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“#JeSuisJuifOfficiel “…………

Last week, I never made any comment on the attacks in Paris, because I had no words. It made me profoundly sad and helpless, to see people die for their beliefs whether religious or political or because they believe in the freedom of speech.

I remember when I went to Paris, in June of 1996. I was there a total of about 8 hours. I’ve made mention in my blog,that I had been in London, for a business trip (which Princess Diana was on my plane from O’Hare to London Heathrow !!!!!) and decided to take a day trip there (as it was my 1st and last time out of the United States).

I was the typical “tres grosse americane”. When people would say that the French do NOT like fat American women, they aren’t kidding. I felt so uncomfortable in Paris, that I cut my trip short, and went back to London.

At NO time did I think about getting a gun and killing everyone, in Paris. Nor does that thought ever cross my mind every time someone says something not nice to me about my weight, looks or health. Because of that was the case, I’d probably have to shoot and kill, like um, EVERYBODY.

And while I say that in jest, what I’m talking about is one of the most NOT fun topics in the world. But that’s why it needs some humor.

I am actually Jewish. While non practicing, I was born Jewish and raised that way. And I have to say my children while not brought up the same way, I was, they are Jewish, too. The thing about it then, is by the time I had children there was already enough anti-semitic acts of violence, here in the good ole U.S of A., that I didn’t feel comfortable of public displays of our being Jewish. I didn’t have a mezzuzah on my door, nor did I have Chanukkah decorations on my windows. And I had horrible anxiety every time my son went to Hebrew School for 5 years. And when he stopped going, truthfully, I was relieved.

But here’s the point I’m trying to make with this particular blog. Because it’s not anti-Islam. It’s anti- EXTREMIST Islam. And on the hopes of maybe someone from Al-Qaeda actually reads this blog this what I want to impart on them.

” Dear Al Qaeda/Radical IslamicExtremist terrorist,

I’m REALLY trying to understand, killing in the name of religious beliefs. Your Prophet Mohammed seems like a peaceful prophet and while he doesn’t talk to me (neither does G-d, Jesus or any other religious deity, SUCKS to be me) how does one decide to do this? Is there some kind of terrorist handbook? Given the fact that you guys know everything, did Hitler have a version  of that, tailored to him, too? How is there honor in killing innocents based upon beliefs that differ from yours? Or that it’s considered “noble” to die for beliefs like that? Isn’t it more noble to express being upset about differences, peacefully, then killing in the name of peace?

Wouldn’t it be a disaster if lets say if people within the same religion killed someone for any difference of opinion? You’d have no one to rule over or cause fear in. All my Muslim friends are peaceful ones. I’d like to think they will be rewarded, if there is an afterlife.

Do you realize those who mock you, aren’t mocking your prophet. They are mocking killing in the name of peace, because of the horrific hypocrisy in doing that.

I’m just trying to UNDERSTAND, OK? Please explain. Respectfully, Lisa

p.s. I am Jewish. When others go against our beliefs, we PRETEND they are dead. We don’t actually kill them. A LOT less messier. ”

OKAY.. I be kind of BRAVE (i.e stupid) behind a keyboard. I’m really NOT that reckless. The thing is, I’m not afraid to die peacefully, for a cause I believe in. If I honestly thought that Al-Qaeda or any person who belongs to a  type of radical Islamic terrorist cell, would actually  hunt me down and shoot me for them, I’d give them an address to do that.

The problem with terrorism, is complex. I have far too many disabilities, to even try to begin to understand all of it. But because I’m capable of intelligent thought, I do get it. Somewhat. It’s cowardly cruel game of sorts with no clear cut rules. Not everyone dies, because someone has to live, to instill fear in.

This is where terrorists actually get us and I don’t know what the answer or solution to combating terrorism, is. As I don’t censor myself based upon consequences to myself.

HOWEVER… I do most definitely censor myself based upon consequences being put forth, on those I love. And I think in intelligent thought, enough, to realize that would be the most dire consequence. And if I honestly thought, for one second, that would be consequences to those I love (I have about 13 subscribers, none of them known terrorists) I would’ve NEVER written this, let alone, publish..

If I have legacy to be left as an activist, it would be that people express difference of opinions and beliefs, peacefully. That people should use their words, not harmful actions that result in tragic lost of life. Ending another’s life or your own in a bizarre belief system, isn’t noble. It’s quite cowardly and there is NO honor in it.

I can only hope that we find a peaceful solution, globally, to resolve our differences. But I honestly don’t know what it’s going to take. I can only hope and pray that someone, actually does…..

Until then……..Je suis Charlie Hebdo…. Je suis juif…..   Peace to all…..

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