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What the #NRA , #PresidentTrump and #MitchMcConnell can to do to help make America safer without backing down on anything regarding their personal beliefs on gun control…

Important Disclaimers: I am not a clinically trained medical or mental health professional, nor do I have any training in law enforcement and/or public safety.

If you or someone you know is at risk of hurting, if not killing themselves or others, please contact emergency services, immediately.

As scared as I am to write this blog, I’m more scared NOT to say anything or do anything.

This last holiday weekend was awful in tragedies that might have been preventable, in this case I’m talking about the shootings in Texas, Alabama and on Monday in Texas when a group of older teens pulled a gun on Popeye employees because they were out of chicken sandwiches.

I’m all for universal backround checks.

I also believe there should be a law requiring backround checks at private gun shows, and not only that, but  when it comes to any private gun sale.

I can’t though believe that will stop all gun violence and a lot of these massacres.

I also don’t believe in demonizing non violent mentally ill people as a scapegoat as that’s not going to make people safer, either.

Just like demonizing 2nd amendment advocates and NRA members who are responsible gun owners doesn’t make us any safer.

As an activist/blogger for violent crime prevention, on a local, national and global scale, what I’ve noticed at least in my local research is an escalation of violence, where it could’ve been predicted some of the domestic homicide/suicides and law enforcement murders.

While I think our President, the senate Majority leader and the NRA could do immediately is not only denounce the horrific gun massacres and gun related injuries and murders by at least denouncing the murderers themselves and instead of putting the emphasis on mental illness, put it on the past violent evil coward’s criminal history that quite a few of these people had.

What’s not being talked about and it’s shocking, as while any murder from a massacre is a tragedy, in case what happened in the 2 massacres in Texas last month, people who were Trump supporters and 2nd amendment defenders were also brutally murdered.

The vile evil cowards, even in the case of El Paso, didn’t take into consideration that they shot at and had killed Trump voters and 2nd amendment believers and the Dayton shooter, just shot as many people as possible, with no regard of race, gender, politically affiliation, 2nd amendment beliefs or age of the victims.

At at a bare minimum, we owe it to the victims and their families to stigmatize without giving attention to those who commit these atrocities and to make it clear with initiatives for prevention by bringing up not only will they cause horrific irrevocable harm not just on the family and friends of the victims which clearly they don’t care about  but of their own loved ones who do love them and would never think for a second to hurt another human being.

If something like that could at least be looked into with initiatives, for prevention, evaluation, treatment and a database that observes and flags recent factors of people with a past violent criminal history that haven’t shown signs of being rehabilitated when they have multiple violent criminal histories, could maybe do something to reduce these massacres.

Again, I’m not trying to hurt those who’ve lost loved ones due to gun violence, but I honestly can’t believe that if someone can’t obtain a gun legally, they won’t steal guns or weaponize something else to commit mass murder.

And while thoughts and prayers don’t do anything to try and reduce these tragedies, neither is all the fighting about gun control which only at best could potentially reduce the primary weapon of choice in some  of these massacres, but tragically it doesn’t reduce the desire to kill in violent mentally deranged evil cowards who will most likely kill regardless of being able to access firearms.

Note: I’m all for differences of opinions when shared respectfully. Anything not shared respectfully or any type of threat made against me , someone who’s a passionate non monetized violent crime blogger and activist will be reported immediately to the proper law enforcement agency/agencies.

Women are NOT who they are MARRIED to…

Nor should women be defined, demeaned and discriminated against because of who they are married to.

Not that anybody should be, with exception that I’ll explain in more detail, in my next blog regarding rape, sexual harassment and Harvey Weinstein. And the aftermath of his actions and the public and media response to that.

In this blog, I’m concentrating on as it applies to politics and feminism, as this is specifically about Hillary Clinton and our First Lady Melania Trump.

While the former being someone I voted for President and wished everyday since the election that she WAS President of the United States, since the election last year, I can’t not include the sadness I feel for how badly our First Lady Melania Trump is treated.

I’m pretty sure neither Hillary Clinton nor our First Lady will ever ever read this blog.

Nor do I think they would necessarily care about what poor disabled blogger in Minneapolis has to think, but I’m going to still say what I have to say and there is multiple reasons WHY.

Feminism should not be a political issue. It is, I get the multi-faceted complex reasons WHY it is.

Even if I believe it’s wrong.

I guess this is the time to both post disclaimers and major personal opinions I carry, as it applies to Hillary Clinton and Melania Trump’s HUSBANDS:

1. I like Bill Clinton. I don’t agree with everything he’s ever done both personally and professionally and combination, there of.

2. I cannot say the same thing about President Donald Trump. I come from a conservative Republican household and I was a Republican before my oldest (who turns 25, tomorrow!!!) was born. I was a young hardworking single woman who paid a ton of money in taxes for someone who didn’t make a ton of money, I’d ignorantly resented any type of welfare system, until Karma kicked in, I got laid off from my job, 2 weeks before my oldest was born and found myself in NEED of that welfare system. For like things like formula for my baby.

But I’ve never liked Donald Trump. As a born in Brooklyn  but raised in Minnesota person, I appreciate blunt honesty. I don’t appreciate selective honesty. I don’t believe in people making money in a dishonest way, at the expense of others. Donald Trump as a businessman,  one can’t really take too personally, though.

He’s screwed over both poor people and rich people, before he became our president and he just can now do this on a global scale, with much more resources to hurt people, than just power and money that comes from being a real estate mogul who’s had television shows.

He doesn’t care about anyone except himself, that’s always been his agenda. Not his family, his employees, the country, it’s just him in his thoughts and now 24/7 in the media.

With that being said, as far as Hillary Clinton is concerned, do I think that white women,  used some kind of rationale to vote against their conscience not being able to differentiate the type of human beings that Bill Clinton and Donald Trump are?


Do I think though that it’s unfair that First Lady Melania Trump is made a target of outrage based upon the words and actions of her husband?


It’s no one’s business why people get married (I’m talking about consensual relationships), let alone why they stay in their marriages.


But the kind of misogynist hate that’s being thrown before Hillary Clinton and First Lady Melania Trump is a feminist issue.

That people made political. IF someone’s hates Hillary Clinton and they lean towards the right, they’ll HATE her, for something that they wouldn’t for someone who’s a Republican. Or a male.

Because c’mon, if Hillary Clinton had won the presidency, you don’t think that our President wouldn’t be trying to make her life a living HELL, via the media every single day since the election? He’s doing still trying to do that on a regular basis and he did win!!!

On the flip side, for those who lean more the left, First Lady Melania Trump can’t do anything right, either. If she picks cyber-bulling as a topic for awareness, she’s a hypocrite. Anything and everything she does, says and wears and who she  is picked apart, just because of her husband.

I’m going to go out on my own hypocritical limb, in trying to make a point about this. I don’t think HATING on either Hillary Clinton or Melania Trump, is justified.

But Hillary Clinton DID have some idea of what she was going to be up against, being in politics and the public spotlight for so long. I don’t think Melania Trump would’ve married Donald Trump, if she knew he was going to run for president.

I expect, should this blog be read, quite a bit of blowback from BOTH sides. It’s too bad that we live in a society that saying or doing the right thing, has to correspond with one’s political affiliation.

And that I think it’s horrible, that while I do believe in freedom of speech and expression, that people have a million reasons why they think they should be picking a fight or bullying someone for any reason.

But it’s even worse now when people have to pay the price in an era where people can’t agree to respectfully disagree, when they go after families and spouses and use their actions to target their rage, for both any and no reason. For profit and recreation. In an age where people can instantaneously and in multiple ways target their hate.

And that’s unfortunately not just a feminist issue, but a human rights issue, as well.

Note: I will NOT publish any responses that are hateful in nature. I believe fully in everyone’s right to have an opinion. If it can’t be though expressed rationally and respectfully, hence one of the major reasons I had to write this blog, don’t even bother wasting my time or yours, in trying to ruin my day, just because I can do a better job, in this case, of disagreeing with people, respectfully. Thanks!!!

Also note. I do activism for reverse sexism, misandry and androphobia. Just not on this blog, today, OK?

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