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Picture Palooza (for my haters) …..

Unbelievable!!! Of just how much HATE I get for what I weigh and what I look like…

I can’t figure out for sure, if I’m getting out, of what I put in the digital universe, as far as hate on me for what I look like and what I weigh at times (which fluctuates) given the fact I support bariatric surgery, support people though not to have it, as well as not fat shaming or that people have to lose weight to be accepted as size and fat acceptance advocate and I abhor thin shaming, just as much as I hate fat shaming.

I will NEVER understand how people hate on others, not before the digital age and certainly now while in it.

For people who like me for what I try to do to dispel stigma or like me, because I’m like a human being who wears a metaphoric “hair shirt” on the internet for free, so people might benefit from things I at times, learn the hardest way possible, I’m not looking for compliments, and I appreciate your support.

I hope I NEVER have to do something like this again, this IS pathetic (not me, MY HATERS!!!)

Where to find me:

Facebook-   Lisa Kasen Facebook profile is public, not dumb enough to allow non Facebook buds to be able to comment on posts…

Twitter-   UnstapledLisa

Instagram-  unstapledlisa

ObesityHelp/ LisaK/UnstapledLisa

Bariatric Pal-  Lisa Kasen/UnstapledLisa

Pinterest- unstapledlisa

LinkedIn: Lisa Kasen

I could only wish that people would find me, because they had good intentions, but whether intentions are good or bad, I’m rarely on social media!!!





Just because it’s called Facebook…..


(no copyright infringement intended with David Guetta’s “In Love With Myself”, which I’m not)

Doesn’t mean ya havta post a pic of one’s self, every second of the day, ya know???
And the answer would be NO, I don’t have an Instagram account….
And of course, I’m not talking about any of my Facebook friends. Just their friends, who make it my newsfeed 😉

Facebook…. Where it matters in what you see and look like, not what you say and stand for……

I STILL am addicted to Facebook… And have a love/hate relationship with myself, as a result….Anyone else?

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