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“The Wrong And The Feckless”….

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Trigger Warning/Disclaimers: This particular blog could possibly upset those who lean both more liberally and conservatively, alike.

Do me a favor, as I’m NOT wrong in what I’m about to say, save any hate and if you could wait til sending me a death threat (I usually get them with political posts, especially when defending people who affiliate on both sides ) or having a desire to kill me, wait till I get my DNR notarized tomorrow, in case ya fail, as what I’m trying to say, could not only help oneself, but someone you love or care about.



In this week’s episodes of the celebrity edition of  “The Wrong And The Feckless” (something I made up, but kinda already exists unnamed on the various and vast media platforms aren’t I clever??), that should’ve NEVER starred  Valerie Jarret, Ivanka Trump OR Kim Kardashian West, all three who didn’t ask and DID NOT deserve being in what’s becoming the world’s worst REALITY media show/reality soap opera/REALITY, like EVER, we’ve got somethings that have to be discussed about this week’s “episodes” , obviously.

As well as going forward, OK?

It’s NOT okay, it’s horrible and repugnant to say, if not think racist and xenophobic remarks and in this instance, I’m talking about Roseanne Barr, but this isn’t the first time she’s hurled hateful racist stuff to another woman, among the hateful stuff she’s hurled for years to many others, which I find baffling, as her politics really are way more Bernie Sanders, than they ever been like 45.

It’s not okay, to say vulgar hateful misogynist remarks, as well as the entire quote because “putting on a tight dress and go see you’re father”(I know that’s not verbatim even though I saw the show this morning) is NOT okay, Samantha Bee, it is just disgusting to have done that to Ivanka.

And for the New York Post, Kim Kardashian West did NOT deserve the slut shaming sexist repugnant crap on your cover of your paper today (it’s still 5-31-18 in the U.S).

It doesn’t matter where you lean politically, if there’s any hope we’re going to have any chance as a society of being okay, we have to learn how to NOT be hateful to one another, regardless of race, religion, political preference, gender and socio-economics, and weight (whether it’s fat bashing or thin/skinny shaming) leanings/preferences, just because you don’t agree with them or who they are.

And with the above being said, it’s still  difficult to think and not be somewhat horrified, that 2 strong and smart women and a popular publication, didn’t think about what they said before they went on Twitter, on their television show and a publication, (as that cover had to at least go by one woman, before it was published), respectively which all involved not only all kinds of hateful rhetoric but again, that pesky sexist, if not misogynist hateful crap from one woman to another woman.

It’s even more perversely pathetic, when a multi-complex disabled activist has to call women out, who are not only way more successful in all areas of their lives, that I could NEVER be.

And it’s sad for me, for someone where I admired Roseanne Barr prior to 2008, as a comic, activist, entrepreneur and actress.

I LOVE Samantha Bee, her show is “liberal cognitive crack” for people like me, but I don’t know how I can watch her show anymore, because I don’t have to be a fan of Ivanka Trump, to know what was NOT only said, but now, DONE to her was AWFUL and I don’t know something like that could be even written, if not aired, by anyone, but especially a mostly female writing staff, but whether or not she wrote it, Sam was the one who said it on national television.

I also do read New York Post online on occasion, bye bye, to that, too, as KKW was honestly trying to help someone, even if she was sunbathing nude on a beach, she didn’t deserve that cover.

Now, ONLY if I could find a way, given that I’m not social media much but still can’t manage to find a way without going off the internet completely, on how to avoid anymore “The Wrong And The Feckless” episodes that air almost minute by minute basis.

And stay tuned, as if you thought you hated me or this blog before, wait til in a near future blog, I address acts of misandry and androphobia, yet again, by famous people and also perpetuated by the media,  regardless of gender of those who are committing it and/ or political preference.

Note: I won’t publish (unless, they’re like moronically hilarious directed at me, personally and that’s only a maybe) hateful comments.



What happened to Kim Kardashian West in Paris and the fallout is NOT OKAY!!!

I really did not want to have to write another Kardashian blog. I’ve made no bones in the past while I’m so NOT KarJenner/Kanye West fan, I’ve admired their business saavy and and as it applies to Kim, I’ve thought she’s an amazing business woman, where  I didn’t love the slut shaming and fat shaming she’s been subjected to in the past.

I’m nothing less than horrified about all the hate that’s been thrown Kim Kardashian West’s way, since she was robbed at GUNPOINT in Paris, a few days ago.

That’s not okay. It’s re-victimizing a victim, so shortly after something that was a horribly traumatic event, that could’ve ended in a true tragedy. She shouldn’t be blaming herself and NO ONE else should be blaming her, either.

I couldn’t care less, if she was walking around in nothing but diamonds, half naked with  a skimpy dress made out of $100 bills, Snapchatting everything she does, she DID NOT deserve what happened to her. And being a brilliant businesswoman that she is (um, cause like no one who didn’t inherit a 150 million dollars becomes WORTH that, by being stupid) it’s her perogative to make money how she sees fit and spend it that way.

IF there wasn’t a demand to know of every move she makes and everything she does, as well as the rest of the family, there wouldn’t be a supply.

And my answer would be ABSOLUTELY NOT, I don’t think that the actual crime was anything perpetuated with her knowledge or consent or anyone who’s she’s affiliated with or cares about. I don’t think she’d stoop that low. I think it was a calculated move on professional criminals, to make a lot of money on her diamonds, which is DISGUSTING.

And at this point in time, if she’d leave social media, completely, she still would have paparazzi AND haters following every move she makes.

In this social media era we live in and some of the psychopathic and/or sociopathic behavior that it’s created, it’s bad enough that a gang of potentially violent criminals thought it was okay to rob her.

It’s another thing to have to see such a hateful society horrifically thinking that she deserved it.

Which I find equally horrifying and despicable.

My firstborn happens to be a HUGE Kanye West fan (see how that works, even if his mother is NOT (although truth be told, I did have a small crush on Kanye, in 2005/2006 right after Gold Digger which I do actually like the song, I know, I know, I suck as an activist and I’m digressing)  BUT, I don’t tell him who he should listen to and not listen to and he doesn’t tell me what to like  and what and WHO  not to blog about!!!

My son has spent a lot of  his own hard worked for money on Yeezy stuff, including a ticket to Kanye’s concert next week in St. Paul, as a birthday present to himself. My son’s perogative.  He enjoys Kanye’s music, Kanye as an artist and his shoes and how he spends the money he works for, is his OWN damn business.

I can only do and say what I feel is right. I don’t feel bad about my previous blogs, which even at my most strongest worded blogs about not having a great love for the KarJenners, I never wished them bad or harm. I, at best, just really hoped that we could live in a society that didn’t have to hear about them every second of every day, which I do resent.

And as I’ve said in past blogs, they don’t deserve to have to be worried about being harmed in any way.

While I seriously doubt that any KarJenner will see this, if I could have the means to tell Kim Kardashian West, I’d tell her I’m really sorry she was so violently victimized like this. That it wasn’t her fault. That she shouldn’t have to change who she is or what she does, to not have to worry about such a horrific thing happening to her or any member of her family.  That I do only hope she and her family increases security, which they are doing, because what happened to her in Paris, could happen to her ANYWHERE or ANYTIME, given the awful for the most part society we live in, nowadays. She’s certainly NOT the first wealthy celebrity to show off her expensive possessions.

Unfortunately, what happened to Kim Kardashian West,  could also happen to ANY ONE OF US, even a poor person like me. I could check in at Taco Bell on Facebook, with my recent purchase of a $7.99 Betsy Johnson purse I got at Goodwill on my person. And some low life could think it’s okay to assault me or rob me of that purse. Whether they are hater who follows me on social media. Or they just saw me and felt the need to victimize me.

Or someone else not in the public eye could post a cute picture of their baby on social media and someone kidnap it. Neither this scenario or the one I posted above would be OK. It would be horrible and worthy of compassion and understanding. NOT HATE

And what terrifyingly happened to Kim Kardashian West, is worthy of compassion, too.

Note: I will NOT post any comments that support a victim shaming mentality. Whether it’s about Kim Kardashian West, her husband and/or the rest of her family or you want to call me out on my past blogs, mocking them, but reiterating that it’s not okay to hate, victim shame or harm them.

Also, if you’re a social media bud that I like, but don’t agree with me, please have enough respect to respectfully agree to disagree and not comment. Thanks!!!

Keeping Away From The Kardashians

And while you’re at it, keep me away from all the Jenners, Disicks, Odoms and most definitely West….

I REALLY didn’t want to write another Kardashian blog….

And truthfully, when Bette Midler posted what she did on social media, yesterday, I did share it on Facebook, I thought it was hilarious.

Like most of the world, did.

Truthfully, I don’t like slut shaming. Meaning the slut shaming Kim got from posing nude. Even though Bette, described like how the majority of the world felt about another naked Kim Kardashian West picture.  And I keep asking myself, as this is like my 4th Kardashian related blog, what bugs me about them, so bad , that I need to keep writing about them.

I think what urks me, as an activist, is they’ve made millions and millions of dollars, in making people feel bad about themselves and setting themselves as an example, people should aspire to be like.

I realized something, though. While I’ve picked on the men they surround themselves with, other than Caitlyn Jenner (who I respect now is a woman) , who I’ve left alone, as an LBGTQ activist, but don’t agree with her politics, I realized something tonight.

The Kardashian women are just as misogynist, if not more so, than the men that they keep company with. They have to be the most ageist, sizeist and sexist pieces of crap, to the likes this world has never seen, before they became famous.

I used to watch their show, a long time ago. I realized then, it was more nauseating than entertaining.

I look at them though, this way, going forward.

I make under $13,000 a year on Social Security. I’m heavyset. I’m not pretty. I have multiple medical and mental health disabilities.

I don’t envy them, though. I don’t wish them harm, I don’t want to be like them, nor would I want my daughter to be like them.

I’d rather be my true self and be poor, than be that hateful and manipulative like they are and that rich.

And going forward, I’d rather concentrate on celebrities (whether I blog about them or not) like Bette Midler. Who is an super talented treasure and classy entertainer, a legend for the right reasons, as well as an activist, then think about them, anymore. And her other poor cheap shots at Chloe Grace Moretz (as you see, I don’t mention children like Kylie and Kendall in my blog and nor do I mention Rob, who I believe probably has the weight issues he does, due to meds, I’d bet my hands on it, not saying that with stigma, but to remove it) as well as the other celebrities she took petty and mean shots at.

As well as the other topics I write about. At this point, I just wish they would go away, and while I’m not the only one, I don’t need to be thinking about them. Or wasting anymore of my time, writing about them.

I just wish I didn’t have to go off the internet at large, to avoid a Kardashian related story.

And I truly believe, Robert Kardashian would be horrified of how his family turned out, as they get older, they get farther away from doing the right thing, but managing to do so much harm and profit at the expense of people’s psyches and pocketbooks, whether you love them or hate them.

It’s just too bad their last name wasn’t Hanson. We probably would’ve never been exposed to them, like we have, if it was. “Hanging with the Hansons”, wouldn’t have had the same appeal and the world would be a much better place for millions of us.

An Open Letter to Kim Kardashian West


Dear Kim,

I would like to ask you for 50 million dollars. Let me explain. I’m a very  POOR person. You make more money a minute by tweeting than I do in a year, on SSDI (which you may not know, stands for Social Security Disability Insurance). You’d be horrified to know  little one can do to survive on $12k a year.

I WAS a genius. Now I’m this  complex medically, mentally and cognitively disabled chick. And I do want to help and save the world, maybe not in the same way like your husband with his um, talent. But it bothers me that people have serious medical and mental health issues and are stigmatized. It bothers me that an innocent person can die, by going to school, to work or get on a plane due to all this violence that’s happening lately.

Yes, I’m personally poor. I can’t buy furs and houses for my family. That’s why my kids are living with my parents (well the poor issue and the stupid disabilities that hit me when I was 34). If I had 50 million dollars, think of the houses I could get for my children??? The places I could take them, as I haven’t been able to take them out of state (I live in a 280 sq foot efficiency in Minneapolis, I’m sure North’s toy box is bigger than my ENTIRE apartment)  for like ELEVEN years!!! And we had to fly coach and stay in a crappy Marriott Towne Suite and I had to drive a crappy mid size sedan cause the only way I could afford then, as a working single mom of 2, was to book a crappy trip via Hotwire. It was horrible!!!  Yes, I did go to Vegas for the 1st time in my life (it also was the 1st time of my going west of Sioux Falls, SD, at the age of 45!!!)  about 4 1/2 months ago, traveling coach, I couldn’t even afford to take luggage, though.

With the 50 million dollars you would give me, I could afford to get my haircut more than twice a year. Maybe take my daughter and some help (being disabled SUPER sucks) to Walt Disney World, as she’s almost 13 and has never been there. I could buy my 23 year old son a nicer car, as he has to work hard, so I don’t expect him to help me, but I can’t drive anymore and maybe if I buy him a car and have another 40 million dollars after buying houses, lying around, he could work as an artist, too, as that’s his dream, but he has to go to work at a HORRIBLE regular job, 45 hours a week, just to make a living.

I, super duper  promise if you give me 50 million dollars I will take that mean, wordy and profanity laden blog (blogs, SORRY)  that I wrote about your family, off of here. And I will be sorry, too, that I wrote it. And I promise I won’t make fun of Kanye or his music anymore.I swear to you, I’ll be the biggest Kardashian/West fan that ever walked the earth!!! I’ll also help the homeless and try to raise even MORE money, for children’s cancers, crap I already do for FREE (which you would think I’d know better, as I was raised in a super hardworking upper middle class Jewish family!!!), in addition to the advocacy I do for medical and mental health activism.

Sincerely yours, FOREVER (IF you give me the 50 million dollars), Lisa

p.s. I’ll EVEN pretend to hate that speech Taylor Swift gave at the Grammy’s last night!!!

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