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An example of a PATHETIC attempt or guise of Fat Acceptance by a “former” female fat hater of fat females…..

I’m going to make the above blog a QOTD (Question of The Day) , against my better judgement. I think this blog was absolutely AWFUL. Maybe her honesty will make others think twice about fat bigotry they carry (and fat men were completely forgotten in this self serving hunk of crap). It wasn’t awful in it’s execution, it was AWFUL in it’s sentiment.

I happen to be grateful to miss that awful video by some comedienne, when it first went viral, when I was off Facebook from Wednesday night to yesterday morning, although I saw enough about it, yesterday alone.

Maybe to others, it shouldn’t matter why people get rid of their fat hatred, as long as they do. And if you read the comments (which you don’t want to, if you are sensitive to issues like this, as they are AWFUL), it will be evident, that the author’s “mea culpa”  was “muy mierda” (much bullshit, in Spanish).

But I guess to me, it should be that Size Acceptance and Fat Acceptance should be kinda like a human right,  because it’s not right to hate anyone, based upon race, religion, sexual orientation, gender and/or gender identification and weight (thin or fat)….

Can you imagine, if I wrote a blog on how I got over my hatred of of thin people (which I don’t hate thin women, thin bashing is just as repugnant to me as fat bashing is) due to it being misogynist?. Sadly, it probably would be slightly more well received, ONLY,  because there’s a preconceived notion, based upon how much fat bigotry there is, that it’s normal (NO it’s NOT) for  fat women to hate on thin women due to thin privilege and sub-conscious or if not, conscious jealousy.

Kiya, I hope you evolve a little more. Your blog was offensive, to not only fat women but ALL fat people. I’d really like to think that XOJane was more evolved that it apparently is, to think an explanation and a feeble attempt to admit it was wrong under misogyny, is anything helpful in reducing fat hatred.

Even if it does. It’s for all the wrong reasons and hopefully you and your editors at XOJane will understand that.

I just don’t have high hopes that you will or the site will. And that greatly saddens me…..

Note: I don’t buy into the fat hatred excuse of caring about one’s health. One can’t hate others or themselves into the best health for them!!!!!

Questions regarding my blog and the link of the blog I posted:

Do you agree with me or the author of the blog on Elaborate as much or as little as you’d like ….

For those who are trying to overcome fat bigotry, given that it’s likely that someone who engages in a lot of fat hatred actions (i.e. comments on the internet or trolling Fat Acceptance sites and/or blogs) probably has someone they love and/or care about who is larger of size, how would you feel, if you don’t make them a target, that other people DO ? You will not be dinged for your honesty, if you admit doing this and finally realize how hurtful it is.

What needs to be changed so that Fat Acceptance IS finally understood to be a movement that it’s not right to hate others based upon how much space they take up, in your opinion, if you are NOT an activist but finally see that fat hatred is getting worse, not better and it has NOTHING to do with people’s health and can you acknowledge that?

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