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What Derick Dillard will NEVER understand…


I want to make a point, so I’ll try to keep this both concise and classy…

Even though the snarky side of me wants to tell Derick Dillard, that if he’s looking to find travesties, he don’t have to look very far, he’s got one in his own brother in law!!!

Because as of late, there’s so many bad things to worry about, one of the things I do use to cheer me up, when You Tube binging, is watching clips either on Oprah/OWN or TLC regarding both Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent, even though I’ve been following Nate for a long time, since Queen Oprah introduced him to the world and his mother, Nancy Golden when she was my favorite designer on HGTV’s show “Design on A Dime” almost if not over 20 years ago, when I was a single mother of 1, of modest means.

There’s always been something extraordinary about Nate Berkus, way before he lost his partner in a tsunami in 2004, that went beyond making a home, that’s probably why he not only captured people’s attention before then, but their hearts, as well.

Then as we saw the brutally honest pain that he went through after his tragic loss when in deep mourning, only sharing it to help others.

And then seeing him discover joy with Jeremiah Brent, where they again, don’t just help people design a home, they put so much of their heart in it, anyone who bears witness to that, can’t help but be inspired of them and learn how to love better, because of them.

I’d watch Nate and Jeremiah tediously build ugly small cities with popsicle sticks, cause they’re smart, funny, real, they’re lit within and beautiful inside and out.

I’d stick a fork in my eye, before I’d watch anything Dillard/Duggar related, even though like I have more time in the world, than almost ANYONE,  it’s not that I wish the entire clan bad, I just wish some of the would just GO AWAY.

Especially,  if you don’t have anything nice to say, which in Derick Dillard’s case, it seems like a matter of jealousy and spite, that 2 men who love each other (see above meme) but are so admired and adored for so many reasons, STILL have such a strong place in people’s hearts AND a television show.

And Derick Dillard DOES NOT.

Note: I will NOT publish anything hateful. Thanks!!!

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