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In honor of fallen HERO police officer Christopher Ryan Morton…



Trigger Warnings/Disclaimers: I say some very strongly worded opinions in this very serious blog.

Problem with my normal serious blog disclaimers, in this instance? It involves a drug addicted mentally ill man who murdered one police officer and shot 2 others, and shortly after he died and there’s some talk about some misdirection in the 911 call that led those police officers to the home, that the officers were shot at.

I’m saying what I am, using strong language and an unusual controversial opinion, in hopes that it can potentially prevent such horrific tragedies from occurring, again.

Maybe not all of them, but I have to start somewhere, as well as in my case, I can get away with super controversial strongly worded opinions with less consequences, than most people.

And if anything I can potentially say, can possibly save one innocent life from being taken this way, I’m going to try, as an activist but non clinically trained professional.

I just heard, given not being on social media much, about a news story that’s starting to go viral, about 3 Clinton, Missouri police officers that were shot when responding to a 911 call.

From what I saw in both the CNN news article and then local Missouri news, when I went to do more research, they were shot by a man with mental health issues, in a home that had methamphetamines.

30 year old Officer Christopher Ryan Morton, a war veteran, was tragically killed and the other 2  officers injured.

The meme featured above, was kind of on purpose.

As someone who advocates for removal of stigma that goes along with serious mental health issues, with or without addiction of any kind of drugs, illegal or not, I CANNOT and WILL NOT defend  ANY mentally ill addict who murders a police officer (or anyone else, for the matter) in ANY way for ANY reason.

It goes way beyond that.

I wrote a blog that I NEVER promoted, about a year ago, stating that if people who have mental health issues, rage issues and/or drug addiction ones, find themselves in crisis and will NOT seek immediate and intensive help, which I beg of people in crisis who are at risk of hurting themselves and innocent others, but can’t or choose not to, I just wish they would just  kill themselves, ONLY.

Seriously, why can’t we talk about this more???

The last thing I want to encourage as a mental health activist who concentrates on suicide prevention, is to encourage suicidal ideation, in innocent people.

BUT,  I have NO have a problem with encouraging just suicide, in people who are capable of murdering another, if they can’t be prevented (and/or rehabilitated) in hurting or killing innocent others.

It can potential save innocent people’s lives, to realize not everyone can be rehabilitated.

If rage, mental health and illegal drug addiction and illegal drug dealing, leads someone down a path where they are a risk of hurting innocent others, that’s the most NOBLE thing they can do, is just to take themselves out.

I’m not saying my heart isn’t hurt a little bit about the innocent people, that the murderer left behind and the little his family has been mentioned, I don’t think they realize you can’t love or legislate addiction and/or serious mental health issues away, nor behaviors that can tragically lead to innocent people being murdered.

I know as an activist, where I’m lucky I’ve NEVER been tested in dealing with people who find me as a result of my blog, where they may be in medical or mental health crisis, but they are sadly, only potentially at risk of hurting themselves, which if they are acutely suicidal, it’s not something I would even try to help them with, in those cases, I find out enough about them, to contact emergency services in their area.

As well as urging anyone I help, to be under the care of both medical and clinically trained professionals, whether their circumstances are acute or not.

But this isn’t about me, other than saying controversially, that anyone who is capable of murder in cold blood an innocent person whether it be in a domestic situation, school or workplace shooting, a domestic violence situation or in this case, a police officer, kill yourself ONLY.

It’s way more noble to do that, than to not only kill innocent others, but because they and their families won’t be the only victims, the family and friends of the murderers are collateral damage, too.

My heart is broken for his family and friends,  Clinton, Missouri, as well as the men who were injured in this shooting and the family and friends of the officer who was killed that Officer Morton, took his place in the Clinton Police force.

Note: Again, I make NO apologies for what I’ve said and how I said it, OTHER than if it offends those in mourning for the families and friends of this fallen hero officer, the officer of the injured.

IF you can think of a better way in trying to think up of ideas that might help in prevention of these senseless tragedies, I’m amenable to a dialogue.

IF NOT, then feel free to say what you have to say in your own social media spaces or blog/s.

As I will reiterate one last time, as someone who thinks more liberal about other serious topics, I do believe in the death penalty and I don’t believe in people getting off on murder charges due to mental health reasons and drug/alcohol addiction, whether they were plotted for a long time or in the heat of the moment, as exhibited in this blog or past blogs where I’ve discussed the tragic murders of other peace officers.

And unfortunately, there is way too many murders of innocent people or heros like Officer Morton, where they tragically are murdered and their killers die, right after.

And if they don’t, I’m NOT sorry that I don’t think they should be shown any mercy, whatsoever.


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