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Truly, A Thanksgiving Miracle/#SNLWinsTheInternet

SNL still has it!!!

I’m just coming off a 3 day social media internet sabbatical (more about that, in an upcoming blog).

And I manage to finally to view the video above, even though I’m one of the rare people who’s spoken up about NOT liking Adele’s lyrics , even though I LOVE her music and was afraid to get “Hello” stuck in my head.

UM, again….

However, as funny and brilliant as this video is, I’m going to seriously say, I’m sure it represents a lot of families’s truths as far as navigating potential arguments this holiday season and seasons’s past, with loved ones, when social media horrifically gave people the power and the false impression that they are ALWAYS right.

Or that it’s okay to argue on the side of being right versus being respectful. Because it’s not okay.

Guess What???

You DO NOT have to attend every argument that you are invited to.

In fact the world would be a better place both online and offline, if people remembered that they don’t and would NOT engage.

Right now, we live in a society that’s more violent than it ever has been. We may not have a choice in the violence outside of our homes.

But absolutely NO need to have unnecessary drama within our homes (I’m talking about arguing hot topics that cause a polarity in opinions, NOT talking about domestic abuse or physical or emotional violence of any kind) arguing things to death.

Biggest gift you could give the ones you love, but maybe not like so much, is the gift of not debating things to death.

Not to mention, it has a personal payoff, if you learn how to just ignore the differences, as it will make people wonder what you’re actually up to.

Kinda like the beloved Abraham Lincoln expression goes “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.”

I’d like to think that NO ONE ever got their deathbed and thought “I should’ve argued with those I love the most, especially if I knew I’d never have an opportunity to show others how right I am, ever again…”

Most people wouldn’t treat acquaintances this way, why people choose to treat family and friends this way, I’ll never understand.

Even though it’s human nature, and I’d be lying if I didn’t say I’ve said things as well as what I’ve done, to people I care about the most that really wasn’t even about the topic that’s being debated to death.

So, if this holiday season you have to spend time with those who have polarized opinions from your own, you could either take my advice and err on the side of being respectful.

Or find something else to do and don’t go. And know that I’ve ¬†(as well as most people) never had to experience a long lasting argument when only ONE person speaks up about things that I/they might strongly disagree, about, NOT fighting back isn’t a sign of weakness, sometimes.

It’s a sign of respecting yourself and others not to fight tooth and nail about subjects, that you aren’t going to change another’s mind, about.

So, hopefully the above will help this holiday season and as we go into a Presidential election, next year.

You’re welcome… and ¬†Happy Holidays!!!!

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