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The “H” word/s…..

I have to admit, that when my newsfeed blew up regarding the horrific tragedy in Charleston, SC, I tried to ignore it at first, just like I basically ignored the attack on the Dallas police headquarters, only to now read some of it, as I write this blog.

What’s so horrible is, that what happened to 9 innocent people losing their lives, in a massacre, in their place of worship, due to the color of their skin. They were black people murdered by a white gunman, just because they were black.

I know that I very unintentionally, offended some people, when trying to make a point about the rioting in Ferguson, in a blog that I wrote last Fall, by changing #BlackLivesMatter to #AllLivesMatter, was NEVER about the fact that I don’t understand that racism kills black people or subjects them to bigotry and oppression. I never commented on the rioting in Baltimore or the death of Freddie Gray, for that reason, because I didn’t have the right words to say, that would make any difference.

I haven’t changed my position, as far as thinking that at this point, too many innocent people are losing their lives due to the hatred of individuals, that at this point, it doesn’t matter any longer, of what the motives are for these murders.

It’s getting ┬ápeople who are mentally unstable, prone to erratic behaviors ┬áto see, they have no right, to take the life of any individual for any reason.

There would be nothing more that I’d love to see, if people could over stereotypes and prejudices and have tolerance and respect for all people. Regardless of color, religion, sexual preference, gender and weight.

It’s 2015, right?

That’s NEVER going to matter, and here’s why initiatives like “BlackLivesMatter” or “AllLivesMatter” isn’t going to do a damn bit of good in changing the mindsets of people, prone to commit murder.

This is where the “H” word/s comes in. It’s hate, hurt and harm. People who hate are going to hate on some classes of people, maybe one class of people, in this case where racism (which I find repugnant) killed 9 people in their place of worship, won’t matter to a racist, and trying to explain and try to teach tolerance to a racist or anyone who’s capable of using their hate to hurt and harm, isn’t going to save anyone’s life.

If we want to HONOR the victims and their families and friends, of these HORRIFIC senseless tragedies the best way to do that, is to make sure that this doesn’t happen again. That’s not actually probably very realistic. So let’s try to figure out a way and/or have major initiatives that acknowledge that in some people, not all, their hatred is going to be fatal to innocent people, and figure out a way to reach people in saying they have no right due to their personal opinions, can’t lead to loss of life or the right of anyone having a right to a peaceful enjoyment of their lives.

You can’t ration with irrational people. I heard one person express or question of whether or not the shooter, had mental illness. The way I look at it, is not all mentally ill people are capable of violent harm but anyone who has the capacity to kill people like this, IS mentally ill.

And yes, a terrorist. And anyone capable of such horrific loss of life, doesn’t get to get off from the consequences, on the fact that they may be mentally ill, but they knew right from wrong at the time they commit these massacres.

We can’t let one’s irrational fears be fatal to others. We can’t not have the dialogue that people are we get more progressive in someways, in society, we are getting more backwards in how we treat people. But, unfortunately the key to making some inroads with HUMANS who are capable of great HARM, due to HATRED, might lie in dealing with their heads, hurts and hearts, that they don’t have a right to harm another HUMAN, based upon that.

As I’ve also said before, and I can’t stress enough, that we have to stop sensationalize perpetrators of these tragedies by giving them in their own heads, of more irrational reward, by giving them free reign in the media. We only get enough information if they are alive and haven’t been captured, to keep others safe, until they are found.

I still have NO problem, admitting, both personally and as an activist, that I’m glad that South Carolina has the death penalty. And also saying, guns are NOT the problem in this. Even if we could take every gun away, those who want to kill will FIND a way.

Note: The Charleston Tragedy, proves if anything, that if you, or someone you know, is in acute mental health crisis, has made mention of harming themselves or others, please seek clinical and/or professional guidance, contact your local authorities, immediately.

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