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“Phucking Photoshop/pers”……

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Okay…. ┬áSo this “artist” dude (David Lopera) is going viral, as well as his “work”, as he has been using Photoshop to make thin female celebrities, fat. People aren’t apathetic to this. Some people love it, some people hate it, including myself. It doesn’t help the body diversity work that I try to do. It’s a form of thin shaming using heterosexual male fat fetishism and it doesn’t help anyone.

How is this news, though? Not that it matters, because now every news source, is jumping on this story. If you go to what is at the crux of what is most concerning to Size Acceptance advocates, such as myself, it’s accepting the diversity in body types. It’s definitely not shaming people into being thinner or fatter than what they are meant to be. And it’s certainly NOT altering people’s pictures, accordingly to what their particular demand is.

That’s demeaning to all of us. Especially women. Because I don’t see this happening to men. But it also hurts men, because at their request, women can be digitally altered to suit their fancy. And they have certain physical traits that they are conditioned to find attractive, just based upon exterior, alone. Not all men are like this, but enough are. In all fairness, women have physical traits, that they are inherently attracted, to, as well.

I think most female celebrities featured, aren’t going to lose much sleep, over this. Even though if they’d be angry and it would be justified, that someone is doing this and that almost everyone on the internet, finds it interesting (especially if you throw in a pic of a Kardashian). But why is it interesting, the pics themselves? If anything has relevance, to those of us in Size Acceptance, it’s people’s reactions. In my case, if they are positive. Because this is definitely NOT an example of what Size Acceptance and/or Fat Acceptance is supposed to look like.

He ain’t far off the mark, when it comes to things. I know in the past, when dating, for a lot of men, at my current size, I was too fat. However for men who truly adore plus size women, I FUCKING ain’t fat enough. And truthfully in the past, I’ve found that to be a colossal mindfuck.

I’ve written in other blogs, of exactly how harmful I think it is, that we as a society have NEVER been more obsessed about body size. And how that’s adversely effects, everyone.

All I’m trying to say is that, we’d better off paying attention of what people are like on the inside. Versus our obsession and distortion of what they are on the outside and/or on a digital image that’s altered…..

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