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An open letter of much gratitude that I have, regarding #MeghanMcCain…


Important Disclaimers: I do not write blogs about famous people with the expectation they will ever read them, as I’m not that delusional (actually not delusional, like at all).

I also as a disabled  non monetized blogger who values privacy, it’s never my intention to capitalize or try to become famous based upon famous people I admire that I blog about, as I’ve written blogs about John McCain prior to and after his tragic passing, as well as blogs about Meghan, who is a strong, brilliant, beautiful inside and out activist and much needed conservative voice, who can and should be admired for her intelligence, strength, passion, bravery and her desire and being fair as well as insight to political candidates on the left that her insight could help them, to say things that if people pay careful attention is valuable to them, and is willing to put herself out there in ways that she shouldn’t be so harshly judged by both those who to  left and right and those who are haters who are probably intimidated by her intelligence, passion and willingness to do what she feels is the right thing that can help others, even if it’s not popular or people aren’t brave enough to say it or support it.


Dear Meghan, (or anyone who feels the same way about her, as far as admiration, even though they may be afraid to say so, given how unfairly she’s treated by a lot of people in society and in the media, to the point where it’s heart wrenching and terrifying to see the hate she she’s been subjected to, even though there’s a lot of people but not as many as there should be, who admire and respect her like I do and I’m sure many others and while some speak up, as well as as the support she gets from loved ones,friends and peers, I wish more people would speak out in support and if they can’t find anything good to say, keep their mouths shut for once ),

I just want to thank you for your strength and bravery and being a great voice not only for conservatives, even though my politics, I tend to be more of a centralist democrat.

I want to thank you for that strength that allows you to passionately hold on to your convictions knowing again while you have had a lot of support, you’ve had a lot of unjustifiable hate that’s repugnant.

I want you to know that beyond politics, you’ve been a tremendous sense of support about being open about your grief about your father’s illness and passing and being an amazing activist regarding the need for more resources and research to help those who get diagnosed with Glioblastoma, in addition to being a safe person to help and support those grieving who lose their loved ones.

As well as being a safe person and a source of support and comfort for women who’ve experienced miscarriages.

You’ve in addition been an amazing support and ally to the LGBTQ+ comunities, as well as well to veterans.

You’ve also done an amazing job in trying ot get across to not only millenials about the importance of people doing their part to take COVID-19 seriously about how necessary social distancing is to help save people’s lives  and you being a great example of how supportive you are of the medical profession and first responders of showing your gratitude to them.

I happen to love what you bring to The View and truthfully it’s hard for me to watch it when you’re not on it.

I also respect you being so vocal in pointing out how quick people blow out of proportion the differences you may have with the other hosts and the fact that without androphobia that you keep reminding people, that this doesn’t happen to men on television who have differences of opinion and it’s not blown up at all, let alone to the degree of everytime you differ in opinion with the other hosts of how much it’s blown up on social media.

I’m sorry circumstances being what they are, that you had to announce your pregnancy perhaps earlier than you would’ve wanted to,  given the circumstances with COVID-19.

Congratulations though on your pregnancy!!!

While I’m glad you’ll be able to be on The View from the safety and it being best foryour wellbeing from your home via satellite, also know that if for some reason it stops working being in your best interest, those of us will understand, caring about your wellbeing.

While it feels yucky, as again, I’m sure you have better avenues of support, again I’m saying this, not thinking you’ll ever read this, but on the off chance you might or again others who feel like me but don’t feel safe expressing what I’ve said in a public fashion, this is why I did this.

Wishing you continued good health, success and much happiness and a safe pregnancy and delivery, and the blessings that motherhood brings with confidence that you’ll be just as wonderful mother, as you are personally with your loved ones and what you are as writer, activist, television contributor to the public.

Regards and much gratitude  from a disabled activist in Minnesota, Lisa

Important Note: Anything not constructive will not be posted, depending on the stupidity of a hateful comment if there is an absent of a threat to myself or anyone else, it may be posted, if it is threatening, as death threats on a small scale aren’t new to me, they will be reported to the proper authorities.

What #MeghanMcCain and #PeteDavidson have in common…


So, what could  Meghan McCain and Pete Davidson possibly have in common?

Other than having dads who were totally amazing human beings and heroes???

Both of them get an enormous amount of media scrutiny for doing jobs and being themselves, both being in the public eye.

And they both get a lot of hate and a lot of death threats from the public via social media and while that’s grotesque in it’s own right, it’s just as bad, if not worse coming from media outlets, saying that they are constantly doing their jobs wrong and questioning how they have their jobs, that they should be cancelled,  among other things that are really no one’s business.

It feels yucky to write this, it just has felt even yuckier to not say anything as I like both Meghan McCain and Pete Davidson on their respective shows.

I’m not trying to make any money off their names, as a non monetized blogger nor do I want any kind of fame.

Neither one of them needs me to defend them, the reason I feel the need to though is no one else really is.

Or calling out the fact that they gained notoriety of some kind and an enormous amount of people decided to hate on them for that, just for doing their jobs, one of them being more conservative and the other being more liberal and and a bunch of people have decided to unnecessarily hate on them for everything about them.

WHY, though?

While I think both of them are doing an admirable job in their jobs and what they do activism for, hopefully others will call out all this unnecessary hate on human beings who’ve done nothing wrong, other than share an opinion or a joke, another didn’t like.

I’ll never understand the mob mentality to make money so unnecessarily, off of hate in the social media era for not only no good reason but for bad reasons that are potentially and so unnecessarily, a physical and emotional health hazard to someone.

And if this behavior can’t or won’t be stopped, it at least needs to be called out and hopefully not just by me, but others, as well.

Important Note: Anything that isn’t constructive will not be posted.


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