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The local peep’s pre #SBLII show…


(photo credit and countdown clock courtesy of Myself)

Trigger Warnings/Disclaimers; This blog is not about football. There’s no activism (although one might able to figure out a reason or 2, why I’m an activist). If profanity or having a sense of humor about things that one’s (mine!) own issues, are offensive, please do not read.

Okay, so everyone around me, kinda thinks I lost my fucking mind, when it’s come to not liking having a Super Bowl (i.e. 52) so close to me.

So I thought in the name of good humor, from someone who does serious activism, might be a refreshing change for a blog.

I thought the best way to do this was to “interview” myself.

Here’s what this looks like….

1. Will I be watching the game?

No, I’m watching people try to get to the game. Outside my window cause it’s sunny (I’m like literally allergic to the sun) and super cold out. And I don’t like crowds of people, which is NOT a good combination for a person who lives in 4 1/2 blocks away from where a Super Bowl is taking place, who also doesn’t like ANY noise but realizes her own irration with that.

2. Will I be going to ANY Super Bowl parties?

No, even though there’s one in my building, but see above comment about NOT liking being among a crowd of people. And noise.Not to mention the last time I went to a Super Bowl party, was exactly 26 years ago.

And exactly 8 months and 3 1/2 weeks later, I brought home, my firstborn. So while I love my children, but don’t care for Super Bowl parties, due to my social awkwardness in my advanced years (I’m 48).

3. Do you have any ideas on who might win the game?

Couldn’t care less, just want them all to get home. Safely. But get home, just the same. The players, celebrities, tourists, etc. I hope all had a great time and have great memories to think about when they are HOME.

4. What will you be eating in celebration of Super Bowl Sunday?

Apparently, it’s hard for people to understand, I’m not celebrating anything, until it’s over and everyone’s home safe. I can’t eat when nervous or stressed out. Because of the busyness in my ‘hood and my disabilities, when finding myself running out of food yesterday,  being in a lot of pain, I unfortunately had to rely on Domino’s for delivery, so I can stay holed up at home until tomorrow and the convenience store, across the street.

5. Okay then. What will you be eating in celebration that Super Bowl Sunday is OVER?

Hopefully, lots and lots of Buca (see my blog about my ideal “Super Bowl”) if there is a nice slow exodus of people, today and tomorrow. If not, then my own private “Buca Super Bowl” will hopefully happen sometime during the week.

6. What’s the big deal about the big game, are you some kinda anti-social people hater?

No, I care about people, enough to try and help them. In the privacy of my own home. But I DO  care about my privacy and my anonymity. A lot. It’s pretty hard to protect that, when there’s literally cameras being held from people all over the world.

My life initially for a decade and half, was AMAZING since the last Super Bowl was held in Minnesota. It’s not so much, now.

7. Any last minute advice for people who are watching the game or couldn’t care less about it on how to handle a painful loss?

Yeah, do unto others, like you’d like them to do unto you. Football fans are passionate, that’s great. It’s been good to see the good that’s come out of having a Super Bowl, here locally.

I don’t expect people when feeling a loss, throw a tea party. I fucking shouldn’t (and no one else) should have to worry about the throwing of  a Molotov cocktail, either.

8. Why do you swear, when it’s so super offensive to people?

To me it’s sentiment or intent , not on how people relate to one another. I’m not going to say “Bless your heart”, when I’m thinking “Go Fuck yourself”, even if it goes unexpressed. One of the things for me, that I HATE about social media, is that it encourages thoughts and behaviors and the immediate need to express them.

9. Well then, how’s the rarified air you’re breathing up in that palace, of yours, Princess?

It’s not rarified air or that I think I’m better or worse than those who LOVE social media. I have no filter most of the time and I came by that way before the digital era due to both organic AND circumstances. There’s great things about social media, I’m still on it, even though I’m thinking more and more, of either moving to the North Pole or becoming Amish, although I’d fucking die without electricity or the internet, so I’m certainly no angel, myself or without my own vices.

10. Any last thoughts you want to leave people with about Minnesota or “Minnesota Nice”?

It’s not. Just like I’m not. I’m a by-product of a native Minnesotan who married a native New Yorker and won a “where are we going to raise our kids ???” battle the first 5 years of my life. And because my mom won, this originally born in Brooklyn as been living in Minneapolis (or its suburbs) for the last 43 years. I couldn’t hack living either living in a bigger town and don’t know from life, in a tiny one.

I’m not “nice”. Whether Minnesota is or not, is something that’s extremely subjective. I am kind and empathetic, but whiny and snarky. Sometimes it’s a great combination in a person, sometimes it’s a disaster, all of which I am.

But not all Minnesotans, transplanted or born and raised are the same. I drink pop, I hate hotdish, beer, donuts, cheese curds and the Minnesota State Fair, so I’ve got to end this blog now and find somewhere else out of state to move, asap, because I just fucking committed “Minnesota Blasphemy”.

So later gators, stay safe and warm if you’re in my hood and hopefully calmer heads will prevail both during and after the Super Bowl.

(Editorial Note: I didn’t realize due to being both distracted and a disabled blogger, that I switched between asking the questions in my “interview” with my self in both first and second person. Until 2 minutes AFTER I fucking published this blog.

Hopefully if anyone reads this, well, if that’s the worst they can come up with, given the fact I’m a medically, mentally and cognitively disabled blogger, as well as a non thin person with a love of carbs, I guess whatever happens, happens and I’m not going to try and edit anything more, other than what’s been edited from the time of original publication, that was needed to best understand intent, which was to be funny and slightly cynical about some way not funny things that I find, both personally and as an activist……)

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