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What #MeghanMcCain and #PeteDavidson have in common…


So, what could  Meghan McCain and Pete Davidson possibly have in common?

Other than having dads who were totally amazing human beings and heroes???

Both of them get an enormous amount of media scrutiny for doing jobs and being themselves, both being in the public eye.

And they both get a lot of hate and a lot of death threats from the public via social media and while that’s grotesque in it’s own right, it’s just as bad, if not worse coming from media outlets, saying that they are constantly doing their jobs wrong and questioning how they have their jobs, that they should be cancelled,  among other things that are really no one’s business.

It feels yucky to write this, it just has felt even yuckier to not say anything as I like both Meghan McCain and Pete Davidson on their respective shows.

I’m not trying to make any money off their names, as a non monetized blogger nor do I want any kind of fame.

Neither one of them needs me to defend them, the reason I feel the need to though is no one else really is.

Or calling out the fact that they gained notoriety of some kind and an enormous amount of people decided to hate on them for that, just for doing their jobs, one of them being more conservative and the other being more liberal and and a bunch of people have decided to unnecessarily hate on them for everything about them.

WHY, though?

While I think both of them are doing an admirable job in their jobs and what they do activism for, hopefully others will call out all this unnecessary hate on human beings who’ve done nothing wrong, other than share an opinion or a joke, another didn’t like.

I’ll never understand the mob mentality to make money so unnecessarily, off of hate in the social media era for not only no good reason but for bad reasons that are potentially and so unnecessarily, a physical and emotional health hazard to someone.

And if this behavior can’t or won’t be stopped, it at least needs to be called out and hopefully not just by me, but others, as well.

Important Note: Anything that isn’t constructive will not be posted.


An Open Letter to Meghan McCain…


Dear Meghan, (not that I ever expect “open letter” type of blogs to make it to the famous people, that I write to, it’s more of putting it out to the universe, in hopes to help while I still hope to retain my privacy as a reclusive introverted activist and private person).

I saw today’s clip of The View on You Tube, and it’s hard not to feel your pain, when topics regarding cancer come up, such as the interview with Ricki Lake.

It’s also hard, if one is stupid enough like I am, to read the comments such as today and in past interviews where your grief is still so raw but so understandable.

I think of your dad, often.

I feel bad because some of the reasons why I miss John McCain are purely selfish.

Our country needs him, now more than ever.

There would’ve never been a good time for him to pass, in that regard.

But it goes beyond my scope of comprehension of the loss that you feel but so bravely show, that you show that people have to grieve the loss of their most beloved on their own terms and there are those of us, even if we can’t comprehend the magnitude of your loss, admire that bravery and immense love you have for your Dad.

The one thing that was crystal clear, that your Dad was so proud of all his children.

Another was that he trusted you would find your own path and would be of greatness unique to you, as much great that you’ve already done, that there was more greatness in you, to come out, as you grow even more into the wonderful woman that you are.

I believe that you will be a part of what’s needed to find a cure and less invasive treatments for Glioblastoma, like Joe Biden has, with the tragic loss of his son, Beau.

I believe that will only though be a part of what amazing legacy and wonderful things you will do, you’ve already showed that people can be conservative but with somewhat of an open mind, not seeing conservatism in black and white, you’ve already accomplished so much with that.

My objective with writing this, is that just like your Dad was a one of a kind national treasure, you are an an amazing woman with a lot of gifts, your intelligence, your inner and out beauty, your love and your loyalty and passion to do the right thing and to do so, in front of a global audience which can be so difficult when there is so much hate in this world, something I hope you can not let deter you from being you, which I don’t think it can and doing what you feel is right, that will continue to help make the world a better place.

Not just because of your amazing father, but because of who you are, Meghan McCain.

Peace, Lisa

Mourning the death of a true hero and patriot: #JohnMcCain


I knew this day would come, but I wanted it to be later or like NEVER.

Obviously, that’s not reasonable or rational.

I know that I like most people feel a sense of profound loss, regarding the passing of John McCain, yesterday.

And my truest sympathies are of course to his family, friends and his colleagues.

But I also feel a sense of loss for everyone, including myself.

And I feel bad as while the rational side of me, wanted him to have more life for reasons that were beneficial to him and his loved ones, the not so rational part of me really truly feels like that in Washington D.C., we lost a visionary who fought to make things a safe and reasonable reality for our nation, who wasn’t afraid to do and say the right thing and while no one is perfect, he was a perfect patriot and statesman.

I consider myself a conservative liberal, which really doesn’t need that much defining in this blog.

I did write though a blog about John McCain about 9 months ago, while knowing he’d never see it, nor his family, I didn’t want to wait til his death to say or acknowledge my gratitude for his service.

Because I’m a fan of his daughter Meghan, and again, I didn’t and don’t think anything I put out in the internet universe will reach famous people, which is not my intention, that I wanted to still put out gratitude for her and her family sharing him with us.

I only hope his colleagues in both parties,  to honor his legacy, take stock of the tremendous courage he’s shown throughout his life put people, principle and patriotism before party.

So as sad as I am about his passing, the one thing that gives me hope is that both his life and death wasn’t in vain.

That his courageousness will live on through his beyond honorable service to our country and that it will bring much needed attention and resources for those who are still fighting Glioblastoma and those who’ve lost their lives from it.

Again though it bears repeating, my heart still aches for the loss of him, his suffering and his family, friends, colleagues and our nation who mourns him.

Rest In Peace, Maverick….

Note: Any comments that could be hurtful to myself or any of my readers regarding this tribute to a national treasure which John McCain was, will NOT be published.

Being GRATEFUL that there is a John McCain in this world, is NOT a partisan issue…

I’m not trying to digress or gain sympathy, just establish context.

This has not been an easy year for me, as a poor complex disabled person, let alone as an activist.

And I know that times have been way tougher  for a lot of people, regardless of socio-economics.

I do come though from a conservative Republican family, even though I’m more of a “centralist democrat”.

I also do manage to catch the show “The View”, when it gets posted on You Tube.

December 13th, 2017’s episode with Joe Biden, is NO exception, I saw that yesterday morning.

Including the segment with Joe Biden and Meghan McCain (who in her own right, I think is AWESOME)  that made me cry, when discussing glioblastoma  and I’m sure I’m NOT  the only person, to see that exchange, as well as other things that they both talked about, who was extremely moved by it.

And truthfully, I didn’t realize the longstanding relationship between Joe Biden and John McCain, until yesterday morning, which I’m kind of embarrassed to admit.

And truthfully, I’ve wanted to, but didn’t have the right words, for awhile, this year, to write a blog about the gratitude that a man like John McCain exists.

While I talk about extremely serious topics in my blog, that the type of activism I do, puts me in the middle of stigmatized topics or topics regarding issues that put people in crisis, this kind of blog, is so way out of my comfort zone.

I seriously doubt that any McCain or anyone in public office, a celebrity of any kind, will read my blog.

I don’t have that kind of reach or social media influence, nor would I ever want to.

But if I had a chance to thank John McCain (and the McCain family for sharing him with America for so long I would) for his selfless sacrifice, devotion and  public service, for his decency, kindness, intelligence, sense of humor and grace, that’s not just lacking in a lot of politicians regardless of party affiliation, but in human beings, in general, I would, so I’m doing it, in the only way I know how, as a blogger.

That he’s proved in politics, people don’t have to agree on anything, to be decent about it, that doesn’t mean they aren’t going to fight for what they truly believe in, in fighting a good fight.

I do this, again, extremely uncomfortable, knowing this is not something that I’m looking for attention in what I’m writing.

As well as I don’t think John McCain does what he does for adulation. He does what he does for great good, for his constituents and the United States of America.

But because of that and his life being dedicated to serving and protecting our country, with such grace, is what makes him, such a lifelong HERO, to me.

And I couldn’t NOT say it, any longer.

Again, I’m only putting this out there for others, who might feel the same way as me, but don’t have the means to express it, to know they aren’t alone.

The only thing I’m not totally sorry for, in writing this, other than, that I wanted to say to this earlier this year, is that I didn’t want, once John McCain’s diagnosis of terminal glioblastoma was made known, to write this after his death, which I hope is not for a long time.

But he’s in the hospital right now (this blog is being written and published early Thursday morning 12/14/2017)  and I feel for his family and friends and others, whether it be constituents or anyone, where they’re like me, and they’ve been so moved and inspired by John McCain and his family (and while I think the Bidens are an amazing inspiration, too, they will be a positive subject of another blog) and need a safe place to talk about it, is catalyst for this blog.

And I’m praying, based upon that inspirational exchange between Joe Biden and Meghan McCain, this will only lead at this point to a hopeful conversation or a conversation about inspiration and honor, as it applies to John McCain, his family and Joe Biden and his family, too, if you want to include, which while I don’t think they want some blogger talking about this, so many other people are doing so, but with some kind of bias.

To honor them all, should there be a discussion, lets take the bias and politics, out of the discussion and concentrate on all of them being such a good, decent and inspirational people.

Because honestly, because of people like John McCain and the exchange I saw between Joe Biden and Meghan McCain, I, for the first time, since 11-8-2016, saw some kind of potential small glimmer hope of that the country can find common ground, even though I voted for 44 in 2008 and last year, it was for HRC.

Thank you.

Note: Any comments that are NOT constructive, will NOT be posted.

Also note: While my intentions are to start a dialogue without partisan politics being discussed, if it can be helpful, who I voted for, is somewhat relevant.

I can have an enormous amount of respect and reverence for John McCain, as exhibited above, want to show gratitude, but it would be disingenuous, in some manner for me to give the impression I voted for him, when I didn’t.

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