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Keeping Away From The Kardashians

And while you’re at it, keep me away from all the Jenners, Disicks, Odoms and most definitely West….

I REALLY didn’t want to write another Kardashian blog….

And truthfully, when Bette Midler posted what she did on social media, yesterday, I did share it on Facebook, I thought it was hilarious.

Like most of the world, did.

Truthfully, I don’t like slut shaming. Meaning the slut shaming Kim got from posing nude. Even though Bette, described like how the majority of the world felt about another naked Kim Kardashian West picture. ¬†And I keep asking myself, as this is like my 4th Kardashian related blog, what bugs me about them, so bad , that I need to keep writing about them.

I think what urks me, as an activist, is they’ve made millions and millions of dollars, in making people feel bad about themselves and setting themselves as an example, people should aspire to be like.

I realized something, though. While I’ve picked on the men they surround themselves with, other than Caitlyn Jenner (who I respect now is a woman) , who I’ve left alone, as an LBGTQ activist, but don’t agree with her politics, I realized something tonight.

The Kardashian women are just as misogynist, if not more so, than the men that they keep company with. They have to be the most ageist, sizeist and sexist pieces of crap, to the likes this world has never seen, before they became famous.

I used to watch their show, a long time ago. I realized then, it was more nauseating than entertaining.

I look at them though, this way, going forward.

I make under $13,000 a year on Social Security. I’m heavyset. I’m not pretty. I have multiple medical and mental health disabilities.

I don’t envy them, though. I don’t wish them harm, I don’t want to be like them, nor would I want my daughter to be like them.

I’d rather be my true self and be poor, than be that hateful and manipulative like they are and that rich.

And going forward, I’d rather concentrate on celebrities (whether I blog about them or not) like Bette Midler. Who is an super talented treasure and classy entertainer, a legend for the right reasons, as well as an activist, then think about them, anymore. And her other poor cheap shots at Chloe Grace Moretz (as you see, I don’t mention children like Kylie and Kendall in my blog and nor do I mention Rob, who I believe probably has the weight issues he does, due to meds, I’d bet my hands on it, not saying that with stigma, but to remove it) as well as the other celebrities she took petty and mean shots at.

As well as the other topics I write about. At this point, I just wish they would go away, and while I’m not the only one, I don’t need to be thinking about them. Or wasting anymore of my time, writing about them.

I just wish I didn’t have to go off the internet at large, to avoid a Kardashian related story.

And I truly believe, Robert Kardashian would be horrified of how his family turned out, as they get older, they get farther away from doing the right thing, but managing to do so much harm and profit at the expense of people’s psyches and pocketbooks, whether you love them or hate them.

It’s just too bad their last name wasn’t Hanson. We probably would’ve never been exposed to them, like we have, if it was. “Hanging with the Hansons”, wouldn’t have had the same appeal and the world would be a much better place for millions of us.

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