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I can’t be the ONLY person who fantasizes about THIS……

(Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Dr Oz and Nutritional Supplements (HBO) is above link. No copyright infringement intended. I don’t know how the HELL, I haven’t heard of John Oliver, up until this afternoon. Best 15 minutes I’ve spent watching the video, this afternoon, in a long time both funny and educational. I feel like a genius now, after watching it) 

Okie Dokie. I haven’t blogged for awhile. I have some serious topics still to cover, but this is not going to be a serious blog. Offensive, yes. Chock full of profanity? Yes. Could it offend people with topics regarding weight, health and politics? Yes, Yes and more Yes. But that’s only if you watch the video that I linked.  But hey, I’m mocking celebrities, so this could be mildly entertaining, too. 😉 

  I saw it trend a couple of days ago that Dr. (heh) Mehmet Oz got in trouble, in a congressional hearing for endorsing health products that really weren’t healthy. I’ve never liked him and I have mentioned on social media that it’s not just him that I have an issue with. Dr. (heh) Phil McGraw and Dr. (heh) Drew Pinksy, I have to wonder with all 3 of them where did they got their credentialing? Walmart? Why haven’t any of them lost their licenses, yet??? 

  While I’m not anything resembling a clinical professional (more like someone who’s in dire need of one) , the issue I have with the above 3 (and unfortunately Ms. Winfrey, too,  because she introduced us to 2 out of 3, but I do admire her for multiple reasons) is that they all have taken advantage of people who are in a vulnerable state and have profited greatly, from it. 

   I’ve made jokes before that I’d pay good money to see Dr. Oz, Dr Phil and Dr. Drew get in a boxing ring and beat the living shit out of each other. Except…. I might so not be kidding. I, of course who’s not violent, this lil fantasy of mine, kind of alleviates most responsibility on me (ALL, because it’s not like it’s EVER gonna happen)…..

  Then my lil feeble brain thinks of other celebrities who I’d like to see get in the ring and beat the crap out of each other. I am sure if we took a nationwide poll, I think it would be a landslide towards the Kardashians (except Rob who’s cool and Kylie who’s a minor and shit, I gotta add Kourtney, now, cuz she’s preggers) Kris Jenner and Kanye West (for no other reason then Kanye has The Ego That Ate The Universe AND the auditory and visual nightmare that was  Bound 2).

At first I had some kind of begrudging admiration for the Kardashian/Jenner clan. I mean they have an amazing work ethic, that’s for sure. But the problem is and oddly I’m not even jealous of any of these people. I make $13k a year on SSDI. They make $13k a minute for FUCKING TWEETING. There has to be world records broken on how much these people are in the news on a minutely basis…..They are in a win/win situation because whether you LOVE them or you HATE them, they still grab people’s attention. While I get horrified that they get death threats, a lil ole throwdown possibly for charity (which redeems me, right?) with either them or the unscrupulous trio of Oz,McGraw and Pinksy could do some greater good if it’s done for charity, right? 

    I know this isn’t going to ever happen. But I do find it entertaining to think about, on occasion. 

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