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WTF, Thanksgivukkah?!?!?

Can someone please explain what the big deal about this is????

Other then it won’t happen again for another 77,000 years …. Thank Goodness….

No one needs to explain Hanukkah to me…. As I’m Jewish and I actually remember it’s significance that goes beyond getting some really cool presents (although the Parental Units made some huge errors in Hanukkah gifts when I was younger, such as that well intentioned exercise bike that I so did not want when I was 14 (and that I was pretty clear that it was another miracle of sorts that it didn’t get shoved up someone’s ass, at that time, also note read past blogs about wls, weight bullying if you want something serious, as this blog isn’t)

No one needs to explain Thanksgiving to me, either (although someone may want to explain that to an American retailer or 1000) as I’m an American. Although there is enough ignorant people, especially here in Mini Norway (Minnesota, where I reside and raised, born in Brooklyn, NEW YORK, tho’) where there isn’t a high enough Jewish population here in the Miniapple or Greater Minnesota area, for all to understand that most American Jews celebrate Thanksgiving, cuz um we are AMERICANS. I kid you not on how many college educated adults do not know this, here in the Midwest. The IGNORANCE can be a teeny tiny bit FRIGHTENING at times, I admit about how little people know of Judiasm in this neck of the woods….And NO, Passover is NOT the “Jewish Easter”…..But I’m not looking for a theological debate with this blog either….Although if anyone wants to make an Easter Bunny out of some charoset, please send me a pic, K? (and if you don’t know what “charoset” is, you’re gonna have  to “Google” that as well) 😉 ……

Ok, so I’m digressing. I have to wonder though before the age of social media, if people would not only not know about this, they would even give less of a shit if completely not care about it, AT ALL.

It’s not a big deal, no one has to pick either/ or. It’s physically impossible where with some holidays such as Yom Kippur where Jews fast, or Passover where we (or I should say most, as I don’t fast or stay away from leavened products as I can play the medical card) would fall on Thanksgiving which would make it a bigger deal for us Hebrews, who like to eat on Thanksgiving (or in my case um ALL YEAR ROUND) .

Without getting too technical (as well as you can “Google” this on your own) because of how the Jewish calendar works, Hanukkah can fall as early around Thanksgiving, it also can fall as late as around Christmas like it did 2 years ago and I didn’t see any Chrismanukkah situations sprawled all over the interwebz…….Sheesh

So I guess, I ask again, given the fact we can light our menorahs, eat turkey, indulge in some Hanukkah gelt , and it’s not a crime to eat stuffing and potato latkes ( the latter is to me, only because I find most Jewish foods for a lack of a better word, um DISGUSTING. But then I’m kind of almost locally famous for being a “Bad Jewish Girl”…) why is this such a big deal?

Also as anyone with any idea of Judiasm, already knows, the holiday falls technically the night before. The first candle is lit actually evening of WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 27th, 2013…. So really ya don’t have to worry about making a matzo based stuffing (YUCK)…..It’s your choice which it always has been, which is the beauty of being an American of what you do on Thanksgiving, even it means shopping. While it’s supposed to be about being grateful for what we already have, the biggest thing we have to be most thankful and grateful for is FREEDOM OF CHOICE (that I’m being on the serious side) unless you have to work (which sucks) or you are fighting for our freedoms (THANK YOU)……

SO, I am asking again, both seriously and in poking fun, what is the deal with Thanksgivukkah????

Some questions for my readers if you choose to want to interact…..
1. Is this interesting to you, the whole Thanksgivukkah thing?
2. Whether you are any religion but also American, will you be shopping on Thanksgiving or Black Friday, why or why not?

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