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Why wasn’t this local “domestic terrorist” already in prison???

Important Disclaimers: While this blog is being written to serve some kind of activism goal such as violent crime prevention and violent crime awareness, it’s also to be a safe place to discuss the violent misactions of  the young man who committed above crime was out on the streets to do so, after I looked at his past criminal history in Minnesota.

That’s it. I don’t take issue with the depraved violent criminal’s race, age or mental health issues.

And am hoping NO ONE does, either.

IF violent crime talk and profanity is a triggering to anyone, please don’t read. Thanks.


I was horrified when I first saw this story last week.

I could relate to the victim, in the respect I don’t like rude noisy people in public and private sectors, in housing and in transportation.

On our local buses, it absolutely says to be quiet and respectful, the buses especially that go to that certain transit center, that I’ve been on, there have been also safety incidents with passengers assaulting bus drivers.

This is what I know to be true…

That the City of Minneapolis, State of Minnesota, non profits, law enforcement, Minnesota Judicial branches, Metro Transit, are doing everything they can do to keep us safe.

The problem is they could be doing more, but I’ll admit, I’m not sure what more even looks like.

My last 2 blogs were about a lot of people wanting to look their best and why I can’t care that I don’t and my last blog was about a famous person doing something unconscionable to his daughter and thinking he was so right in doing that, that he went public on what he did.

In the case of this blog, that man who was assaulted last week, just passed away.

His last memories in a long life which I can only pray was good to him, up until his final week, was being assaulted by a gang, not knowing whether or not he regained consciousness, to be robbed and then spend the last of his days in the level 1 hospital, 2 blocks away from where I live, before his death.

Things I’m not allowed to express publicly, as a poor unattractive older disabled  white female who lives in a form of affordable housing in area concentrated of both wealth and poverty, I’m just going to finally say something.

It fucking sucks to be at the mercy of others, all the time.

If I’m not worried about getting mocked for being unattractive the little I get out in public and possibly being put on someone’s smartphone for it to go on social media (it’s happened before, not paranoid) and people who should know better not knowing it shouldn’t be a social crime to be unattractive.

But what’s worse, in the digital/drug era, is people who have potential or are violent, they either don’t know or they don’t care about the consequences of their behavior on others, both in public and in their private lives.

So I’ll say without consequences that others might have, if they can relate.

And I honestly don’t mean any harm to people, such as the family and friends of the victim, should they choose to  forgive.

But seriously, FUCK YOU, Leroy Davis-Miles, I hope you fucking rot in prison where you belong, and your friends who encouraged you, even though I haven’t seen their criminal legal record in Minnesota to know if they are a violent predator like you are, I hope they rot in there, too.

My thoughts and prayers are with the victim, his family and friends.

Update: Not a racist and not enjoying being called one. Look up his record in the last 5 years, yourself, as you already have his name and here’s the website link below. You’re welcome…

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