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“Master Hater Baiters”…..



I’m actually kind of in AWE of the disproportionate amount of hate, I get for the amount of hits on my blog or what I say on Facebook (as most of my posts are public) and the little that I’m on Twitter.

But when I get 2 separate and anonymous hateful emails calling me out on my disabilities on blog that’s ONLY been read 4 times, all being referred from Facebook, in the last 6 hours, it’s time for a reminder.

IF you think and maybe you’re right, that there’s subjects I shouldn’t tackle, such as weight issues or serious mental health issues and YOU can do a better job or make a point, both clearer and faster, you’re more than welcome to try. I, ACTUALLY  wish you would.

BUT….. I’m not going to wait too long, anymore, to tackle subjects I feel that are important and no one wants to talk about them. HOWEVER…..I am not a masochist, I get told 10 to1, that I help more than I hurt, that’s why I continue to do the activism that I do. My memory issues which are irreversible, isn’t  gonna get any better. So there’s really NO point telling me to stop writing, until I can concisely do so.

BECAUSE,  I used to be FUCKING brilliant (like, seriously brilliant, like MENSA material) , in addition to having all the time the world, I’ve noticed when I’ve gotten anonymous hate from “Facebook Frenemies”. I can pick up on certain nuances and/or communication styles of people that I have social media connections, to.

I’m kinda like a demented Santa Claus who has somewhat an idea for those who do have a social media connection to me, only, because they get some kind of perverse satisfaction, in their thoughts  that my life is crappier than theirs. That makes them wrong, not just on one account. Because anyone who derives pleasure by cowardly sending anonymous hateful words, has a life I definitely DO NOT envy.

And depending on what they hate me for, dictates whether or not they remain a connection. But not only do I find them not enviable, I kinda find them on the entertaining side. So they really are EPICALLY FAILING in trying to hurt my feelings.

So this is again, reminding those, who go out of their way to hate on me, by putting vague words in a subject matter that could be construed as someone who might possibly needs help, that while I have all day to fight with some stranger (or someone I might know) on the internet, that I choose not to. That I’ve been bullied for over 40 years now, there’s nothing anyone on the internet could say to me, that would BREAK me. If my past circumstances DID NOT, NOTHING could, at this point. But I’m definitely more than capable of defending myself, need be.

Again, it’s by conscious choice that I’m kind and empathetic. I don’t  identify as being “nice”. And while I have references for being a kind and funny ole soul, I also have references for being a vile bitch who can eviscerate people with words. It’s true in the expression “Damaged people ARE Dangerous, because they know they can Survive”….  While 99.5% of the time, I won’t waste “all the time in the world” that I have, in engaging with those who don’t have my best interests at heart, on rare occasion, I do.

I don’t do anything else, though. Other than reading briefly the hate, I get, I don’t do anything else, other than writing a blog.

BUT…. Better you pick on me, than someone else, who might be vulnerable. And who you might actually hurt.

IF you’re that fucking devoid of a soul and a life.

AND, I’ll leave it to the discretion of the reader of who’s actually the “Master Hater Baiter”…. The blogger with complex disabilities  who tackles controversial subjects and tries to do so with integrity and their identity attached to it or a fucking cowardly intentionally cruel HATER…..

Later, Gators………

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