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A NOT so gentle reminder about the medical and mental health HAZARDS of fireworks, not just around Independence Day but any day in the #COVID19 era…

(REPOST/Originally published 2017, due to the safety issues this blog addresses, especially now in the COVID-19 era, as well as with all the social unrest thought it was worth re-working and re-publishing)


For those who shoot off fireworks near their cabin, that doesn’t have any neighbors within a 100 acre radius,  this blog isn’t for you….Although it still might help due to the safety issues consumer fireworks, pose on people,pets and property.

As Independence Day approaches, this needs to be said. I LOVE elaborate  firework displays, as far as municipal/professional firework displays, executed by pyrotechnic professionals , just like most people, who might be sad that they are cancelled this year because of COVID-19.

While I don’t have PTSD triggers from fireworks ( I do from other life issues), lots of people and pets, DO have PTSD triggers from fireworks.

Although the noise from fireworks, does cause physical and emotional distress for me personally, as I get older and more sensitive to noise and light,  but can’t be classified as a PTSD trigger, as it for so many people.

And that’s one of the  the reasons for this blog. The safety issues that consumer fireworks can pose, is the other reason for this blog.

As well as  the reason why this blog is being re-written, is given the increase in amount of consumer firework usage in 2020, which while great for makers of those products, it’s not so great for so many where the noise is nuisance at best, to causing panic and fear and increase risk of injury being an additional unnecessary health threat in already overworked healthcare system.

The above links do explain the PTSD triggers and physical and emotional distress that fireworks can cause in our military people with PTSD, babies and toddlers and pets.

Consumer fireworks can also cause PTSD triggers in people who have survived shootings and/or have lost a loved one, who either died or survived a being shot by a gun.

Going into this weekend and the holiday weekend afterwards and going forward, this is a gentle reminder, that if one loves to shoot off consumer fireworks, please understand you could be cause psychological if not physical harm to both people and pets.

So please keep in mind, that while even if it may be legal for you to shoot off consumer fireworks, it’s not a good idea for multiple reasons to do so over and over on any given day or night.

In addition to the PTSD trigger  issues that it may trigger in what I said in above and in links, 8 people died  and 11,400 people were injured due to consumer fireworks in 2013. That’s an increase from years prior, as more states have made them legal.

Just because they are legal, doesn’t mean they aren’t a safety hazard both physically and mentally, is the point I’m trying to get across.

And if you’re going to do so, do so on the 4th of July, around dusk, when people expect to have to deal with the noise from them.

Any other day and any other time,  makes it harder on those with PTSD triggers and is still a safety threat.

So if you wouldn’t drive a car or operate a boat, intoxicated, don’t think that you’re any better off personally or to the public , if you’re randomly shooting fireworks, to either celebrate the 4th of July or any other holiday or personal celebration, multiple times on random days or nights.

There are better ways to show that you’re patriotic, that doesn’t have an adverse effect on others, like consumer fireworks DO.

Don’t even bother trying to argue with me, that this  a free country and you can do what you like, just because it may be legal, where you live.

People who fought for your freedoms, are being adversely effected by consumer fireworks being launched on any other day or time, so you’re not honoring them.

What you’re actually doing is showing that you’re a jerk, with a total disregard for people, pets and the general public, by launching fireworks at any other time, than dusk on the 4th of July.

So if boredom is one of the reasons that consumer firework sales and usage is up this year, instead of scaring babies, toddlers and pets unnecessarily, how about learning a new skill?

A great wise witty blogger has suggested for those so bored during the pandemic and maybe that’s why some are shooting off fireworks willy nilly, how about doing  something quietly useful, like learning how to save a life:

There’s many ways to honor our nation and our nation’s birthday without explosives, exploitation, cancel culture and death threats, just cause someone differs in aesthetics and opinions than one another, that does actually  honor and celebrates our great diverse nation, not divides and tries to decimate it.

Note: Respectful difference of opinions will be published. Feedback as far as those who suffer from PTSD triggered  by consumer fireworks are also welcomed.

Disrespectful comments are not going to be welcomed , NOR  will they be published.

My blog, while NOT a dictatorship, ain’t a democracy, either. So please don’t waste your time or mine, with anything hateful.  Thanks!!!!

Sending thoughts of thanks,love and care to the #MinneapolisPoliceDepartment and to any law enforcement officer who may need it…


IMPORTANT DISCLAIMERS: I’m not here to defend to the actions of one police officer who committed a heinous crime to a black man that led to his death 9 days ago and the other 3 who were complicit or to cause hurt in a society where black people ARE still adversely effected, if not judged or killed by the color of their skin.

HOWEVER, I identify as someone who does care about human rights and systemic bias and hatred that does ALSO occur outside of racism, which I’ve already made clear I find repugnant and have risked my safety when calling out white supremacy and sovereign citizens and there’s a need for change immediately, a long time against systemic racism.

But, there’s also a war being waged against an entire a profession.

A profession that knows everyday they go to work, they may NOT come home but end up in the morgue in the municipality which they served.

I’ve blogged about the one non existent issue with the MPD a year ago, when there should’ve been one when I called 911 and no one responded to my call for help.

Again, I’ve gotten death threats before, normally because I’ve called out White Supremacists, Sovereign Citizens for hate crimes against blacks and Muslims and people who hate on others due to weight issues, issues based on differences of aesthetics.

So, if you are completely devoid of rational thought, just because someone has the opinion that an entire profession or in this case, an entire department of law enforcement is under hate and scrutiny globally, because of the despicable last actions on the job of 4 officers and feel the need to want to take me out, just let me know where to meet you, as the community I live in, shouldn’t have to be subjected to hate or violence based upon the fact I cannot keep silent and watch an entire profession, let alone up until 6 months ago, when I moved out of Downtown Minneapolis, after living there for almost 7 years, vilify the entire Minneapolis police force that myself and others of all socio-economics, race and genders who have felt protected by.


Dear MPD,

Saying I’m SO sorry that your entire department is being vilified and no one is willing to call out how wrong that is.

When I lived in Downtown Minneapolis, I lived in a building and a block where there was quite a bit of crime, due to opioid addiction despite the owner’s attempt to keep us safe as possible, whether in my building, my block or around the city.

I thanked every police officer, every fire department member (which they were at my building a lot) just like I did with HCMC EMS, who also was at my former residence a lot during the ENTIRE duration of my residing in Downtown Minneapolis.

I’m not saying my saying thank you makes me a wonderful person, cause it doesn’t as I’m kind of an introverted coward.

I said thank you though because it was all of your bravery and hard work and attempt to keep the city as safe as possible and be there when people were in crisis, where a simple thank you then, was not anywhere enough to express the gratitude I have for you and for all the great peace officers out there.

I know it took me awhile to get brave enough to say this publicly and I honestly believe I can’t be the only one who’s heartbroken at the hatred that’s been directed to the entire Minneapolis Police Department, let alone peace officers around the nation.

I didn’t have to be a niece of a NYPD officer to feel this way.

It’s surrealistic in the 2 years and 4 months since Superbowl 52, where people applauded the efforts of the MPD to keep people safe, that court of public opinion could change so drastically, with so much hate coming from people who NEVER in set foot in Minnesota, let alone Minneapolis who have no idea of how wonderful so many of you are.

Anyways, I am so sorry that all of you have to suffer, that others put shame that is not for every officer to bear, given your sacrifices and willingness to put your life on the line to save others.

Please know that others do care and are heartbroken for your suffering and some of us can never thank you enough for your service, the lives you have helped,if not saved and sacrifice.

With much gratitude, the still wordy disabled activist blogger but now former Minneapolis/ Hennepin County resident, Lisa …..

Important Note: Actually… Death threats to myself WILL be reported to appropriate law enforcement agencies.

I cannot and will NOT allow anyone to think it’s okay to threaten someone’s life, without potential legal consequences, just based upon a respectful verbal expression of disagreeing what’s wrong and what’s right, whether the threat is made against my life or any other, that’s one of the reasons why I’ve written this blog and many others on violent crime prevention and awareness.

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