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Mappy Hannumas? Herry Chrismanukkah? OH NO!!!

So I don’t know what’s more disconcerting….

That I’m blogging when bored out of my mind….

OR that boredom led me to find out that the 1st night of Hanukkah falls on Christmas Eve this year (thanks Google!!!)…

Now if you think my cognitive disabilities did a number on my English, it really did a number on my Hebrew and the little that I recall about Judiasm, period.

But I still remember a few years ago, writing about the whole Thanksgivikah situation on social media. So I thought I’d get a head start on blogging about any potential issues that this could (like really NEVER) present this December.

And I’m not really worried about this, to tell you the truth. I’m kinda REALLY worried about the 2016 Presidential election. And that’s really too scary for my lil feeble mind to have to keep worrying about, so I’ll make whole potential Chrismanukkah situation an issue for me, and if you’d like to borrow it, as an issue, you’re welcome.

So here’s the SIX ¬†potential problems that we/you could be facing this Hanumas/Chrismanukkah:

6. Making sure you don’t mix up the Hanukkah/Christmas wrapping when wrapping presents this year.

5. Same with the holiday cards, unless you already send just “Happy Holidays” cards.

4. The time constraints if you’re a multi-cultural family of having to go to a BAZILLION Hanukkah/Christmas/New Year’s Eve celebrations, it’s not like you aren’t busy enough, right?

3. Trying to explain to your spouse’s 88 year old great aunt from Watertown, SD who Adam Sandler is, when you have 2 Hanukkah based songs (basically there’s that and the dreidel song, us Jews don’t have a lot to choose from) and if one of them is Adam Sandler’s Hanukkah Song is one of them, that it’s kind of in jest, on your playlist, compared to the other 92,361 CHRISTMAS songs on your play list, this Christmas Eve.

2. Of trying to be creative in the kitchen in coming up with something that merges both holidays together. A bouche de noel made out of potato latkes? I don’t think so. That would be right behind fruitcake, as a detestable holiday food.

1. Last but not least in multi-cultural celebrated holidays homes. While you’ll have to decide how you want to separate presents, etc. One thing that doesn’t belong under a Christmas tree? A lighted menorah. Don’t need to include the fire department on your list of people visiting your house this Christmas Eve.

Last but not least, don’t forget Kwanzaa on December 26th.

And if someone comes up with a Yarmistletoe (something I just invented), I wanna cut of the profits, if you actually sell one.

So someone tell Veronica, it will soon be Chrismanukkah…..

Note: There are a few things to be mad, sad and afraid of, in the next few months… This blog not be one of them. Any 88 year old great aunts from Watertown, SD who are Adam Sandler fans and love the Hanukkah Song, I DO ¬†apologize for potentially insulting you or hurting your feelings.

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