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What the NRA can do IMMEDIATELY to make people SAFER…


Disclaimers: I’m not a clinically trained professional in any matters. I’m an activist who just puts her opinions into the digital universe, in hopes that it possibly helps save lives. I’m NOT looking to debate the 2nd amendment nor antagonize grieving communities due to loss of innocent lives due to horrific gun violence.

I’m just trying to wrack my feeble brain, for a solution where people can meet in the middle, to try to find solutions to end all these horrific tragedies that are becoming a horrifying daily reality in our American lives, that’s all.

IF I could ask the head of the CEO of the NRA, a few questions about a few scenarios, this is what I’d ask:

You have a young loved one who dies from anaphylactic shock, because they have a peanut allergy and a product that was cross contaminated accidentally, without warning and that loved one, dies.


You have a loved one who is killed in a car accident because a bar overserves a person too much alcohol, who gets behind the wheel, super drunk and ends up killing your loved one and/or multiple people and innocent people die.

Would you (i.e. the head of the NRA or any of its members) NOT take any action, whatsoever, in those circumstances???

I highly doubt it.

All I’m saying, is that when people sell and/or endorse strongly  a service or manfacture a product they should have an ethical commitment to making sure that product is being used as safe as possible.

ESPECIALLY when it comes to selling weapons and the general public.

I would NEVER own a gun, but I know and respect a lot of people who are proud card carrying members of the NRA.

Who’s judgement I trust enormously, without question or concern.

Instead of being defensive towards grieving communities who’ve lost their loved ones, maybe the NRA could educate more effectively the right way to be a responsible gun owner.

BECAUSE, when a product is being used to kill innocent people EVERYDAY, when innocent others are just going about their daily lives by people who are NOT in control of their lives or their mental fitness, or the product being used to kill, the NRA at this point can continue to double down on their right to own guns and blame the indvidual user.

OR maybe, the NRA could try educating users on responible gun ownership, because the NRA finally thinks of  innocent kids and/or teachers in a school being shot to death, and finally realize that could be their kid or loved one.

Or it could be their innocent loved one who goes to work or a movie and never comes back, due to gun violence.

It’s super easy to do, when the NRA has some  strong honest respected people, across partisan lines, who are responsible proud gun owners who could do PSAs encouraging responsible and ethical gun ownership.

And maybe if the NRA tried that, as well as denouncing those who do NOT use any kind of firearm responsibly, whether it’s a planned mass shooting or a heat of the moment domestic murder/suicide that could possibly save many innocent human lives.

And in maybe doing some kind of education in ethical responsible gun ownership, sponsored by the NRA, both within their communities and outside of them, instead of antagonizing grief stricken communities, we ALL can finally find some common ground to try and prevent all these horrific tragedies, from happening on a daily basis.

I’m NOT asking much, if you really think about it.

And if the NRA won’t bother at a bare minimum, with endorsing comprehensive responsible gun ownership education, then vote in state and federal legislators who WILL.

Note: Naive as blog may be, I’m trying to find some common ground solutions to these tragedies. Constructive dialogue, welcomed. No hate, please.

As I make absolutely NO APOLOGIES, when worrying about the rights to a safe life of a 2nd or 11th grader and/or an innocent adult versus people like mass murderers or  soverign citizens.

An important part of the conversation in trying to prevent school shootings…

Important Disclaimers: I believe the video starts an important dialogue that we need to be having and I’ve tried to also state in other blogs about school massacres, other massacres and murder/suicides.

I’ll always encourage people who are in medical and/or mental crisis, and/or if you suspect someone else and is capable of hurting themselves or others, please seek acute clinical professional help and/or contact 911 (and/or EMS for your country if your outside the United States) immediately.

The man in this video is brave.

He starts an important conversation that I’ve tried to initiate dialogue for,  but am not so brave to leave my house to do so, nor as I am as concise.

He shares concerns that I have stated since I’ve launched this blog, that gun control is necessary, as well as open and honest constructive dialogue is necessary to try and  help prevent all these senseless school shootings, but brings up concerns wisely, that gun control is NOT enough.

Again, I believe in gun reform.

I don’t believe that ANY citizen should have an assault rifle.

But lifelong constant societal, familial and peer rejection in some people can lead to predatory and horrific massacres.

It doesn’t mean that all people who’ve experienced massive rejection would ever be capable of hurting another person, let alone killing them.

And Aaron Stark talks about that, too.

Because when we start the labeling people without asking questions, a reclusive loner who’s been subjected to lifelong bullying and has limited support, not all of them are going to ever be capable of causing any kind of harm (i.e. me and many others) to others and have never ever thought about hurting another.

And society just can’t start locking people up, in thinking because they possess certain anti-social appearing traits, that they are at risk for something I/they would  NEVER be capable of doing.

I don’t think it’s his intention, but I want to make this clear, as I do think the video can be life saving, some people probably can not be “loved” or shown caring enough to prevent them, from doing something that could cause harm, if not fatalities in many others.

In the end, it’s the person who kills people, who’s responsible for them being a mass murderer,  as there is never a good enough defense to justify their horrific behavior, as it’s not brave to ambush innocent people, EVER. It’s horrifically cowardly and it should never be thought,  otherwise.

But it can give hope, as shown in the  conversation in this video,  that is possible that some of  these tragedies can be prevented, regardless of weapon choice in a potential mass murderer and/or serial killer.

By asking someone without stigma,  hopefully to save lives, of what helped him when in crisis, to not to kill himself, let alone other people, even though he had considered both at one time, can hopefully lead into constructive initiatives and support systems for those in crisis, BEFORE they horrifically kill others.


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