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What the NRA can do IMMEDIATELY to make people SAFER…


Disclaimers: I’m not a clinically trained professional in any matters. I’m an activist who just puts her opinions into the digital universe, in hopes that it possibly helps save lives. I’m NOT looking to debate the 2nd amendment nor antagonize grieving communities due to loss of innocent lives due to horrific gun violence.

I’m just trying to wrack my feeble brain, for a solution where people can meet in the middle, to try to find solutions to end all these horrific tragedies that are becoming a horrifying daily reality in our American lives, that’s all.

IF I could ask the head of the CEO of the NRA, a few questions about a few scenarios, this is what I’d ask:

You have a young loved one who dies from anaphylactic shock, because they have a peanut allergy and a product that was cross contaminated accidentally, without warning and that loved one, dies.


You have a loved one who is killed in a car accident because a bar overserves a person too much alcohol, who gets behind the wheel, super drunk and ends up killing your loved one and/or multiple people and innocent people die.

Would you (i.e. the head of the NRA or any of its members) NOT take any action, whatsoever, in those circumstances???

I highly doubt it.

All I’m saying, is that when people sell and/or endorse strongly  a service or manfacture a product they should have an ethical commitment to making sure that product is being used as safe as possible.

ESPECIALLY when it comes to selling weapons and the general public.

I would NEVER own a gun, but I know and respect a lot of people who are proud card carrying members of the NRA.

Who’s judgement I trust enormously, without question or concern.

Instead of being defensive towards grieving communities who’ve lost their loved ones, maybe the NRA could educate more effectively the right way to be a responsible gun owner.

BECAUSE, when a product is being used to kill innocent people EVERYDAY, when innocent others are just going about their daily lives by people who are NOT in control of their lives or their mental fitness, or the product being used to kill, the NRA at this point can continue to double down on their right to own guns and blame the indvidual user.

OR maybe, the NRA could try educating users on responible gun ownership, because the NRA finally thinks of  innocent kids and/or teachers in a school being shot to death, and finally realize that could be their kid or loved one.

Or it could be their innocent loved one who goes to work or a movie and never comes back, due to gun violence.

It’s super easy to do, when the NRA has some  strong honest respected people, across partisan lines, who are responsible proud gun owners who could do PSAs encouraging responsible and ethical gun ownership.

And maybe if the NRA tried that, as well as denouncing those who do NOT use any kind of firearm responsibly, whether it’s a planned mass shooting or a heat of the moment domestic murder/suicide that could possibly save many innocent human lives.

And in maybe doing some kind of education in ethical responsible gun ownership, sponsored by the NRA, both within their communities and outside of them, instead of antagonizing grief stricken communities, we ALL can finally find some common ground to try and prevent all these horrific tragedies, from happening on a daily basis.

I’m NOT asking much, if you really think about it.

And if the NRA won’t bother at a bare minimum, with endorsing comprehensive responsible gun ownership education, then vote in state and federal legislators who WILL.

Note: Naive as blog may be, I’m trying to find some common ground solutions to these tragedies. Constructive dialogue, welcomed. No hate, please.

As I make absolutely NO APOLOGIES, when worrying about the rights to a safe life of a 2nd or 11th grader and/or an innocent adult versus people like mass murderers or  soverign citizens.

Another gentle reminder, when to and when NOT to bring up Mental Illness and massacres…

Disclaimers: I’m very sensitive, as well as heartbroken, for the tragic loss of lives that occurred this week, 2 of them I’ve blogged about in the last week,  alone.

I’m NOT a clinically trained medical, mental health, law enforcement or public safety.
I will always implore people, if they or someone they know, is or suspects to be in crisis, is potentially a danger to themselves or others,  to contact 911 and/or seek appropriate  emergency treatment from clinically trained professionals in an appropriate acute facility.

I know there’s a lot of people who DO NOT want to hear this today.

I don’t want to have to say this, today, but it’s important in the conversations that need to be discussed on reducing the horrifying rates that people, innocent children and adults are being killed  in their homes, their schools and their workplaces.

As well as in their places of worship, hospitals and on the street.

In my blog late last week, I blogged about a mother, who when suffering postpartum psychosis, shot her 3 month baby, her husband and then herself, to death.

That St. Louis mother, was a well respected woman in her community. She volunteered with disadvantaged  people in need. She participated in her church and had a Masters in Social Work, where for reasons that may never be known, of why she horrifyingly  killed her baby, husband and herself with a gun she obtained legally, other than postpartum depression was used in an article, but there’s a difference between postpartum depression and postpartum psychosis but neither should be stigmatized.

The other blog, was the one I wrote yesterday was  about a vile young man, who laid in wait, when filled with irrational deadly rage, attempted to execute as many innocent people as possible, in the horrifying high school mass shooting that happened in Parkland, Florida, yesterday .

I’m not trying to add more devastation and sadness, I like most people,  whether they have mental health diagnoses or not, cannot and will not  EVER  understand, how people can hurt another person with any kind of violence, let alone kill someone.

But I do have mental health issues. Mid late in life diagnosed non aggressive/non violent mental health issues (I can be mean at times, with words, when provoked, but on the defense and I don’t engage in every argument that I’m invited to, either).

I’ve been honest since my first blog on here, on how in both medical and mental health  crisis, I did try to get help, when I could see that I was heartbreakingly, humiliating and so unintentionally subjecting my children due to neglect and the price my children, family and I paid, as a result, of getting no where when trying to access safety nets that are supposed to prevent things that happened to my family, from happening.

I talk about it, so what my children, who are doing great while not because of me, but not despite me, either, so that it doesn’t happen to other families who fell through the cracks, like we did, as I love my children more than anything and anyone, and I wish every day for the last decade I could change what happened, but I can’t.

And it has saved other people’s lives by going public with my medical and mental health issues.

I’m NOT saying that to be self serving.

I get that the abnormality of my life, in not having responsibilities like most people my age, is shocking, what led to that is shocking, but I have tried, so  that we didn’t go through all of that in vain, for those who’ve experienced similar medical and mental health crises, falling through the cracks that are in the system, and with no social support.

The danger though that I fear, is when people, who are so shocked and saddened by such a horrifying tragedy that leads to multiple deaths due to shootings, in a home or a school DO NOT take the time to differentiate the difference between those with diagnosed mental heath conditions that would make them NO MORE LIKELY OR AT RISK to commit any kind of acts of violence, let alone depraved, cowardly, hateful and horrific premeditated mass murders or any kind of depraved inhumane acts of violence.

As much inroads that have been made, to try to destigmatize mental illness, it can be lost in the wake of these horrifying tragedies, but not knowing the difference, can also lead to loss of life and loss of freedom, in people who could and would NEVER ever commit any kind of crime, let alone an act  of violence.

I’m 48 years old. I’ve never seen a gun up close nor touched one. I would never own one. I believe strongly in gun reform initiatives, NOW.

I just believe that an honest and open dialogue about de-stigmatizing mental health, while it wouldn’t have made much of a difference as it applied to someone who heinously planned to execute as many people as possible, with an assault rifle, like in the massacre that happened yesterday,  he should’ve NEVER been cleared to get, regardless of backround checks which no civilian needs an assault rifle or other similar firearms in that category , nor was that thought of when our forefathers over  240 years ago, gave the people,  a constitutional right to bear arms.

But it is possible,  that a non judgemental open extensive and inclusive dialogue about mental health, could’ve made a difference, in the mother with postpartum psychosis who cared enough about people at one time, to do the good she did, but she and her family paid the ultimate price in the stigma that surrounds mental health, especially as it applies to mothers, with mental health issues, whether they know they have them or not.

We won’t know, but I don’t think we’ve tried to remove that kind of stigma, hard enough, openly and honestly, in hopes of those in need being able to get help or for others to recognize warning signs to possibly help prevent those kind of tragedies.

I’ve done the best I can, not ever knowing the grief that too many people have now had to bear due to senseless gun violence. It’s something that more people will die, just as senselessly, if action isn’t taken, immediately.

Gun reform, has to happen, NOW.

But it’s disheartening to see, because of the grief and terror these tragedies can cause that we don’t lose sight, that other weapons or items that are utilized other than guns, can be cause of mass casualties in civilians, if we don’t have the important dialogue about mental health and appropriate initiatives in place to monitor, evaluate, treat and prevent if possible, from mass casualties happening, in those who are diagnosed and those who are NOT, without honest open dialogue on mental health and mental illness in respect to guns and gun control, but with any kind of weapon or means that can cause mass fatalities by someone who’s mentally ill AND violent, or those who snap, and has no respect for the sanctity of human life.

At a minimum, BOTH, if not MORE  initiatives have to happen NOW.

This doesn’t have to be an either or situation. You can rightfully and respectfully demand gun control initiatives NOW, but also demand the conversations and initiatives that need to be in place, to monitor, evaluate, treat/rehabilitate and/or prevent these horrific mass casualties from happening over and over again, regardless of weapon of choice.

As well as initiatives that comprehensively support the loved ones who are lost or injured when tragedies like this take place.

Note: I am open to constructive dialogue. I purposely stay away most of the time, from social media, for many reasons, which doesn’t make me any better or any worse than anyone else.

Point I’m trying to make, requiring and/or a respectful dialogue and demand of action, is constructive.

The epic fights that tend to happen almost over everything, but especially in a topic of this importance, doesn’t help anyone. You can maintain a stance of agreeing to respectfully disagree and or show apathy, if you don’t agree with someone’s point of view (that’s rational)  and or just not engage with those of not of like minded as oneself.

Trying to fight horrific violence with vitriolic verbiage in sound bites on multiple social media platforms,  may not lead to violence, but it hampers from people uniting as quickly as we need to be,  to get what needs to be done to prevent these horrific tragedies, even though they aren’t to blame for them, OK?

Just please try to remember the commonality of purpose, which is to save lives, could be done more expediently, without the squabbling if not hateful rhetoric on multiple sides that occurs both on and off social media and due to politics.

And this may not mean much, but as a disabled activist, because I cannot blog about this topic anymore, where it would be constructive, I can get away in some cases with saying things that other people can’t, without consequence.

So for those of you, who while may believe in due process, I’m still glad prematurely, that Florida has the death penalty.

It just makes me sad, that should the killer who I don’t want to name or talk about, after today, should he get that, will possibly die more humanely, than the innocent people he slaughtered, horrifically physically and emotionally harmed yesterday and that makes me a tiny bit sad, and slightly hypocritical, as it applies to his evil waste of life,but I can live with myself, in the respect of my  NOT  having ANY empathy for mass murderers, rapists and pedophiles. I have a lot a of empathy for lots of populations of people, just not those people, but I think their histories bear importance, if there’s any chance in them not being repeated, but only to an extent where it serves the greater good of people.

Please keep comments if you should have any, constructive. Thanks…

And one last thing, I know this was really wordy, but this isn’t something that can be discussed in a sound bite. I happened to not catch others making similar observations like I have, that could help, if you know of those who have, but done so, more concisely, please let me know. Thanks.


What’s NOT being talked about in the argument for gun control…..

This is another scary blog for me to write, but I believe it needs to be said and hopefully, it will create a dialogue for those of us who both horrified and terrified about all the horrific murders that happen on a daily basis.

There is nothing I’d like to believe more, that regulating guns more, will save innocent lives. If I honestly believed that, I’d be the biggest supporter of gun control. However, for as liberal as I am, this is WHY I don’t believe gun control will help in reducing murder and violent crime.

And the last thing I want to do is offend anyone, let alone, cause more grief in someone who’s lost a loved one who was shot to death and/or has a loved one, if not themselves, who survived a shooting and finds to give purpose to their lives, to advocate for tighter gun control. I don’t want to offend anyone who believes in tighter gun control, PERIOD.

I’m just trying to explain why I don’t believe guns are the problem. And concentrating on one specific weapon, gives people a false sense of security that it will save lives. I’m just trying to explain why, that I don’t believe that to be true.

I think any loss of life or an attempt to kill someone, is a tragic. However, I think instead of all these initiatives or all these resources such as money, time and energy in trying to lobby for tighter gun control, could be better served if it got to the heart of the matter.

That would be  is WHY (and the reasons are various and complex) people feel the need to kill another person and/or commit other acts of violent crime and having initiatives that concentrate on murder and violence prevention.

While I personally don’t know any murderers and I’m not a clinically trained professional in medical and psychiatric matters,  I can best hypothesize though, that if someone wants to kill another person, they aren’t going to change their mind, just because it’s not legal to get a gun.

And I’m obviously aware that I’m NOT the first person to say that.

A person who murders or potential murderer’s or someone who’s predisposed to being violent, their moral code just doesn’t work that way. They don’t have a moral code, obviously. Or they may, but it won’t matter if their thoughts and actions lead to violent harm and/or death of a person or people.

I’m definitely NOT saying that guns don’t scare the HELL out of me, because they do. So do bombs, cars, poisons, intentional fires and airplanes etc.  Because all of them, as well as many other things and even people themselves,  have been used to kill a lot of people at once.

But the scariest thing to me, is NOT the  weapon of choice. It’s the psyche of those who commit violent crime.

What scares me the most and needs to be talked about more, is WHY people KILL in the first place, regardless of the weapon of their choice and having more resources to address that and have initiatives for intervention/evaluation and HOPEFULLY, rehabilitation.

I can’t see the murder and/or other acts of violent crime rate going down, until we realize that a weapon of choice is NOT the problem.

It’s the broken, destructive, warped psyche of the murderers. And social media isn’t helping when it comes to that. If murderer doesn’t die, when they try or attempt to kill or commit other acts of violence against another or a lot of people, so much attention that they get in social media is NOT helping the issue.

It’s actually making it worse. Because anyone capable of violent crime, in their warped minds, feel a sense of reward and/or accomplishment, with all the media attention. Even if they think or actually know they will die, too. I’m not saying someone who’s capable of violent crime, wouldn’t commit it, if we didn’t give so much media attention to the perpetrators of these heinous acts.I just don’t think anyone who’s capable of horrific acts of violence, would think of it as a deterrent, to NOT to commit these acts, because they are afraid of the media attention.

Because they obviously are not afraid of the consequences in anything to do with their heinous acts of violence. If they were, they wouldn’t commit them, in the first place.

I’m honestly hoping this will lead to a constructive dialogue of what needs to change in our society to make it a safer place.

This is what I think. Now, I want to know what you all believe, if you feel you like chiming in. And the reason why, if you want to elaborate. And I don’t mind if you disagree, just keep it respectful.

As always, if you or anyone you know, is in crisis and capable of harming themselves or others, please seek immediate professional guidance and help, whether it be law enforcement and/or assistance from a clinically trained professional.

Note: And as always, I always will welcome debate. Any disrespectful and/or triggering comments, will NOT be posted…. Thanks….

And also note, I NEVER have and would NEVER own a gun. But I would defend someone’s right to carry a firearm, for self protection (and that’s a whole another blog and I’m not getting into that, today, with this blog)

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