitness, or the product being used to kill, the NRA at this point can continue to double down on their right to own guns and blame the indvidual user.

OR maybe, the NRA could try educating users on responible gun ownership, because the NRA finally thinks of  innocent kids and/or teachers in a school being shot to death, and finally realize that could be their kid or loved one.

Or it could be their innocent loved one who goes to work or a movie and never comes back, due to gun violence.

It’s super easy to do, when the NRA has some  strong honest respected people, across partisan lines, who are responsible proud gun owners who could do PSAs encouraging responsible and ethical gun ownership.

And maybe if the NRA tried that, as well as denouncing those who do NOT use any kind of firearm responsibly, whether it’s a planned mass shooting or a heat of the moment domestic murder/suicide that could possibly save many innocent human lives.

And in maybe doing some kind of education in ethical responsible gun ownership, sponsored by the NRA, both within their communities and outside of them, instead of antagonizing grief stricken communities, we ALL can finally find some common ground to try and prevent all these horrific tragedies, from happening on a daily basis.

I’m NOT asking much, if you really think about it.

And if the NRA won’t bother at a bare minimum, with endorsing comprehensive responsible gun ownership education, then vote in state and federal legislators who WILL.

Note: Naive as blog may be, I’m trying to find some common ground solutions to these tragedies. Constructive dialogue, welcomed. No hate, please.

As I make absolutely NO APOLOGIES, when worrying about the rights to a safe life of a 2nd or 11th grader and/or an innocent adult versus people like mass murderers or  soverign citizens.

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