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“MAYBE I GOT MINE… BUT YOU’LL ALL GET YOURS!!!”…..Taylor Swift/”Look What You Made Me Do”

Lookie here, it’s my very first music/video REVIEW!!! (edited 5 minutes after originally publishing, cause I apparently forgot my Adele/Hello review, that I blogged about 2 years ago, so we’ll just call this my first SUPER POSITIVE  music/video review, OK?)

It kind of took me awhile to get to listening to her music.

Although I’ve known about her for awhile, just liking her collection of songs, from the start of her conversion to pop from country songs, only like 2 years ago.

I always thought what Kanye West, what he did to her at the 2009 VMAs,  well when I found out about it, in 2010, beyond repugnant.

I’ve made mentioned of that, in past blogs. As well as other things I thought that he’s done, that’s been either also horrible to ridiculous.

And truthfully, I was hoping not to EVER have to make mention about Kanye West or Kim Kardashian, on a blog of mine, again.

I may not be on social media, very much.

But truthfully, I’m a COLOSSAL You Tube junkie…. Usually for music type videos, news, etc. On occasion for vlogs…. And okay, I’ll come clean as Homeless/Affordable Housing activist, I love seeing videos of both tiny to really expensive housing.

I managed to be in awe, after I got the chance to see lyric video for #LYWMMD on Friday and catching the premiere of the video, last night, was transformative for me, in a way I badly needed.

In the 7 1/2 years of having to rebuild my tiny crappy life, while I try to use this blog for greater good, as you can see, I’m not shy nor am I immune to the hate I can experience.

Especially, as of late, if you caught some of my more recent blogs, this year.

While I’ve talked about a little a bit, about the issues of friends of who hurt me badly, recently, and a lot about the bullying I’ve experienced lifelong from both strangers and people that I know, the outlet that I have for coping with that, MOST of the time, is music.

And I get comfort and pleasure from the song of #LWYMMD and while I’m sad that it was needed, in the first place, for her sake.

But I guess for my sake, it provides a safe way to cope with the hate and hurt that others have caused me that I’ve never had before.

And it’s awful, throughout her career that she’s been attacked the way she has, not only as an artist, but as a young woman who’s had  to constantly defend herself both in the past and presently.

But she did so, perfectly in the last 3-4 days, with #LWYMMD.

As well as fighting back in the last few weeks during her court case, where she was horrifically physically violated.

As far as Kanye is concerned, has been an emotional terrorist to Taylor, from 2009 to present time, and hopefully now Kimye, will just finally leave her alone!!!

As far as the song and video, possibly calling other people out, the people that she has reportedly done so, in such a stunning and iconic way, as well as being able to make fun of herself, in the most brilliant video and song lyrics I’ve ever seen and  heard, shows that she’s better than ever and ain’t going anywhere soon and I’m really happy about that.

Thank You, Taylor Swift!!!!

Note: Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, however your “narrative” will NOT be posted, if you don’t agree. Don’t even try, OK? As I really don’t wanna be the blogger that will be starring in your bad dreams, should you go out of your way to make me feel bad.

Cause I got like all day and all night and new anthem to fortify me, against miserable people who don’t have anything better to do than hate on people, should you choose to start a fight with me, about this blog or the other 139 blogs that this disabled blogger has managed to put out, at this point in time, should you put me on the defense  ;)~

An Open Letter to Kim Kardashian West


Dear Kim,

I would like to ask you for 50 million dollars. Let me explain. I’m a very  POOR person. You make more money a minute by tweeting than I do in a year, on SSDI (which you may not know, stands for Social Security Disability Insurance). You’d be horrified to know  little one can do to survive on $12k a year.

I WAS a genius. Now I’m this  complex medically, mentally and cognitively disabled chick. And I do want to help and save the world, maybe not in the same way like your husband with his um, talent. But it bothers me that people have serious medical and mental health issues and are stigmatized. It bothers me that an innocent person can die, by going to school, to work or get on a plane due to all this violence that’s happening lately.

Yes, I’m personally poor. I can’t buy furs and houses for my family. That’s why my kids are living with my parents (well the poor issue and the stupid disabilities that hit me when I was 34). If I had 50 million dollars, think of the houses I could get for my children??? The places I could take them, as I haven’t been able to take them out of state (I live in a 280 sq foot efficiency in Minneapolis, I’m sure North’s toy box is bigger than my ENTIRE apartment)  for like ELEVEN years!!! And we had to fly coach and stay in a crappy Marriott Towne Suite and I had to drive a crappy mid size sedan cause the only way I could afford then, as a working single mom of 2, was to book a crappy trip via Hotwire. It was horrible!!!  Yes, I did go to Vegas for the 1st time in my life (it also was the 1st time of my going west of Sioux Falls, SD, at the age of 45!!!)  about 4 1/2 months ago, traveling coach, I couldn’t even afford to take luggage, though.

With the 50 million dollars you would give me, I could afford to get my haircut more than twice a year. Maybe take my daughter and some help (being disabled SUPER sucks) to Walt Disney World, as she’s almost 13 and has never been there. I could buy my 23 year old son a nicer car, as he has to work hard, so I don’t expect him to help me, but I can’t drive anymore and maybe if I buy him a car and have another 40 million dollars after buying houses, lying around, he could work as an artist, too, as that’s his dream, but he has to go to work at a HORRIBLE regular job, 45 hours a week, just to make a living.

I, super duper  promise if you give me 50 million dollars I will take that mean, wordy and profanity laden blog (blogs, SORRY)  that I wrote about your family, off of here. And I will be sorry, too, that I wrote it. And I promise I won’t make fun of Kanye or his music anymore.I swear to you, I’ll be the biggest Kardashian/West fan that ever walked the earth!!! I’ll also help the homeless and try to raise even MORE money, for children’s cancers, crap I already do for FREE (which you would think I’d know better, as I was raised in a super hardworking upper middle class Jewish family!!!), in addition to the advocacy I do for medical and mental health activism.

Sincerely yours, FOREVER (IF you give me the 50 million dollars), Lisa

p.s. I’ll EVEN pretend to hate that speech Taylor Swift gave at the Grammy’s last night!!!

I guess someone should’ve been “Keeping Up with Kanye”….



I am not going to mince words, as I never had a great love for Kanye West, more like a bunch of disgust, for someone who I always thought of as a meglomaniac, narcissistic, no talent and  misogynist asshole from HELL,  starting when he interrupted Taylor Swift at the 2009 VMAs and if you’ve read other blogs of mine, especially a certain specific Kardashian blog, I really don’t like the Kardashian/Jenner/West clan.

So, I realize  I’m not telling you anything new, or that you don’t know, when at first he talks about running for president, than he disses his ex-girlfriend Amber Rose, then he supports Bill Cosby, where I normally wouldn’t compare another man to a RAPIST, until they support them. Then he comes out with an album that is shameful in what his reference to his horrible lyrics about Taylor Swift, which he goes on to say  “I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex / Why? I made that bitch famous”.

And says he did it with his wife’s full support, which actually in a altruistic way, I actually am worried about Kim Kardashian West’s emotional state. As there’s been something that reeks of control and emotional abuse by Kanye to Kim, since they got serious.

While there’s not much that I’ve ever had to say that’s positive about the Kardashian/Jenner/West/DIsCK/Odom peeps, I have to say about that women, including “momager” Kris Jenner, has a way of getting them to make a lot of money, from the likes we’ve NEVER ever seen.

While it’s obscene the amount of money they make, I do begrudgingly admire Kardashian/Jenner work ethic. I can’t even identify words appropriate for how Kanye West makes money. Or now how he spends it, to get into debt like that. Hence the title of this blog. As we already know everything else about Kanye West due to his amazing ability to self promote, to a level that  is ONLY rivaled by his wife and the rest of her family.

But, I really don’t think anyone in “the family” knew about his debt (if they did, that will be manna from Heaven, for this blogger, as I and I’m sure others on social media will have even more fun, if that’s the case) . I’d be really surprised though they’d risk all the self promotion Kanye did, so grandiosely, as well as what they did, for him to suddenly drop a debt bomb and money demand from Mark Zuckerberg, if they knew he was in debt, especially to that magnitude.

I really have to believe that Mark Zuckerberg is not going to bail out Kanye West, in any way. And I really hope he speaks up about the the crazy situation that Kanye has now put him in.

I’m the last person on the planet to judge anyone’s parenting style. But if Kris Jenner loves her kids at all, having them be so supportive of 3 cheating drug addicts (Lamar,Scott and Tyga)  and one man (Kanye) who apparently really HATES women, as people, that’s just insanity. Not that the other 3 are that much better, as far as their respect for women. They just are a little more on the downlow on how they conduct their crap.

I can only hope that Kris puts people before profits for once, as it applies to her daughters (and don’t even get me started on Rob, who I still feel kinda sorry for). And it would help if people could realize that at the end of the day, these are really a bunch of great fake looking but supremely screwed up people and if there wasn’t a market for them, they’d maybe stop trying to sell everything and anything about themselves.

But they’ll only do that when forced as when people stop wanting to buy it. Whether it be merchandise, other kind of endorsements and anything to do with social media.

I can only hope that with all this latest KanyeKrazy is enough, for people to finally say “enough is enough”… And if nothing else, ban him from award shows, like for the rest of his miserable life.

And for Kim’s sake, just like Kourtney  who both have daughters, would they want their daughters having serious relationships with men like they have? I can ONLY hope they wouldn’t want for their daughters.

I don’t envy any of them, let’s make that clear. I’d rather be my not so attractive, heavier set, complex medically, mentally and cognitively disabled self who makes $12k a year, on SSDI, but wears a hair shirt on the internet, for my mistakes that I’ve made that horribly hurt my children, for FREE, than to make money and gain attention in the manner that Kanye West, The Kardashians/Jenners, Odom and Disick, have.

I normally wouldn’t comment on celebrity, alone. Nor make judgments, so harshly. But when people make millions due to multiple mental illness issues, major manipulation of others and a promotion of misogyny and rape, I can’t keep quiet. And I’m not capable of  being anything other than absolutely disgusted.

And I’m NOT sorry at all, for saying this……

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