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Why The Bachelor exemplifies more serious problems in our society…


Disclaimers: This blog is not to do serious activism. It also will include profanity, because I notice an odd trend when there’s an absence of profanity, especially my NOT using the word “fuck”, in a blog and/or rant.

Meaning blogs with an absence of profanity, usually don’t get read. And while my blog isn’t ego driven, nor is it monetized, I already know how I feel about things, if I figured any points I have to make as a writer and blogger were only good for myself, I wouldn’t bother. Capisce?

Holy Shit!!!

Way to go,  ABC!!!

I don’t watch reality television.

But I don’t watch television, in general, when I’m by myself, which is 99.5% of the time.

I will read about it, though, on occasion.

And I DEFINITELY get its appeal.

I read about it now, because it’s a great distraction, from the fucking WORST shit ass reality show that’s going on in Washington, D.C., as well as other parts of the world.

As well as all the bad and sad stuff going on all over the U.S.

As a certified trainwreck (“certified” by a malicious website that likes trashing people who talk openly like I have, with disabilities about being in crisis, which I wrote about several years ago, when finding one of my most serious blogs submitted to a website called “the biggest trainwrecks”) I don’t enjoy watching other “trainwrecks”, so to speak.

I’ve never been a “misery loves company” type of person.

Nor do I get pleasure in seeing people who are young, beautiful and accomplished, which is unrelatable to me, looking for love on t.v. either when things are going great or they are going fucking REALLY bad.

The Bachelor is NO exception, it’s super fucking unrelatable,  to me.

The fallout though, from this particular season, I find kinda fascinating and horrifying at the same time.

Super attractive man proposes to a super attractive woman, after what I guess was a hard decision between 2 equally but unique super attractive accomplished women. Changes his mind and on t.v. breaks up and ends his engagement  with his first choice for his 2nd runner up.

On national television.

And the fucking internet and media loses it’s damn mind!!!

I’m not saying that I don’t feel sorry for Becca, which goes beyond her being local to Minneapolis.

A break up is hard enough.

One taking place on television (and all over social media) HAS to fucking be BRUTAL.

But there’s some kind of  pre-warning that both great things and things people would like to keep private ARE NOT going to be, if one is on this television show.

And now there’s a state law being proposed by a local lawmaker to keep the fucking nefarious Arie out of Minnesota, for doing what he did to Becca.

I LOVE my adopted hometown, even though I’ve fessed up in previous blogs, committing fucking “Minnesota Blasphemy” in my hatred of hotdish, the Minnesota State Fair, the words “uff da” and “ya betcha” among other things and yet again, I’m admitting this and other things, hopefully for greater good.

Just because a dude dumps a local lady who may be a super nice lady, doesn’t mean it warrants a law, both the Twin Cities and the Greater Minnesota area, has much worse problems than that though, where our local congress people need not intervene in this instance.

I’m not saying I’m a great person cause I don’t watch unrelatable shit like The Bachelor, nor do I normally care about the who and why of people watching shows like it.

It’s a good distraction and great television.


It just sends a terrible message, in a society that is so easily bored and looking for distraction that for us to be entertained or distracted , we have to be bombarded by as much sensationalistic messages as humanly possible, in the digital era.

I actually wrote an outline for a television show, late last year.

It would be slightly semi-autobiographical and possibly the WORST and most bizarre entertaining updated take, inspired by the Mary Tyler Moore show.

I fucking already know. How dare I, right?

That’s why this recluse ain’t going to be trying to sell it anywhere. Yet.

But it doesn’t exploit anyone, even if it’s not the key players such in The Bachelor, who know they are going to be exploited, but will make money and I don’t worry about them, because I know that they will be okay.

Including Becca K., who I sincerely wish, nothing but the best, which I know she’s fully capable of making her own destiny, a successful one, whether or not she’s successful on her endeavor for love, on national t.v. .

However, you don’t want to get me started on t.v. shows that truly exploit the vulnerable who are in crisis and can’t give informed consent like Hoarders and Intervention.

And I don’t judge people who watch that shit, either.

That will just be a topic for a future blog. You’re welcome.

Note: This was not a serious blog, even though I know I may have hit a fucking nerve or 456 of them. Again, I don’t judge people who watch any kind of reality t.v. shows, I do worry though in a society that thrives on unnecessary situational chaos, that for some, it may just be a harmless way to pass time.

In others, though, it desensitizes people to human suffering and a lack in ability to have empathy.

Ot they have too much empathy for something superficial, but can’t garner an ounce of empathy, when it’s needed the most.

As well as the misplaced hatred of humans that shows like this can create.

If I’m going to commit myself to mindless shit for entertainment, on occasion, I just pick the biggest, best and most entertaining You Tube vloggers, where I get a limited (by me!!!)  buffet of people who are at any given time, both likeable and not likeable, narcissistic and all over the social media platforms, unapologetically. ;)~

That and Grey’s Anatomy, is what I watch on You Tube or Netflix on my tablet, even though I have SMART TV!!!!

Comments that are constructive are welcomed.

Comments that lack creativity and are based in hate, well depending on the stupidity level of what’s being said, may or may not be addressed.


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