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What #MeghanMcCain and #PeteDavidson have in common…


So, what could  Meghan McCain and Pete Davidson possibly have in common?

Other than having dads who were totally amazing human beings and heroes???

Both of them get an enormous amount of media scrutiny for doing jobs and being themselves, both being in the public eye.

And they both get a lot of hate and a lot of death threats from the public via social media and while that’s grotesque in it’s own right, it’s just as bad, if not worse coming from media outlets, saying that they are constantly doing their jobs wrong and questioning how they have their jobs, that they should be cancelled,¬† among other things that are really no one’s business.

It feels yucky to write this, it just has felt even yuckier to not say anything as I like both Meghan McCain and Pete Davidson on their respective shows.

I’m not trying to make any money off their names, as a non monetized blogger nor do I want any kind of fame.

Neither one of them needs me to defend them, the reason I feel the need to though is no one else really is.

Or calling out the fact that they gained notoriety of some kind and an enormous amount of people decided to hate on them for that, just for doing their jobs, one of them being more conservative and the other being more liberal and and a bunch of people have decided to unnecessarily hate on them for everything about them.

WHY, though?

While I think both of them are doing an admirable job in their jobs and what they do activism for, hopefully others will call out all this unnecessary hate on human beings who’ve done nothing wrong, other than share an opinion or a joke, another didn’t like.

I’ll never understand the mob mentality to make money so unnecessarily, off of hate in the social media era for not only no good reason but for bad reasons that are potentially and so unnecessarily, a physical and emotional health hazard to someone.

And if this behavior can’t or won’t be stopped, it at least needs to be called out and hopefully not just by me, but others, as well.

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