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I hereby declare, from this date going forward…


Disclaimers: There aren’t any. This is a positive personal blog. Won’t be wordy, either.

This is my 200th blog, but that’s not why it’s a big deal, today.

Or at least it’s diminished in today’s date’s significance for me, which I’m okay with.

While, I’ll only share the details briefly, as I’ve discussed the actual circumstances in greater detail, in other blogs, here it goes.

22 years ago, when I was a 26 year old single mother of one young son, I worked for Carlson Marketing Group on an account subcontracted by British Airways, where we managed their Frequent Traveller Programme for the United States, at that time.

June 6th, 1996, I boarded BA296 from Chicago O’Hare to London Heathrow where I was seated in their newly renovated Club World (business class and it was AWESOME).

Less than 45 minutes later, so DID Princess Diana.

Should she not have boarded that flight, today’s date still would be happily significant, especially given where I am both personally and professionally, 22 years later, given my unique life circumstances.

However in 1996, I had a a life that I was happy and proud busy single mother of 1, who I was happy to go home to, so while I shared my Princess Diana story, it wasn’t as significant as it is now.

In 2006, my life was even better, as a single mother of 2 amazing children, a 13 1/2 boy and a 3 year old girl, even though I was sick then, but life had a promise and hope.

I’m not looking for empathy, because I don’t have that anymore, even though as far as being a mother, prior to 2008, that will forever be the best part of my life, if my children don’t believe anything other that I ever said or that I ever did, I truly hope they believe how much I loved them then and how much I will love them, forever.

And that I’ve always done the best I could, even though they deserved better.

So sharing a flight with Princess Diana on BA296, will ALWAYS be a magical experience to me, only 2nd, to being Zachary and Zoe’s mother.

But because I don’t have any other established other milestones other than that, to feel as intensely amazing, like that and I will never again, I’m just going to celebrate BOTH, today.

So on this day going forward, I hereby personally proclaim and will revel in what’s been magical in my life, on this date, going forward and when I really need it.

And even giving myself, a tiny bit of credit, in hopes to help others, that what was awful for us, didn’t happen in vain.


Note: Feel free to share what was a (or a few)  magical moments for you on this date or any day or date…

p.s. It again, can’t be a wls, that’s for your own good 😉
p.s.s. It can be though, a memory or major milestone in non weight accomplishments, as a result of wls. You’re welcome.

Reflecting on Princess Diana-20 years after her death….

Do you remember where you were or what you were doing when you found out about Princess’s Diana’s horrific car accident that resulted in her death?

In August of 1997, almost 15 months after I shared a flight with her from Chicago O’Hare to London Heathrow, I was in an AOL “Mommy” chatroom, my son was probably at the time, watching a Power Rangers video, next to me, when someone said that she had been in a car accident.

After Zachary went to bed, I remember staying up all night watching the news, the horrific announcement of her death and the world’s reaction to it.

I wasn’t a huge royal fan. But I did watch her wedding.

I remember seeing the intense press scrutiny and all the security that occurred at O’Hare when our British Airways flight took off.

I never would’ve dreamed in the twenty years that has followed after her passing, that 10 years after that magical flight, that I’d be a happy (but getting really sick) mother of 2 beautiful kids, in the process of starting their own business. That 10 years after we’d have even more ways to follow everyone in the world.

I never could’ve dreamed or in my worst nightmares, think that 20 years after her passing, I  could write about how I felt on that flight and her death and share it, instantaneously, globally, but not do much else.

Not many people though can say they made eye contact and got a true smile, from Princess Diana, especially someone in my circumstances  (As I was a single mother of 1, with not a lot of money). I’m at least grateful for that.

And that I remember all of it.

But in addition to everything that can be both wonderful and horrifying about life in this age, I can’t imagine the intense scrutiny that could’ve possibly killed her, should she have surived that horrific car accident, both that and the tragic circumstances that did kill her 20 years ago, is what I find horribly saddening.

That’s how I feel and felt the need, even with all the bad things going on lately, to start a dialogue by writing this, of seeing how you all felt and providing a safe space to do so, either here on Word Press or on my Facebook account.

For those who are sad about this or being extraordinarily tested, in other ways, you’re in my thoughts.

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