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Disclaimers: I’m not a clinically trained medical or mental health professional, nor am I a credentialed law enforcement expert.

Unfortunately, NONE of my serious disclaimers would have had a prayer in preventing yesterday’s horrific shooting in Yountville, CA.

I can only bring awareness that people who are trained to protect us, can harm, when in crisis and we need more support services to support prevention initiatives or how to identify those who cannot be rehabilitated.

I usually don’t discuss anything to do with those who’ve served in the military, other than the reverence I have for John McCain (and why I’m bringing him up again, will make sense, later in this blog).

I have no foundation in any kind of life experience in dealing with people who’ve served our country and the kind of post traumatic stress disorder that they can come back with.

Which now in several instances, they’ve gone back to kill both military and civilians when in crisis.

I just think of the death of those 3 women, the psychological trauma of those who had to bear witness to the standoff but weren’t physically injured and it breaks my heart, as I’m sure it does for a lot of people.

In this instance, in Yountville, the murderer was SEEKING treatment, at sometime prior to commiting this horrific tragedy and it still didn’t prevent him from killing 3 innocent people and him dying.

I would like to think, that when members of our military, return to civilian life that there is initiatives in support services of how to acclimate them back into society.

But where it may be relevant, in what I’m thinking, is that a lot of these senseless tragic massacres, in the end, fall into the category of people in crisis, perceiving someone so misguidedly thinking someone else is their mortal enemy.

Because this tragedy just occurred, it’s obviously being investigated, and surely more information will come out.

But it won’t bring back the women who were killed and we OWE them, people who dedicated their lives and career paths in to trying to restore peace of mind, in traumatized military veterans, that they didn’t die in vain.

And while the gun control argument will still be debated, in this case, this was a member of our military, not to mention, anyone with internet access and a desire to kill another, can use other weapons of mass destruction to kill people, so the argument can’t begin and end with gun control and mentally ill people.

This needs something MORE, to prevent these tragedies from happening.

And people who serve our country, if they are taught how to kill people in war, maybe they need help before they are sent off to war on how not be a killing machine, when they come back, and I’m not saying that maliciously, as I have an enormous amount of gratitude for those who serve our country.

BUT….Maybe, we OWE all of those who help us in crisis, whether it be in war, clinically educated, trained and practicing medical and all mental health and all forms of law enforcement professionals and teachers, extensive and comprehensive support services, so they aren’t in their own hellish war that could lead to internal crisis or a crisis that will have a body count.

In what we are facing, with deadly fatalities that are occuring EVERYDAY, of trying harder to prevent them, one day and one crisis at a time.

You don’t have to be a clinically trained professional, to respectfully demand that, from our government, as far as extensive support services for those who serve people in crisis, especially including our military, but also their support staff.

As well as extensive support services for civilians who serve the public, when in crisis of any kind.

But this will NOT be solved by endless arguments of gun control and the mentally ill.

Go past that and for those who want to HELP, multiple initiatives are going to need to take place, so that people don’t keep dying and for those who’ve tragically been taken from us, they didn’t DIE in vain.

“The hard part of a revolution, is not making a revolution, it’s making it’s goals” – John McCain

Note: I will ONLY publish constructive feedback, which means I’m all for any kind of help or advice on this topic, which I know so very little about and am not a clinically trained professional.


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