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In Defense of Dr. Walter Palmer……..

While chiming in with a very unpopular opinion, is terrifying me, I can’t remain silent. While I wrote this blog last night, I’m only publishing it, now. Because I can’t take all the hating, any longer on this man. I was more afraid to publish this blog, than I was to publish the blog I wrote about the massacre in Paris earlier this year (where I mock a TERRORIST group) or the blog that I took issue with a cop killer here in Minnesota, as he’s an example of why we need the death penalty.

But I think my reason for being afraid of consequences of this blog are understandable given the circumstances. I just can’t keep my mouth shut on something I believe is wrong.

You couldn’t be on social media yesterday (and it’s only getting worse, now, today)  without hearing about a Minnesota dentist who killed a beloved lion, Cecil, earlier this month, in Zimbabwe.

While I’ve seen this go viral, I’ve literally seen hundreds of articles be posted on social media (although I think there are thousands of articles at this point in time, at a minimum), as well as opinions from Facebook friends, that I absolutely adore, who are to an extent, justifiably, absolutely outraged that this occurred.

(Note: Although I’m a little more than mildly curious, if how many people gave a shit about lions and other animals  being poached in Zimbabwe before last Tuesday. I willl give Ricky Gervais some leeway as he’s been an animal activist before the world started hating on Dr. Palmer)

However this man has a family. His career as a dentist, is most likely, over. He’s receiving death threats. He’s being more reviled than the man who shot and killed 2 people and injured 9 people at a movie theater in Louisiana, last week.

You get people like Sharon Osbourne who says on Twitter, ” I hope that loses his home, his practice & his money. He has already lost his soul..”

Um, Sharon, didn’t your “batshit” crazy husband bite the head off a bat???

Point is, Dr. Palmer,  has been tried and convicted of murder, in the court of social media by millions of people, now. And by quite a few people, who are saying that he should be KILLED in the same fashion.

Do you realize how FUCKING hypocritical this makes so many people??? I’m not saying what Dr. Walter Palmer did, was ok. Because it’s not. But you don’t show outrage for killing either an animal or human being by wishing bodily harm, if not death on a human being.

SO……PLEASE explain to me, if you treat you friends and/or your family who fish (I’d be right up there with not wanting to die by being shot with an arrow, a gun or a hook in my mouth) or who hunt other animals, like deer. like this man is being treated or how would you feel if he was a family member or a friend???

What I’ve seen now, is that a murder of an innocent animal, while extremely sad, is uniting people in droves who may differ in any other types of beliefs whether it be religion, politics, etc , in hatred for another human being.

You want to make a difference while having your voice heard about animal cruelty, violence and/or death ? Push for major restrictions on hunting animals. Period. Just make sure you INCLUDE all animals whether it be a lion, deer,a bear, cow, chicken, rattlesnake or a bee. Whether it be in Africa or North America, or anywhere else on Earth.

And  make sure you do a backround check, on any of the animals you may eat or wear, of how they died, before anyone so viciously rips apart a human being like this, ok? Because what this man is being put through, is NOT okay.

And with how many people die or are  slowly dying, a horrible death, unnecessarily due to starvation and disease in Africa, EVERY SINGLE FUCKING DAY, makes this even worse, as far as our priorities in a society of what we consider newsworthy.

And the extent people go to, to hate on another human being like this, is NEVER the answer to fighting injustice….

Update: Dear PETA, calling for this man’s death, is beyond repugnant. While I can respect the work you do for animals who are being abused or suffer a fate, like Cecil did, caring about animals and people are NOT an either/or situation. Being a poacher with a sucky hobby, doesn’t warrant a punishment that results in a human’s death.

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