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“MAYBE I GOT MINE… BUT YOU’LL ALL GET YOURS!!!”…..Taylor Swift/”Look What You Made Me Do”

Lookie here, it’s my very first music/video REVIEW!!! (edited 5 minutes after originally publishing, cause I apparently forgot my Adele/Hello review, that I blogged about 2 years ago, so we’ll just call this my first SUPER POSITIVE  music/video review, OK?)

It kind of took me awhile to get to listening to her music.

Although I’ve known about her for awhile, just liking her collection of songs, from the start of her conversion to pop from country songs, only like 2 years ago.

I always thought what Kanye West, what he did to her at the 2009 VMAs,  well when I found out about it, in 2010, beyond repugnant.

I’ve made mentioned of that, in past blogs. As well as other things I thought that he’s done, that’s been either also horrible to ridiculous.

And truthfully, I was hoping not to EVER have to make mention about Kanye West or Kim Kardashian, on a blog of mine, again.

I may not be on social media, very much.

But truthfully, I’m a COLOSSAL You Tube junkie…. Usually for music type videos, news, etc. On occasion for vlogs…. And okay, I’ll come clean as Homeless/Affordable Housing activist, I love seeing videos of both tiny to really expensive housing.

I managed to be in awe, after I got the chance to see lyric video for #LYWMMD on Friday and catching the premiere of the video, last night, was transformative for me, in a way I badly needed.

In the 7 1/2 years of having to rebuild my tiny crappy life, while I try to use this blog for greater good, as you can see, I’m not shy nor am I immune to the hate I can experience.

Especially, as of late, if you caught some of my more recent blogs, this year.

While I’ve talked about a little a bit, about the issues of friends of who hurt me badly, recently, and a lot about the bullying I’ve experienced lifelong from both strangers and people that I know, the outlet that I have for coping with that, MOST of the time, is music.

And I get comfort and pleasure from the song of #LWYMMD and while I’m sad that it was needed, in the first place, for her sake.

But I guess for my sake, it provides a safe way to cope with the hate and hurt that others have caused me that I’ve never had before.

And it’s awful, throughout her career that she’s been attacked the way she has, not only as an artist, but as a young woman who’s had  to constantly defend herself both in the past and presently.

But she did so, perfectly in the last 3-4 days, with #LWYMMD.

As well as fighting back in the last few weeks during her court case, where she was horrifically physically violated.

As far as Kanye is concerned, has been an emotional terrorist to Taylor, from 2009 to present time, and hopefully now Kimye, will just finally leave her alone!!!

As far as the song and video, possibly calling other people out, the people that she has reportedly done so, in such a stunning and iconic way, as well as being able to make fun of herself, in the most brilliant video and song lyrics I’ve ever seen and  heard, shows that she’s better than ever and ain’t going anywhere soon and I’m really happy about that.

Thank You, Taylor Swift!!!!

Note: Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, however your “narrative” will NOT be posted, if you don’t agree. Don’t even try, OK? As I really don’t wanna be the blogger that will be starring in your bad dreams, should you go out of your way to make me feel bad.

Cause I got like all day and all night and new anthem to fortify me, against miserable people who don’t have anything better to do than hate on people, should you choose to start a fight with me, about this blog or the other 139 blogs that this disabled blogger has managed to put out, at this point in time, should you put me on the defense  ;)~

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