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“Perspective is in the eye, experiences and the mind of the beholder”…


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Trigger Warnings/Disclaimers: This blog is INTENDED to do activism for causes I care about and with no intention to harm or offend anyone, that I might not agree without what they say or how they go about doing something.

That being said, while some of today’s events, necessitate my saying this, my opinions are my own and aren’t of any organization or entity that I do activism for.

No profanity and this shouldn’t be very long.


It’s cold out. And while I can say, hey, as a complex disabled activist, that I don’t feel good and I’m exhausted from the sensory overload that living so close to the Super Bowl that’s now over and other than needing some major traffic control, in my neighborhood hopefully people will get to their destinations, safely, I’m grateful of what’s good in my life and fully aware of my privileges.

What made the news both locally and nationally, that I know of, was that certain groups decided several weeks ago, at least to protest the Super Bowl for different reasons.

I could and would NEVER tell any group of people, that their voices should NOT be heard.

Especially, in where I’m not a minority, I could never do any kind of activism that would do oppression, exploitation and brutality of another, properly like they are doing.

And I’m glad that they are making their voices heard.

I will say this and this is someone who had more of an issue personally, due to my own disability sets, of not being thrilled about the Super Bowl, that it wasn’t my place to judge those who love it and/or could afford to go to it.

I could see that that courage and perspective, depends on what side you can be of an issue and the need to make a point.

The problem with bigoty and bias, is enormous, still, I’m not saying it doesn’t exist, because it does.

Minneapolis is a sanctuary city. We have a Mayor, City Council and Chief of Police, who care enormously about oppression, bigotry and making sure that Minneapolis stays and grows even more into a thriving, safe and vital place for all it’s residents, employees and visitors.

I could say as an “armchair” activist, that I DO enormously care about homelessness issues, and I do volunteer work for it, as well as try to bring attention to the cause, locally.

I also know because I do that, lots of rich of people are to the credit of why affordable housing, gets built and remains funded, not just by tax dollars, but because of their donations.

But NO ONE can say that. Because I made a brief comment about being upset that the protest shut down a major intersection so close to the hospital, earlier this evening right in front of my building and was concerned for any patients needing access to HCMC.

And got accused of being a racist by a social media peer.

The protest that went on in Minneapolis this afternoon and this evening, ended up after it got dark, right in front of my apartment building. It shut down a road, that first responders need access to, to get to the local 1 trauma center/county hospital, that’s 2 blocks behind me.

Taking a stand against people who happened to afford to go to the Super Bowl, but had to take the light rail, probably didn’t change their mind for the better, when it came to the issues that the activists were rallying against.

It didn’t effect those who were super rich who could take limos to the stadium and the parties that are so close to where I live, nor do I feel those people should be punished, because they are wealthy.

I can say I can see others perspectives and try to understand them, even though I will NEVER know of their adversity and admire their courage.

But I also admire the courage of our Minneapolis first responders, police, firefighters, EMTs and 911 operators and have enormous gratitude for them, too.

It’s NOT  an either/or situation.

I don’t think it’s a conflict of interest, nor am I being unempathetic, racist or elitist (I’m a poor disabled activist)  to try and point out though, if people aren’t empathetic to your cause, they aren’t going to be, when you try to inflict duress to try to gain empathy to one’s cause, that it probably won’t advance it.

It will make others resent it, I don’t think anyone who’s prone to not having empathy, can get shamed or inconvenienced into thinking any  differently.

And I think it can be perceived by them, that if you can’t respect who they are, they might, even as misguided on their part, not to try to understand the oppressed and disadvantaged, when it appears that hypocrisy is in place, as it’s not being done with a dialogue on different sides trying hard to see the other’s perspective in a constructive way.

To me and again, I get where I have some privilege, such as in color, I won’t ever know of the daily bigotry and bias that other’s suffer. But to try and punish indiscriminately others, to me, just doesn’t makes sense and makes me sad, because I want to advance those causes, not diminish them.

I don’t sugarcoat things, I am incapable of that.

I’m also incapable of saying silent, when I could see that it’s a good thing that no one was harmed, in a protest, that used up valuable resources, because it’s intention was to interrupt some percieved slight of people, were all they were doing , was  attending an event that gets global recognition.

So I will say this, from my perspective. I wish the protest would have just been contained in one area.

Not in many areas of Downtown Minneapolis, where it had to burden first responders in any way. Prevent poor employed people, from possibly getting to work among other issues, but I’m glad no one was hurt.

Not where it could make anyone who was inconvenienced, such as Super Bowl attendees who took light rail transit, who where it might not be known, how much or how little they feel about those who are at risk, oppressed and disadvantaged and how much or how little they do about it.

Saying this doesn’t make me a bias, bigoted, unempathetic and uninformed jerk.

To either those who are oppressed and/or disadvantaged who I do care about and strongly believe in their voices, care deeply about their suffering, even if I can respectfully disagree in their actions, because of the reasons, I above state.

Nor, do I feel bad to  say positively or supportively, for those who have the means and desire to attend expensive events, make them out as  bad people, because it DOES NOT, just because they either were born with having more advantages or they worked in a way that was advantageous to them, financially.

And bringing up that “52” managed to raise a LOT of money for charities for people in need. Including the homeless and the hungry.

Peace to all.

Note: Blog published while still 2-4-2018 in Minneapolis, MN.

The local peep’s pre #SBLII show…


(photo credit and countdown clock courtesy of Myself)

Trigger Warnings/Disclaimers; This blog is not about football. There’s no activism (although one might able to figure out a reason or 2, why I’m an activist). If profanity or having a sense of humor about things that one’s (mine!) own issues, are offensive, please do not read.

Okay, so everyone around me, kinda thinks I lost my fucking mind, when it’s come to not liking having a Super Bowl (i.e. 52) so close to me.

So I thought in the name of good humor, from someone who does serious activism, might be a refreshing change for a blog.

I thought the best way to do this was to “interview” myself.

Here’s what this looks like….

1. Will I be watching the game?

No, I’m watching people try to get to the game. Outside my window cause it’s sunny (I’m like literally allergic to the sun) and super cold out. And I don’t like crowds of people, which is NOT a good combination for a person who lives in 4 1/2 blocks away from where a Super Bowl is taking place, who also doesn’t like ANY noise but realizes her own irration with that.

2. Will I be going to ANY Super Bowl parties?

No, even though there’s one in my building, but see above comment about NOT liking being among a crowd of people. And noise.Not to mention the last time I went to a Super Bowl party, was exactly 26 years ago.

And exactly 8 months and 3 1/2 weeks later, I brought home, my firstborn. So while I love my children, but don’t care for Super Bowl parties, due to my social awkwardness in my advanced years (I’m 48).

3. Do you have any ideas on who might win the game?

Couldn’t care less, just want them all to get home. Safely. But get home, just the same. The players, celebrities, tourists, etc. I hope all had a great time and have great memories to think about when they are HOME.

4. What will you be eating in celebration of Super Bowl Sunday?

Apparently, it’s hard for people to understand, I’m not celebrating anything, until it’s over and everyone’s home safe. I can’t eat when nervous or stressed out. Because of the busyness in my ‘hood and my disabilities, when finding myself running out of food yesterday,  being in a lot of pain, I unfortunately had to rely on Domino’s for delivery, so I can stay holed up at home until tomorrow and the convenience store, across the street.

5. Okay then. What will you be eating in celebration that Super Bowl Sunday is OVER?

Hopefully, lots and lots of Buca (see my blog about my ideal “Super Bowl”) if there is a nice slow exodus of people, today and tomorrow. If not, then my own private “Buca Super Bowl” will hopefully happen sometime during the week.

6. What’s the big deal about the big game, are you some kinda anti-social people hater?

No, I care about people, enough to try and help them. In the privacy of my own home. But I DO  care about my privacy and my anonymity. A lot. It’s pretty hard to protect that, when there’s literally cameras being held from people all over the world.

My life initially for a decade and half, was AMAZING since the last Super Bowl was held in Minnesota. It’s not so much, now.

7. Any last minute advice for people who are watching the game or couldn’t care less about it on how to handle a painful loss?

Yeah, do unto others, like you’d like them to do unto you. Football fans are passionate, that’s great. It’s been good to see the good that’s come out of having a Super Bowl, here locally.

I don’t expect people when feeling a loss, throw a tea party. I fucking shouldn’t (and no one else) should have to worry about the throwing of  a Molotov cocktail, either.

8. Why do you swear, when it’s so super offensive to people?

To me it’s sentiment or intent , not on how people relate to one another. I’m not going to say “Bless your heart”, when I’m thinking “Go Fuck yourself”, even if it goes unexpressed. One of the things for me, that I HATE about social media, is that it encourages thoughts and behaviors and the immediate need to express them.

9. Well then, how’s the rarified air you’re breathing up in that palace, of yours, Princess?

It’s not rarified air or that I think I’m better or worse than those who LOVE social media. I have no filter most of the time and I came by that way before the digital era due to both organic AND circumstances. There’s great things about social media, I’m still on it, even though I’m thinking more and more, of either moving to the North Pole or becoming Amish, although I’d fucking die without electricity or the internet, so I’m certainly no angel, myself or without my own vices.

10. Any last thoughts you want to leave people with about Minnesota or “Minnesota Nice”?

It’s not. Just like I’m not. I’m a by-product of a native Minnesotan who married a native New Yorker and won a “where are we going to raise our kids ???” battle the first 5 years of my life. And because my mom won, this originally born in Brooklyn as been living in Minneapolis (or its suburbs) for the last 43 years. I couldn’t hack living either living in a bigger town and don’t know from life, in a tiny one.

I’m not “nice”. Whether Minnesota is or not, is something that’s extremely subjective. I am kind and empathetic, but whiny and snarky. Sometimes it’s a great combination in a person, sometimes it’s a disaster, all of which I am.

But not all Minnesotans, transplanted or born and raised are the same. I drink pop, I hate hotdish, beer, donuts, cheese curds and the Minnesota State Fair, so I’ve got to end this blog now and find somewhere else out of state to move, asap, because I just fucking committed “Minnesota Blasphemy”.

So later gators, stay safe and warm if you’re in my hood and hopefully calmer heads will prevail both during and after the Super Bowl.

(Editorial Note: I didn’t realize due to being both distracted and a disabled blogger, that I switched between asking the questions in my “interview” with my self in both first and second person. Until 2 minutes AFTER I fucking published this blog.

Hopefully if anyone reads this, well, if that’s the worst they can come up with, given the fact I’m a medically, mentally and cognitively disabled blogger, as well as a non thin person with a love of carbs, I guess whatever happens, happens and I’m not going to try and edit anything more, other than what’s been edited from the time of original publication, that was needed to best understand intent, which was to be funny and slightly cynical about some way not funny things that I find, both personally and as an activist……)

Safety advice for visitors of #SBLII activities from a local peep….


(above pic credit, taken on my block, by me, from my $40 smartphone 1-28-18)

Trigger Warnings/Disclaimers: I’m an activist, not a clinically trained professional in medical or mental health issues, nor trained in law enforcement/security.

Cold enough for ya? Those 4 words are common here, in the #BoldNorth, from locals, whether they are natives or not (I’m a transplant over 40+ years, born in NYC)

But, I’ve resided in Downtown Minneapolis for the last 5 years.

As the last, but still a lot of major festivities to take place here in Downtown Minneapolis (I know there’s activities all over the Twin Cities)  I’m choosing to help with advice for those who will be visiting my neighborhood, whether it be the concerts and parties in Downtown Minneapolis tonight and tomorrow, and before and after and including the Super Bowl, tomorrow.

Here’s some GREAT advice on how to stay and be safe for the remainder of the weekend:

1. Dress warmly for the weather. It’s a warmup for those of us who are local, but with the snow today and the super cold that will be coming back tonight and it will be super cold tomorrow, for the rest of the events before and after the big game.

And unfortunately, it can be a matter of minutes, to exposed skin in super cold,for frostbite to set in.

Try to prevent that by dressing warm, know the signs or ask for help, if you’re not sure.

2. Allot a LOT of time, to get to your destination, whether or not you’re already staying in Downtown Minneapolis, whether you’re driving, taking transit or walking.

3. Respect traffic laws, and be patient, courteous and present and focusing your concentration without distractions, whether you’re in a vehicle or on foot while getting to your destination.

There will be traffic snarls. And because of the cold, it’s tempting, when walking to one’s destination, to try to run a traffic light, whether in a vehicle or on foot.


With all the planning and resources allocated for keeping people safe, use common sense, be patient and courteous with concentrating on safety of yourself and others, when traveling to your destination by focusing on that and nothing else.

It’s better to arrive late to a destination, than to be the cause of yourself or an innocent other/s, who could be injured, if not killed, because of being in a hurry, impatience and/or being distracted and/or impaired.

(editorial note/update : PLEASE DO NOT BLOCK AN INTERSECTION, in hopes to get to your destination, faster, because traffic is slow or stopped. I didn’t think I’d have to spell this out, when stating the above. One should NEVER do this. But doing this near U.S. Bank stadium could hinder emergency first responders who need to get to or bring back patients to the level 1 trauma center next to the stadium with potential of consequences that could be fatal to someone, on Super Bowl Sunday)

4. There is safety in numbers and staying safe, by keeping your valued humans and your valuables, close to you. Keep your phones, keys and money on different parts of your person and vary that up, within your group.

5. Have fun!!! But please don’t get so inebriated and/or distracted or ill tempered, that  you’re risking your safety and health and/or that of others.

Hope this helps EVERYONE to have a safe and super fun time here in Minneapolis!!!

The local disabled chick’s pick for helping the homeless/ the DT MPLS/ #SBLII edition …

(Image above property of St.Stephen’s )

It’s -2 below, with a -24 below windchill here in Downtown Minneapolis, which I’m sure anyone down here, is already fully aware of.

While I’m grateful that a benefit to having a Superbowl in your neighborhood, is that various charities have benefited  from that.

However,  I’m going to just concentrate on St. Stephen’s and Aeon, as far is in my desire to help the homeless today and until “52” is over.

I’m also going to reiterate, I’m always going to encourage supporting initiatives versus giving money directly to homeless people , which will result in doing the greatest amount of good for them.

The top above link, is the best link to get information on, if you see homeless people who need attention, when it’s this cold out, when you’re out and about,  note though depending on if someone’s medical and mental health is in question, please call 911.

The link below for Aeon, provides a wider base of  longer term housing solutions for people  all over in the Twin Cities, including the homeless,  people with disabilities, low to moderate  income working  people ,as well other populations, in addition to providing support resources so that residents who need it, have the optimal chance of remaining  stable in their housing.

If you follow me on here or Facebook and Twitter, I’ve been an active but crabby and whiny activist and human being as of late.

But, I’m always a  grateful human and realize many people locally,  for many reasons, there are less fortunate people who , don’t have a choice to not only go outside today, but have to stay there, because they don’t have anywhere else to go.

Disclaimer: I do activism  as a disabled activist and/or donate time and money to several charitable organizations. Because,   I can be controversial in both my being and opinions, which on any matter and in any circumstances are strictly my own and are not a representation of opinions and/or philosophy of ANY organization that I do activism for.  Thanks.

This is closer to the Super Bowl of my DREAMS….


Sadly, the pic above is NOT the Super Bowl, if it was, I’d be so happy now, except it’s spaghetti.

And I’m a Buca ZitiWiithExtraRosaRicottaSpinachMushroomsChickenShrimp fanatic.

Unfortunately, this particular “super bowl” I managed to miss on social media, when it broke a world record at Buca Di Beppo at their Anaheim location in March of 2010.

Although I’m sure that I’m Downtown Minneapolis’s Buca’s record breaking customer by being the most picky, polite but grateful to go customer, like EVER.

Unfortunately, while I’m trying to remain kinda positive and slightly silly, as I’m usually a super serious activist/blogger, who loves super quiet and  lives in the WORST  location possible for that, by being 4 1/2 blocks away from where Super Bowl LII is to take place, and about 1-5 blocks from any other major Super Bowl activity that’s going to/or is already taking place in Downtown Minneapolis.

So I’m NOT sorry at ALL for wishing there was SUPER BOWL OF ZITI with my special instructions, all and just for me, right about now.

I’m happy for those who are enjoying that the location of SB52, is in Minneapolis.

I’m just not one of them.

And I’m going through some serious Buca Ziti withdrawal.

But at least, if  I’m cranky and silly, at least I’m concise for once!!!

SO, if you also happen to wish for a different kinda  “super bowl”, feel free and share what kind of “super bowl”  with me.

And if you’re a hater, feel free and keep quiet, for once, K?

Things that are helpful to know for non-locals coming to Minneapolis (and/or Minnesota) for Superbowl 52/ #SBLII……


(Trigger Warnings: My opinions are strictly my own. While as a disabled activist I try to raise money and/or awareness for the first 6 above links (the 7th is to help those who are traveling to Minnesota/Twin Cities for the events and/or leading up to Superbowl 52) are/or much different than those who strictly advocate for the homeless and/or affordable housing.

But in NO WAY represent in any manner, other than trying to support non profits, of what I say in my blogs, to try and help others.

Also, I come from the perspective of “respectfully agreeing to disagree”

My hopes are that for those who are visiting Minnesota and/or the Twin Cities area, have a happy and safe time, here, as well as how they can help those who might be in need, if they choose to do so, in the safest and most efficient way possible, is not congruent with other activists who are more vocal and present than I am .

While I defend others right to disagree with me, even with as much at stake when it comes to homelessness and/or public safety, I feel strongly enough to state my point of view, do whatever you feel is right to you, as long as doesn’t interfere with another’s right to feel safe and supported,  whether you are  local or just visiting.

Lastly, my disabilities and lack of income (as well as I’m having technical difficulties, as of late), prevent me from linking websites or videos, in my blogs or breaking the subject matters covered in this blog, into separate blogs.

Safety and first aid tools can be found by using search engines such as Google (I be a “Google Girl, as well as Local 5 local guide for Google under Unstapled Lisa) or helfpul training videos can be found  on You Tube.

But at this point in time, I’m still choosing NOT to monetize anything I do on social media, although at the end of this below, if I can help in a way that’s time consuming, I’m not going to turn down renumeration for my time…

Anyhow…… Thank you in advance, for reading this blog, (hopefully in it’s entirety )as it’s only meant to help…)

Here we go…

The poor disabled blogger who has high end tastes, wants to welcome and empower those who are scheduled or thinking about visiting the Twin Cities, for either Superbowl 52 and/or the many exciting events extended in the Twin Cities area (which would include Dakota/Scott counties, which I’m also familiar with, where concerts promoted by
Nomadic Live at Mystic Lake Casino in Prior Lake, that’s outside of Hennepin (Minneapolis) and Ramsey (St.Paul) counties).

I’ve happened to reside in the core of the Mini-Apple, for the last 5 years. I’ve lived in Minnesota (I was born in Brooklyn about 984 years ago) for the last 43 years. I have lived though, 4 1/2 blocks away from U.S. Bank Stadium for the last 5 years.

Being currently a poor disabled person who should’ve been a successful small business owner, who comes from an upper middle class backround, I kinda have a unique perspective on things.

Where I live and how I feel about Downtown Minneapolis, isn’t any different.

I know what’s great about the Twin Cities and what’s NOT so great.

What I am hoping to accomplish with this blog, is multi-fold:

I want people to have the best possible experience that multiple planning commissions have invested a lot of resources in, that benefits as many people as possible.

Including those who don’t have a voice, which is the nature of most of my blogs and the “armchair activism” that I do on the internet for different causes.

Here are my “Golden Rules” for visiting Minnesota for 52 and/or the activities planned for it (and the beauty is, it could pretty much apply to where you live or anywhere you visit) although the links in the blog are either MN or Twin Cities specific, except the Red Cross one.

1. Treat people like how you want to be treated when you’re at home:

I live super duper close to U.S. Bank Stadium. I don’t live in it, though. If you wouldn’t want people yelling and screaming your neighborhood for ANY reason, at any time of the day, please keep your noise level IN the stadium and/or public spaces where it’s encouraged.

But realize BOTH Downtown Minneapolis and St. Paul, are a mix of commercial and residential properties, sometimes co-existing  on the same block.

Downtown Minneapolis, as well as surrounding suburbs and counties, are very diverse of people of all walks of life. Maybe some people like it loud, lots of us, do NOT.

2. Please do NOT directly feed/finance the homeless:

No, I’m not a jerk. I believe strongly in helping the less fortunate, which is a category I actually fall in, but again, have not monetized ANYTHING I do on the internet (well other than this blog, possibly).

However…. IF everyone I know who claims to care about the homeless, gave to non profits versus a homeless person, directly, could probably house BOTH temporarily and permanently the homeless and less fortunate, dozens of people could have access to both temporary and permanent shelter, for about a year.

Not only that, it does  present a safety risk for the samaritan and it also unfortunately, I’ve seen this happen, provide a safety risk for the homeless person who one chooses to give money to.

If I am to be truthful, I usually if I’m staying in Downtown Minneapolis (or St.Paul) purposely look like a deranged lunatic. It’s not because I get pleasure out of scaring innocent people. I just get sick of being asked for money, sex and drugs all the time (and I’m not laying blame on the homeless for that). I’m just saying, it happens to work for me, just to say that I don’t have any money, whether it’s true or not, isn’t anyone’s business but my own.

I just politely look someone in the eye, say “I’m sorry, I don’t have any money” and quickly move on. I personally don’t feel the need to tell the truth to any stranger looking for something for me and I give, even with being poor both my time and money to those in need. By donating time and money to non-profits.

Again, this is with more than just the samaritan’s safety in mind. But unfortunately, people leave themselves wide open, for the potential to be robbed, because while sometimes, it’s possible, that homeless looking or professing person, may really ONLY needs a quarter, once you open your purse or wallet and give to them, you run the risk of getting asked by another person, who won’t take no for an answer, who sees you do that.

If there is something though, that rubs you the wrong way about those who are less fortunate, the 6th link is for The Zach Sobiech Osteosarcoma Fund at Children’s Cancers Research Fund. I’m kind of the mindset that if I can give to hospital that’s associated with a hospital chain that treats also adults and in my case, this particular adult, like total crap, if you don’t have empathy for those who are poor and/homeless, you can feel good about yourself in trying to help ERADICATE children’s cancers. I picked Zach, in about 9 other blogs that I explain in great detail, previous to this one.

Which brings me to the next topic…..

3. Learn safety tricks and first aid:

There are many videos for those who have time constraints or lack of money to learn how to best protect yourself. Minneapolis and St. Paul are not the U.S. hub of major crime, but it does happen here, like it could ANYWHERE.

I found because of my own disabilities, to feel less helpless and more empowered, to watch accredited and trained people’s videos on safety and first aid, so I would feel less helpless in an emergency or crisis situation of many kinds .

But also know that both the State of Minnesota, almost any city that could expect to have visitors, have excellent trained first responders to help in a true emergency. There’s also 10,000 (yes, you read that correctly TEN THOUSAND) people who volunteered to help visitors get help that they may need to have the best experience as possible, for the activities and/or leading up to 52.

And I’m about to say something that’s kinda contradictory. I do when I see visitors, it’s kind of like my own “random act of kindness” that I do, when I’m out and about, that’s not activism related, will offer to take pics of people who look like they’re tourists (well partially that’s driven by a few people trying to contort themselves to get in a selfie near a landmark and they’re seriously risking an ER visit, okay, I’ll stop being snarky).

Truthfully that’s not a good idea, to ask someone or it’s a risk you take, if someone doesn’t have good intentions, by giving them your smartphone to take a pic.

Also, don’t keep phones, hotel keys, car keys all in the same location, on your person. That way, if something bad happens, which hopefully it won’t, you won’t be out of EVERYTHING, should you get robbed. If you will be traveling with a group people, keep your valued possessions in different places on your person, than the others that you’re traveling with.

But personally, I think it’s a good idea for EVERYONE, who’s capable of operating a digital device, to take the ONE hour of your life, to learn various safety defense actions and emergency first aid. I can get the various reasons why people don’t have the resources to get certified, but I don’t understand how anyone cannot learn something that might save a friend or a loved one, by just investing a small amount of time that provides tools to save one’s life or another.

Again, see above paragraphs. But also note, we earned the “Bold North” rep, for a reason. There are many resources for tourists on my 7th link above. While it’s good to have confidence in some things, if you’re new to snow or cold weather, ask for advice from people you trust, the volunteers and the tons of law enforcement or even me.

I’ve been to major cities outside of the Twin Cities, such as Miami/Ft.Lauderdale, New York City (not since my teens, tho), Las Vegas (almost 2 1/2 years ago) and London (England and Paris, France, almost 22 years ago and I’m not trying to be braggy) and got around fairly easily (in da olden days).

As well as I did get around extremely well, for a disabled chick, in Vegas.

While it might feel embarrassing,  even though there’s a ton of help for example with public transportation, and/or  if you’re renting a car, for example and SNOW or extreme cold, is new to you, don’t chance it. You’re not only risking your life, but those who ride in car with you and/or who has to share the road with you.

While a lot of steps have been taken for example, with accomodations, to make them as safe and scam free as possible, if you need help, PLEASE ASK.

Also have backup plans, in case something goes awry. Again, there’s a ton of help offline and you can also ask your social media buds who are local.

I know for me, personally, I’d rather answer the same question, 63,251 times than someone feel stupid and not ask for help and it causes harm to them, a loved one or an innocent bystander, and I’m NOT the only person who feels that way.

Because while most people are reasonable, and realize that you’re only asking the question for the first time, if someone’s going to be a jerk, what they have to say, doesn’t matter, anyway, RIGHT?

So, please ask for help, if you need it.

5. Lastly… :

This blog is with the best intentions, as I said previously, to help as many people as possible. While it’s true that I don’t monetize my internet or social media, in any way, I wouldn’t turn it down, either. I wouldn’t expect any kind of renumeration, for helping someone,  via email, if it takes 5 minutes. More than that, or more in depth type of help, feel free to try and negotiate and/or offer some kind of  compensation.

Hopefully this blog helped. I get that I’m super wordy, and if you’re new to my writing, I get that my syntax, among other things, could be better, but they’re NOT, because again, I have a bizarre set of complex medical, mental health and cognitive disabilities.

Also note, I’m amenable to constructive criticism. Nasty comments though, will NOT be posted….

Additionally, I do feel bad, as there are groups of people, that I hope to do more activism for, in the future, such as veterans. Right now though I am doing the best I can, to help as many people as possible.

But if one is so inclined to help a Minnesota based veteran, the following link, can help….

And for those who have just a quick question that needs to be answered and/or in the rare case, if it’s someone’s a bariatric surgical patient who’s visiting the Twin Cities for the festivities of and/or Superbowl 52, I can be reached at my email address of

I apologize, as I re-published blog, while unfortunately, it made it even more wordier, it was necessary to best help as many people, as possible.

And unfortunately, with having both tech and WP issues, required publishing the blog, more than ONCE (well, three times to be exact and here’s to hoping the 3rd time is the charm)……

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