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An epidemic we can no longer ignore…..

Ok, I am a serious activist, who mutilates words when writing these blogs of mine about causes that are close to my heart. But I need to bring to your attention, something that is without a doubt is becoming an epidemic that I can no longer keep silent about…..

It’s the onslaught of the “celebrity selfies” that is just getting worse by the minute. It’s become an eyesore crisis of sorts that every minute of every day, pics are being taken on mobile devices by people who you’d think must have millions of dollars and millions of minions to take pics of them, not having to resort to holding up a mobile device and taking the damn stupid pics of themselves.

While we can pretty much blame they Kardashian/Jenner clan for this celebrity selfies crisis we are in, they aren’t the only ones who do this every 9 seconds now. Other celebrities are starting to follow suit. This HAS to STOP.

We can no longer just stand by while innocent mobile devices and innocent mirrors are being mistreated like this.
Take a stand….

p.s. Who’s the “creative genius” NOW? Take THAT, Kanye…….
p.s.s For the rest of ya, I can’t be in “serious activist” mode, all the time… I’d lose the little that’s left of my lil feeble (but super funny) mind 😉

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