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What President Trump can do IMMEDIATELY for the poverty stricken families on welfare living in squalor, working poor who are homeless living in their cars in the carnage filled inner cities ALL OVER AMERICA and those who will lose insurance when the ACA is repealed…

He’s such a GENIUS that I can’t believe that President Trump didn’t think of  this himself.

Thank goodness he’s got this medically and mental health disabled activist and advocate for the medically and mentally disabled to think about this for him. Because I know he’s got all these things going on, so I decided to help him out a bit.

I also dabble as an activist for the homeless.

He’s got all these big businesses.Well his SONS do, now.  Especially in real estate and in hospitality. No better place to start offering free high quality daycare on site on his properties for all his employees and hiring the single mothers who are on welfare by not only helping them out by hiring them.

But also by offering them a livable wage and a full comprehensive health benefits package and free tuition to colleges and full 90 day paid maternity leave for these mothers, should they get pregnant and free high quality daycare  for ALL employees.

Whether an employee is hired  in housekeeping, low level management or ANY position within the family’s multiple businesses.

And the whole country can’t be completely in total carnage and squalor. Downtown Minneapolis while it has it’s problems it’s thriving. I mean I may find all the construction down here, kinda annoying, but that does speak of growth.

When I’ve been to Nevada, New York and Florida, his properities certainly aren’t in these kind of really sad and scary  neighborhoods that he addressed over and over again, in his inaugral speech. And to get these poor families immediately out of these areas, he certainly has the real estate and hotels that I’m sure has vacancies that can provide at least tempory housing to these poor families as they work on themselves, by employment in his establishments and higher education and quality daycare to do that when working part-time and in school.

And of course to get these poor families in the gang ridden crime filled squalor cities into safer places. Such as in his, I mean his sons’s beautiful housing and hotel portfolio.

And it’s a good thing he’s got such hardworking mega-wealthy friends with businesses, because they can do the same thing.

And in his family run businesses and his friends who run uber successful businesses, I’m sure their employees have top notch health insurance without problems that people who work in other companies where they might have to worry about pre-existing conditions. Or having substandard coverage and expensive premiums.

Or like those of us on the ACA, Medicare and Medicaid.

SO, when they repeal the ACA, in addition the businesses that the Trump Organization owns and his super successful wealthy friends own, they should have no problem hiring all those who will lose their health insurance and have trouble either working full time but I’m sure that all of them could at least work part-time for their insurance and of course because they are going to have top notch health insurance without worry of higher premiums or no coverage for pre-existing conditions, like those people with cancer, people  needing organ transplants and or costly life saving medications.

Because he’s made it clear he’s not going to create the disaster that he considers Obamacare and the easiest way to do that, is by starting first creating inexpensive comprehensive health insurance benefits within his family’s businesses and those of his high powered friends.

Genius!!! Not President Donald J. Trump, GENIUS. But not bad for the complex disabled chick, right?

Right now, I am sure I have absolutely NOTHING to worry about, as President Trump did promise he would absolutely NOT touch Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.

And while I did make a snarky comment in my last blog, about the ironic coincidence of my Downtown Minneapolis address being the same as his Midtown Manhattan one, and while I’m disabled enough to need an enormous amount of time alone, between severe chronic pain, mental health issues, short and long term memory loss, on the VERY remote chance, President Trump and the Republican House and Senate, should change their mind, I’m sure that the Trump Organization can find room for me, too.

Both accomodating my disability that effects me 95% of the time when I pretty much can’t do ANYTHING, by finding me a great position with amazing benefits in either NYC or D.C. and amazing housing within his family’s vast business empire.

Sadly only about a maximum of 5% of the time, I’m an absolute sorta  genius. But I ABSOLUTELY  could have a lot to offer in that 5% of the time that I’m not incapicated by disabilities, doing TERRIFIC things  in his family’s business.

Well maybe, somewhat terrific, not MAGNIFICENT work like him and his family and friends.

So while I can’t worry about that, losing the little that I have, at this present time. For myself, anyways. I am feeling better, should he and Congress eliminate my SSDI, Medicare, Medicaid and affordable housing.

Not just for myself but for those who are like me, in similar circumstances.

As I’m sure being the  shrewd negotiator, that I am, 1% of the time, I can imagine to land a great position and I would expect to have the same address in New York, that I do in Minneapolis. I’m not delusional though. I don’t expect a PENTHOUSE.

A free or inexpensive  but beautiful 3 bedroom and 3 bathroom apartment in Trump Tower on 5th Avenue (corner unit, please)  would work just fine. As well of course, a top notch private school for my  almost 14 year old daughter who will be starting high school, next year. With the tuition for that, being part of my benefits package. And I would expect a decent position for my 24 year old, who already works in a financial instituition as part of as incentive (I’m thinking my son could EASILY work side to side with Don and Eric) to hire the absolute kinda  genius that I am, 1-5% of the time, when I’m not dealing with all this disability and pain crap.

President Trump really needs to get on this immediately!!! He’s more than welcome to take the credit for it, because he, well not him, as it’s a conflict of interest when it comes to my working, but for making this a probability to save all these families on welfare who live in squalor or who are homeless, by piloting programs that I’ve suggested in his already super successful pre-existing organizations.

And those of his super successful uber wealthy friends.

Because unfortunately, if he doesn’t take me up on this amazing best of the best idea, that I just outlined in this blog, 20 million people who are going to be at serious  risk losing livlihoods and their lives, should Obamacare be repealed before being replaced, which he did PROMISE that wouldn’t happen. And I know President Donald Trump ALWAYS keeps his promises!!!

Best. Idea. Ever. Right???

p.s. I’m sure if there isn’t much attrition in the Trump businesses, the Kushners would be super HAPPY to have me. I even remember enough Ivrit, to say the blessing for the wine. Although in my case, I’m gonna find out the hebrew word for rum, as I think that’s what it’s gonna take for me to get through the next 4 years…..

Note: While I’ve always said in the past that my blog while isn’t a dictatorship, it ain’t a democracy, either. So it’s possible I may post a comment that I don’t like or it’s possible that I won’t.

But I’ll work harder not to be flip flopping all the time. Inspired by the steadfast open mindedness and encouragement of free speech, in our current adminstration…………

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