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There are OTHER “O” words than just Obesity, just as an FYI…..

   I’m really disappointed . And kind of OUTRAGED and OVERWHELMINGLY sad. It was really difficult for me to decide to do something small (but significant to me) about childhood cancer. Because of what issues  I usually attach myself to, and the fact those issues are also uncomfortable to talk about due to stigma as well as much of my personal life and things that I am humiliated that has happened in my life, even though I couldn’t help it. 

   ONE of the things about Zach Sobiech and his family that inspired me to finally launch this blog was primarily that I wanted to leave a digital legacy in my own words, of what happened to my children and I, as I’m less guaranteed than most, that I won’t have anything resembling the right words, to explain to my daughter, of why she never knew me as a functional mother, by the time she’s old enough to ask questions. I found solace and inspiration in the song “Clouds”. I was in awe of Zach Sobiech and his family and friends, from the tenacity and love that was shown in Soul Pancake: My Last Days video. 

  Since my last blog stating I wanted to raise awareness, about 12 hours ago.  I’ve had 8 people read that blog. For those 8, I thank you. For the one Facebook friend out of many who shared a Zach Sobiech related video, thanks. From the digital universe at large, I’ve seen NOTHING transpire about today being what should’ve been Zach Sobiech’s 19th birthday….

   SO…. For the rest of you, I ask,  WHAT IS WRONG WITH ALL OF YOU ???? 

   I understand I have more time than most people, to sit and dwell on things. And that can be OFFENSIVE. I get it. But if you have time to post a mushroom quiche recipe, your weekend plans, whatever crap du jour that people are selling on social media and your workouts, how long does it take to share one of the three Zach Sobiech video links that  I shared, in addition to my blog link, to raise awareness for childhood cancer??? I don’t care if I’m attached to this at all. I just want to be a part in raising awareness, which is something I thought EVERYBODY would. Because one of the major things in life that is wrong with the world that children die of childhood cancers. One of the major things that are right with the world, is that there  are people like Zach Sobiech and his family. He should’ve had a long life. But he did NOT. And awareness and money donated to research will help other families fighting childhood cancers and hopefully find a cure. I may not have the cognitive ability to edit this blog. But I definately have some ability to bring attention to a cause that everyone should care about it, even if it’s not a primary cause to them. 

   Word(s) of the day, in my realm. CHILDHOOD CANCERS. You can learn more about them in this link … OSTEOSARCOMA is what Zach Sobiech in his own words “fought and really didn’t lose”. 

  I’m too medically,mentally and cognitive disabled to ever think that I should be the conscience for anyone. But I think there is something wrong in society both on the internet and off, that OBESITY is the single most OVERUSED O word there is, when there is thousands of children battling for their lives and losing to cancer,every year . This shouldn’t be a case, where we ONLY care when it hits home. Or you see a 2 year old on a hospital campus with their heads shaved while they are battling brain cancer. We raise awareness in issues because we care that those are suffering from an issue. Or we are so grateful that are loved ones are not. That’s what I hope to obtain in the next 17 days by doing this. 

   All of you have time in your very busy lives to share a link regarding childhood cancer. It doesn’t have to be any of mine. Just do one… Or something…… Thank you….

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